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Derby, U.K.

I collect wristwatches, very eclectic mix with brand new Hugo Boss and 1920's Elgin! I love Seiko's and Bulova's, anything unusual.


  2. I could have sworn the earliest advert for the MM wristwatch had lugs Kerry, as in my advert from June 10th. 1933 posted on here.
  3. Hi James, these knives were used by the British army (they still are!) during WW2 for general purposes, eg. fighting, cutting, eating, screwdriver at tip, can opener. The Navy model included a splici...
  4. I think this design may be (appropriately enough) meant to look like a spider web.
  5. Thanks for the loves, my friends!
  6. Thank you people! Thanks for the loves, from me and Poppy!
  7. Hi, this is a type of grass/bamboo known as 'whangee', often used for umbrella handles.
  8. Hi Ed, your watch isn't worth a fortune maybe a couple of hundred at most. Great watches since Victorian times from Lip, oldest I have seen was a niello cased chronograph pocket watch being sold for ...
  9. Thanks for the comments Whyatt and Izenglish. I believe the sheath may not be original, as the scout emblem is not showing when in the sheath. Thanks for the loves everybody.
  10. Updated title and description. The exchange took place beneath the extraordinary world famous Chesterfield church's "crooked spire", google link below for images!
  11. Thanks R4F, meeting the seller today at the train station in his home town. He is in his 70's, and it was his father's stick, and HIS father's before him! He does not collect antiques or the like, but...
  12. Thanks whyatt, don't care if nobody else likes it, it's my baby! :)
  13. That is a real beauty whyatt, and like the earlier comment, they don't make 'em like this any more! I have a 1960's air rifle, a Webley MK3, built by hand and all solid steel. I would post it but can...
  14. Many thanks Bill, and thanks all for the loves!
  15. Congrats Bill, surely a first place in your collection!
  16. Thanks vetraio50! Thanks for the loves guys!
  17. Thank you people!
  18. Thank you for the loves guys.
  19. Thanks for all the comments and the loves folks!
  20. Thanks for the comments and the love people!
  21. Please show the hallmarks, as if they are British they can be dated and the maker named. Beautiful knife!
  22. A typical update of the "ERMETO" watches made by Movado in the 1930's. Very nice watch, I really like it. Well, I do collect Bulova... ;-)
  23. I think anyone who touts themselves as an expert rarely are one in my experience. I like that watch, it is probably around the mid-1920's in date. The swan logo is used by the Record Watch company (...
  24. Nice old knife, the long marlinspike was for undoing knots in wet rope on board ships/boats. It looks to have been bent a little at the point. It looks to have quite some age, probably early 1900's ...
  25. Very nice and unusual watch! The "DOW" on the balance cock is for the Deauville (Ollendorff) watch corp. Pre-1965, I would say around the late fifties.
  26. Thanks for the comments and the loves guys. Good thinking with the welding gear bb2, must check it out with a welder!
  27. Very nice knife! I love how it has three different types of blade, the clip point (the longest), the sheep or lambfoot (on the other end), and the Spey blade next to the clip. The "IXL" should be "I...
  28. Very nice knife. It is an image of the Greek island of Crete, both on the blade and handle.
  29. Thanks KJ, it certainly helps with an identification!
  30. Thanks whyatt, the scales do look kind of wooden, but they are man-made, I saw it was delrin on another site. This hardly ever gets used now, it is a real nail-breaker to open! I only open it with nee...
  31. Thanks Rick, much appreciated!
  32. Try these, there are a few links to look at. Possibly Samuel Saynor.
  33. The type of corkscrew used on this lovely knife makes me think it has some real age to it. Love the horn scales, and those horsey bolsters are great!
  34. Beautiful knife Bob. Cellulose used in old/vintage watch crystals caused rusting inside the watch, this is because of the gases given off by decaying cellulose. The same may happen if used in stored ...
  35. Expensive repair to the glass, I think these are set in place using an adhesive using heat. The case and band are ceramic.
  36. You are so right Bill! I have another identical to the Hallite advertising one (somewhere) and the blades are totally untouched and like new, very sharp indeed.
  37. Thanks KJ, and thanks to all for the loves.
  38. Thanks so much, glad you liked it.
  39. That is the Phillip Perseo logo.
  40. Beautiful Bill, just beautiful. Love that Swedish hunter!
  41. Hi, it is a "CAVOUR" model by the New England Watch Co. Yours is earlier than the one above because of serial number. Pe...
  42. Bill, such an amazing collection! I love every single piece, well done on having such a beautiful array. Thanks again for posting these, so cool...
  43. Thanks Bill, have you posted it? Love the oldies, me!
  44. You're welcome, thanks for the loves!
  45. This vase is so beautiful, it made my breath catch when I first saw it. You must be very happy sir! Congratulations, Bob
  46. Thanks again KJ, and thanks for the loves!
  47. Thanks KJ, that one was the cheapest one at £1. Thanks everyone for the loves.
  48. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  49. Thanks flea and tassie! Thanks all for the loves.
  50. Thanks, olebodie, and thanks all for the loves!
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Watch with square face and unusual dials, not a smart watch or fitness gadget from unknown company. 1957 Lord Elgin Futur, Mystery Dial Old Bulova watch id?


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