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Las Vegas, NV

Collector of antique stick pins and antique German holiday decorations & German candy containers! Would love to share my collections with other enthusiasts!


  1. KyraTango: Will do, more coming each weekend. Will continue with my pups, then my horse/equestrian pin collection and lastly my Momento Mori/ Victorian Mourning- which I call my Halloween collection! ...
  2. Racer4four: Understand about spellcheck ;) Yes, I would say the majority are from England, France and Germany then the US. Probably in that order. I’ll be posting more from my dog collection this week...
  3. KyraTango: Oh yes, please do, and lmk! :)
  4. Racer4four: They are indeed! Thanks for pointing that out! :)
  5. KyraTango: Ahh yes, of course! Thanks much!
  6. As a horse lover, owner and showman, I can officially say this a real beauty!
  7. Thanks to all! keramikos... Yes, I think I agree. Thanks for the breed thought.
  8. Valentino97: Yes, an old Valentine. Actually, this one is mechanical. If you move his bow up and down, his eyes move to different directions. ;)
  9. Racer4four... I agree ;) Thank you for your lovely comments.
  10. Damonways: Ok, you totally had me laughing out loud!! thanks for the giggle!
  11. WatchSearcher... No the flower is not a part of the pin. Just my attempt to stage my pin for a better photo ;) Kyratango.. Pitbull... of course!
  12. Isn't the scottie a hoot! ;) To Watchsearcher: Ya know, I don't think I do have a dalmation? Oh no... Now Im gonna have to try to find one!!! Ms.CrystalShip... A Pug? Oh, just wait till I show you ...
  13. KyraTango (Regarding boxes..) Yes, I have! They are selling for crazy prices on ebay! It is quite a treasure to find a vintage stick pin in an old quality box. Especially if it is original to the pin!...
  14. Hi Friends! Thanks much for chiming in and offering suggestions. He hasn't yet arrived, so unfortunately I'm not certain yet. I purchased him via a seller in Washington, and he is coming shortly. I...
  15. Thanks much to all! This one does indeed make me smile! So much character!
  16. Hi Friends! Thanks so much for posting comments on my pins! To Kyratango: Yours aren't grouped by theme, but they are FAB! To PhilDMorris: Thanks much my friend! So glad to have a community to shar...
  17. Hi Friends! Thanks so much for posting comments on my pins! I'm so excited to finally have a place to share them my collection others who can appreciate the beauty and artwork I see in these little ...
  18. Beauty!
  19. Whoops sorry for the double post… I’m a newbie! Blush!
  20. Oh my Kyra! What a beauty! It does indeed look similar! Thanks for the lovely posts and encouragement! So fun to be able to share! I have so many more to post from my dogs, horse/equestrian and my Mom...
  21. Oh my! What a beautiful display ??!
  22. Hello Kyra from another Kira! What a wonderful display! I have a collection of antique stick pins as well. I have several different collections but my 3 largest are dogs, equestrian/horses, and what...
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Just a fun bunch of pups! Victorian 1880s Painting Of A St. Bernard On Glass Antique smoked quartz carved French Bulldog's head hatpin, kyratised. Stick pins 2 on viennese bronze pin cushion. Art Nouveau Stick Pin Micromosaic Dogs circa 1820s-1830s Stick pins again! antique stick pin collection Queen Victoria's 1887 Golden Jubilee Diamond & Ruby Orb & Scepter stick pin.  Diamond studded Eagle wing stick pin.


posted 11 months ago