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  1. Excellent multi-tasking, indeed! I can do only one thing at a time, especially when eating!!! NICE FIND, Master.
  2. My dad carried a similar one, made in the U.S. of course, to work every day for nearly 30 years, but packed with a Japanese lunch that my mother made for him!!! [;>)))
  3. LOVE stained glass. Thinking of replacing our bathroom window's clear glass with stained glass. [;>)
  4. You must drive a sporty new Sled, powered by a 4-reindeer pull team.......?!!? [;>)
  5. I love Avon! [;>)
  6. [;>) [;>) [;>)
  7. Love the "bathtub" Porsche! Reminds of an incident, when I was 21 I bought a brand spanking new sporty '71 Chevy Vega Hatchback with rack and pinion steering. Was driving on the 101 with my girlfrie...
  8. wow, Scott, this is really nice! [;>)
  9. What an odd way to sell stuff! Do they have scales like in the produce department in supermarkets so you can weigh things to know how much they'll cost before being rung up by the cashier???
  10. Beautiful fine, Bonnie! [;>)
  11. I think all of us know that Annette Funicello got her start as a Mickey Mouse Musketeer. What most people don't know, I think, is that Walt Disney took a personal interest in Funicello, in a fatherly...
  12. Too cute!!! [;>)
  13. CUTE! Nice to see you again, Virginia! [;>)
  14. BIG SF GIANTS fan here, but more a BASEBALL LOVER than a fan of any one team, really, so happy to see the Cubs come through and finally win it all! [;>)
  15. Any marks on the underside? [;>)
  16. SUPER CUTE!!! [;>)
  17. Hi Cultcha, Don't know a thing about the pot, sorry, but can provide some info about how to correctly pronounce BONSAI, if you don't already know. Most non-Japanese speakers, particularly English ...
  18. Nice looking ring, Mike. Something that even I might wear! [;>)
  20. MAGNIFICENT! [;>)
  21. Neat! What size are they and what would be put into them?
  22. GREAT looking trunk, Scott!
  23. Nice find, Bonnie!....... My wife has a few tea caddies/boxes somewhere in the kitchen cabinets. I'll have to look around and see if I can find them. LOVE your new avatar pic, Bonnie ~ a lot better ...
  24. Where do you live again??? LOL.....!
  25. Great idea, Fort! But, like you said, a magnet for anyone looking for a "5-finger" discount! [;>)
  26. I don't want to give too much away about the movie, but EDGE OF THE CITY, for its time, 1957, was an unusual film. Up till then, Whites were portrayed in positions of authority and Blacks as inferior...
  27. Great and able general. Not so great or able president. One of the most corrupt administrations in US history.
  28. Could the first letter be a "K"? KIMURA is a Japanese surname and "K" is the only letter that fits with the rest to make a Japanese name. [;>)
  29. I'm sure for just about every Boy Scout back then this was a must read. [;>)
  30. I love these sports vests! Especially the reversible type! [;>)
  31. Interior looks practically unused! Refurbished??? [;>)
  32. SHELVES LOOK GREAT! Since today is Wednesday (50%-off Senior Discount Day at our local Goodwill store), I'll have to see if I can find something similar at GW! [;>)
  33. It's simply gorgeous here in Vegas this time of year ~ clean sky with lots of billowy clouds and temperatures in the low to mid 80s Fahrenheit..... PERFECT! [;>)
  34. never seen a watch like it before..... [;>)
  35. It even looks like something a miniature Genie would live in! [;>)
  36. More important than its uniqueness, it belonged to her mother. [;>)
  37. Two other all-time favorite movies of mine starring Sidney Poitier are THE DEFIANT ONES, co-starring Tony Curtis, and the lesser-known EDGE OF THE CITY, co-starring John Cassavetes. Never miss either...
  38. [;>) [;>) [;>)
  39. Omedetogozaimasu, Mike-san! Nice B-D gift from a nice sister! [;>)
  40. Great grouping, Scott. Especially like the dark brown on far left! [;>)
  41. Some fun trivia facts about LILIES OF THE FIELD: 1) Only $240,000 spent to make the movie. 2) Movie took only 14 days to film. 3) Movie was directed and produced by Ralph Nelson, who also plays the...
  42. I've got the original LP! I thought I sold it when we moved to Japan in 1978, but my brother had it all those years and returned it to me when I visited my Mother and brothers just a few months ago! ...
  43. Aww, wish I were there to watch it with you! [;>)
  44. GREAT pulls, Fort. They fit/match the piece perfectly, IMO. [;>)
  45. I LOVE THIS!!! We have a Goodwill here in Vegas near our home that has a 50%-off day for seniors every Wednesday. That's tomorrow. I hope I can find something as nice as this ceramic basket! [;>)
  46. Try looking up SAHASHI poppy bag, Brenda. That's the reading my wife got from your photo of the label. Pretty bag. [;>)
  47. Kampai!.......... Sorry to hear about the dropped twin, and right after buying it so you couldn't even enjoy it for a single day!!!..........Ooops, sorry, I didn't mean to rub salt into your wound!......
  48. I'm not greedy ~ all I need is one, the black one, please. No ribbons and bow needed, just the key, please! ha ha ha [;>)))))
  49. Simply beautiful!..... Especially the "creepy" seashells!!! [;>)))
  50. Pretty!..... Pretty big! [;>)
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Time Magazine - September 11, 2001 ( Collectible Edition 9/11 )