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1917 USA Emergency Passport Application for Citizen to leave Austria-Hungary after USA enters WW1 - Paperin Paper
Ca. 1926 Territory of Hawaii Passport for travel to Japan and China with Blind stamps for the Territory and China - Paperin Paper
1939-40 Netherlands Passport of mixed couple with 3 children under NS occupation - Paperin Paper
1943 NS with travel to Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovakia, NDH-Croatia, Hungary with relavent Visas and Revenues - Paperin Paper
1942 Third Reich Type 2 Passport issued in the Netherlands by the High SS, RRR. - Paperin Paper
Rare 1942-43 Nazi Puppet Goverment of Greece - Etat Hellinque or "Greek State" - Paperin Paper
1939 NS issued J-Kennkarte  (ID) - Paperin Paper
1944 Vichy France ID Card - Paperin Paper
Lifesaving 1940-41 Lithuanian Safe Conduct Pass - Paperin Paper
1957 DPRK Ordinary Passport - Travel to China, RRRR - Paperin Paper


1939 Latvia Diplomatic passport for Berlin