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California, United States

A laconic, farouche young collector, quietly presiding over her kingdom of Kestner Kewpies.


  1. This lovely composition nursing doll, produced by the Freundlich factory, was made circa 1932.
  2. Thank you, Phil!
  3. Thank you, Newfld and Celine! <3 I have been, for a rather long while, searching for this side-glancing little dear! Also, Celine, latrant is a Latin-derived word for barking, which befits the litt...
  4. Thank you, Newfld! Thank you, Scott! My little baby was an absolute dear, and I miss her more with every passing day.
  5. Thank you, Peggy!
  6. Sklo42, No, I was unaware of the Facebook group, and I do appreciate your informing me! I shall, sometime soon, consult the group members. Have you, by chance, a direct link to the group page, Sklo...
  7. Thank you, Apostata, for iterating my thoughts and eliciting your concerns. Yes, Ivan has yet to provide sources to enforce his--at least presently--baseless certitude. As this is part of my personal ...
  8. Ivan, How may you, by viewing four photos, presume this is a reproduction? Should one submit an unsubstantiated asseveration, I do assume one is to kindly, at a later time, cite further than curt c...
  9. Thank you, Scott!
  10. I absolutely adore every piece you post, Scott! The ink bottle pairs rather nicely with the Great Dane, for it does not distract one's eyes from admiring the remarkable details on this little whelp. ...
  11. Yes, amongst the Trolls he lived, beneath the Krämerbrücke bridge, about ten miles south of a faerie forest! Haha!
  12. Thank you, Phil and Scott! <3
  13. Thank you, Newfld and Manikin!<3
  14. Thank you, Pacem, BHIFOS, and Scottvez! Yes, I am to, in a better-lighted area, separately photograph the Gallé piece!
  15. Thank you, Manikin and Newfld! <3
  16. Since I was eight years of age, I have been a logophile and writer. Also, from your profile page, I have discovered you are a Bay Area resident; apparently, we are neighbours!
  17. You are welcome, Cipele! No, this babe was, alongside the Hertwig flappers and other era-appropriate dollhouse characters, made circa 1920s; early Rose O'Neill Kewpie collectibles were fashioned i...
  18. * Thuringia, Germany
  19. The the little bisque imp with the moulded hair was produced by the Hertwig factory, located in Katzhütte, Thuringen, Germany. The doll wearing the pink striped frock is made of composition, comprisin...
  20. For fifty dollars, I do believe, I purchased my Dolly Dingle doll. Yes, some Grace Drayton pieces are outrageously expensive. I had the chance to, on eBay, purchase the scarce Schafer and Vater collab...
  21. Thank you, J.Scott! She has neither crazing nor wear throughout her body, and I have yet to locate another unrestored piece as exceptional as she. Yes, I saw your lovely Hubley cold-painted doors...
  22. Thank you, J.Scott!
  23. These are, I do believe, two pieces from a circa 1930s Rosenthal set. From which line or collection, though, I have not the slightest idea.
  24. Thank you, Racer4Four! Yes, they are charming and enchanting little dears.
  25. According to the gracesguide website in the United Kingdom, your lovely piece was made sometime from 1963 through 1970. In 1963, John Rabone and Sons merged with James Chesterman and Company, establis...
  26. Thank you, everyone! The little dears bring much cheer to my wearisome days. After months of account inactivity, it is a pleasure to be back on CW.
  27. Yes, Mani, for only nine dollars, I purchased this lovely doll! From the mentioned fellow, I, for twenty-seven dollars, purchased a lot of three items: two china head dolls and the Simon and Halbig...
  28. No, CrazyW5, this is--I do believe--an authentic Levi Strauss sweater. Through my quondam search query, I located two persons with identically labelled garments.
  29. This label is not, unfortunately, included in the Vintage Fashion Guild brand database. Upon my consulting images of vintage Levi Strauss labels on Google and sagaciously scrutinising your provide...
  30. You have, I do believe, three pieces of Indiana sapphire carnival glass. The creamer and goblet depaint the Grape Harvest pattern, whilst the candy dish, with the lovely arrowhead-shaped finial, prese...
  31. This is an antique Goebel action Kewpie! The copyright mark, present on the imp's derriere, is indicative of Goebel's collaboration with Rose O'Neill.
  32. Thank you, Freiheit!
  33. The bisque penny doll is Jiggs, a character from George McManus' comic strip, Bringing Up Father. He does pair rather well with the defecating dog, though!
  34. Simply-Lovely, Your grandmother's doll, crafted by the Morimura Brothers factory in Japan, has a bisque head and composition body.
  35. This is, I believe, an Ignatz Mouse figural brooch.
  36. Thank you, Racer4Four and Newfld!
  37. This lovely Art Nouveau lamp, featuring a slag glass shade, stylistically resembles Bradley and Hubbard pieces I have encountered.
  38. Oh, goodness! Do pardon me; I meant to write *your great-grandfather's mantel clock.
  39. Maliseet, The same model of your Ingraham mantel clock, Sigma, is portrayed on the second photo, I, through the above link, provided. Should you scrutinise the second mantel clock, on the the left...
  40. I, on eBay, located a 1916 advertisement limning your grandfather's enamelled mantel clock:
  41. Thank you, Newfld! I always wear the Popeye brooches on my nautical-themed attire. He is rather lonely without Olive Oyl, though; I need to add her to my collection.
  42. Thank you, Vynil!
  43. Thank you, Ms. CrystalShip! You had a very fortunate friend! Was the turtle-marked doll celluloid? The doll was, perhaps, produced by Schildkröt, a factory which fabricated heads for Kestner, Georg...
  44. This is a scarcely seen match holder--certainly, an unmatched treasure! Often, from Schafer and Vater, I see the figural match receptacle with the gaunt, elongated face and gaping mouth. Thank...
  45. Which Schafer and Vater piece do you have, Vetraio50?
  46. Thank you, Kwqd, for your welcoming me to the Collectors Weekly website. I absolutely adore Jack Benny!
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