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  1. Thank you; pretty cool!
  2. Thank you!
  3. Thank you!
  4. @newfld & mrstyndal thank you @valentino97 thank you. Yes, a flea market run for a future Art Deco themed party. I liked the orange brooch because of the bright color, I thought will go great with my...
  5. Lovely - Check Kyratango's posts - Parisian Diamond Company https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/254184-any-infos-on-the-parisian-diamond-compan
  6. Beautiful! It also reminds me of a line in a silly romcom "Ladies, frost yourself!"
  7. Awesome! Love the kitty and the illustration!
  8. Lovely brooch!
  9. It is stunning!
  10. Beautiful color!
  11. Beautiful!
  12. Beautiful and vibrant red!
  13. Beautiful, love the green colors!
  14. Beautiful! I so want one!
  15. Beautiful! I like the tiger/cat a lot!
  16. Beautiful!
  17. Beautiful!
  18. I like so much the sea horses! Beautiful brooches!
  19. Pretty kitty! ;)
  20. Beautiful colors!
  21. Awesome!
  22. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/118221-gutta-percha-victorian-brooch-mourning
  23. I think antiquerose has something similar, made out of gutta percha!
  24. Beautiful!
  25. Such a happy brooch!
  26. The bear is very cute!
  27. Pretty, is that amethyst? Unfortunately, I can’t see the maker’s mark.
  28. The Times, 16 March 1896, p. 9 - burglary - The Parisian Diamond Company, a firm dealing in immitation diamonds and pearls. "An outer door was opened by means of a skeleton key and an inner door by t...
  29. From the Times - 21 March 1896, p. 1 One hundred pounds reward for any information about the burglary from 14th to 15th night from Bond Street; caution for pawnbrokers, jewellers or others to accept...
  30. There is also a brief mentions about the company creating the jewellery The London Stage 1890-1899: A Calendar of Productions, Performers, and Personnel By J. P. Wearing p. 186 - Utopia or The Flo...
  31. I don't have a subscription, I have access mostly to American databases. Diffrent info census 1911, but mistakes always appear in old records. Name: Walter Sanderson Age: 55 Born in: 1856 Profess...
  32. https://ukcensusonline.com/search/?master_event=Census&sub_event=London&fn=Walter+Leighton+&sn=Sanderson&person_event=
  33. https://genealogy.links.org/links-cgi/readged?/home/ben/camilla-genealogy/current+c-sanderson86212+2-2-0-1-0 https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Sanderson-Family-Tree-249 I think if you contact som...
  34. @kyratango I think, it was in 1893. Most of those pages are detailed ads, I thought they were quite well done. I propose writing an article using those ads, I think it would be awesome/interesting ;) ...
  35. One of the ads mentions the company was established in 1890, the last ad I saw on the list was 1909. An article from Monday, 16 March 1896 in The Scotsmen, p. 7 mentions a succesful and extensive bur...
  36. https://newspaperarchive.com/tags/the-parisian-diamond-company/?pc=16696&psi=54&pci=6&ob=1/
  37. It looks to me as models of cars from 1910s, maybe a bit smaller.
  38. Beautiful, love the sparkling!
  39. Happy seal!
  40. That's very interesting! Beautiful brooches!
  41. Stunning!
  42. I saw similar Romanian dolls sold at New York World Fair, 1939. Maybe it's in the same vein!
  43. Beautiful blue color!
  44. Elegant!
  45. Beautiful and it's so nice is still working, in theory at least!
  46. So elegant!
  47. Awesome...I especially like the Statue of Liberty take!
  48. Beautiful flower panels!
  49. I am kinda late, but I go by "better late than never!"
  50. Beautiful!
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