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In a nut-shell: Interested in World War Two history since I was 13 years old. I collect old passports & travel documents relating to the Holocaust and the Sino-JapanIn a nut-shell: Interested in World War Two history since I was 13 years old. I collect old passports & travel documents relating to the Holocaust and the Sino-Japanese conflict. You can see more historical items from my collection on my informational site at (Read more)


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1936 official Polish passport for the Olympics   - Paperin Paper
Chilean diplomat Samuel del Campo life-saving ID - Paperin Paper
Important British Colonial passport 1955 - Paperin Paper
Diplomat who saved Jews in Budapest - Paperin Paper
Carl Lutz visa inside a Polish passport - Paperin Paper
Jasenovac concentration camp victim's pre-war 1938 passport - Paperin Paper
1939 British Mandate passport - Paperin Paper
very early Israeli passport - 1952 low SN - Paperin Paper
Rare WW2 issued Chinese visa inside a Polish passport - Paperin Paper
Holocaust 1941 Ausweis issued to the coal supplier near Treblinka camp - Paperin Paper


  1. Yes, correct, but the first passports did not appear until 1952, officially.
  2. Hi, Bring this as well to research...
  3. Thank you! And Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  4. Thank u 4 the comment! Yes, sure is an interesting and important document indeed. 2day, it is nearly impossible to fathom what they went through all those years ago...
  5. Indeed, their position was completely different 2-3 years earlier...180 degrees. The fear from the Red Army was partly due to propaganda and from actual real reprisals.
  6. seems to be so...
  7. that is a lot of paper indeed!
  8. Tnx for the comment!
  9. Thank you! always happy to share images 8)
  10. not so familiar with jewelry but it is attractive. Any German medals or paper work that was brought back home?
  11. Tnx! it is a very important document indeed!
  12. And what is your comment? not understood.
  13. Palestine exists and Palestinians were those living under British rule during their occupation of the land, correct.
  14. Actually I have seen Union of South Africa issued visas from the very early 1950's and earlier issued by UK consular offices abroad. I thought SA got independence around 1960 but already around 1950 S...
  15. The endorsements inside are for arriving to Italy proper and from there passport is endorsed for entering Cape Town January 1939, no entry markings for the Congo. I can only assume that she had the vi...
  16. Thank you.
  17. That surely sounds interesting...would be nice to see some images...can you send them to please?
  18. Tnx, always on the look out for interesting items...
  19. Thank you very much!
  20. Thanks for the links! Have a grt weekend! Neil
  21. Fantastic hobby and collection then I must say! Enjoy your weekend!
  22. Always welcome sharing. Have several items that I like the most, some are German issued passports, others are Polish, US and Israeli issues as well. It depends on the type of visa and date as well......
  23. Thank you! Next step is locating one issued in China...
  24. If an item does not say "1939, 1940...or 1945" does not mean it is NOT war related. A passport issued to an officer serving in liberated Europe 1946, for example, in the US zone of occupation, you th...
  25. UNRRA is related to WW2 and its aftermath and that is a fact. If WW2 did not happen we might have not have an UNRRA after all: the refugee issue is strongly connected to WW2 and that is my opinion and...
  26. Everything can be dated to some event in the past, some say the Mukden incident started events that lead to WW2... I think that the passport is related to WW2 events and the Soviet and Chinese Comm...
  27. Because UNRRA was founded due to the issues of the war and north-eastern China was controlled by Communist forces and most likely, as the holder was an intelligence officer who served during the war, ...
  28. Very good find indeed! Congrats!
  29. Lovely item! Thanks for sharing it here with us!
  30. Thumbs up! I myself collect old passports... Would be nice to chat and exchange images 8) Have a good weekend, Neil
  31. Nice!
  32. Hi, Very nice image indeed! Would like to see some more please... Feel free to drop me a line 8) Neil
  33. Yes, other papers of him sold last year in Israel, included Shanghai ID, rent papers, vouchers, from the occupation and recently his passport from 1939 sold too...did you keep other of his Ramm papers?
  34. Did not know that they came from u. Thanks!
  35. Tnx brunswick! Yes, different times and different situations. Sadly. U can get more of a feeling about the items I collect and research via my site:
  36. Hi, Feel comfortable to send me a message via Thanks for the interest! Neil
  37. Tnx vetraio50! even in English today it's a dying art, sadly 8(
  38. Hello, Would remember the year or the name of the holder? If you have any more old passports, let me know. If you are from Oakland, CA, then I yes. Thanks!
  39. Tnx inky!!!
  40. Nice item! congrats!
  41. Russian
  42. Hi, May I ask if you collect passports as well? Drop me a line 8) Neil
  43. Will continue searching. Tnx for the message
  44. SD or VT or tropical?
  45. Thanks! will add some more images!
  46. I did not understand, sorry.
  47. Hi Chris, Some years ago I managed to get a copy of his medal citation. I will add the image. Neil
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Paszport na Igrzyska Olimpijskie 1936 Old passports Sudan camel series stamps overprints


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