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I love bow hunting, and collecting things that are related.


  1. I really like these knives , but haven't pulled the trigger on one . the originals demand a high premium , but there are so many replicas out there , that ive been very skeptical of them . ive only...
  2. great eye , bill . really nice set !
  3. I remember training with these LAWS in 1980 . I guess they were used for at least a little while after that . really cool item fortapache !
  4. thanks for the love officialfuel . hope you are doing well . and broochman . thank you as well .
  5. fantastic post ! I really like things this old and the knowledge that comes with them . thanks for posting it .
  6. thank you hunterglee . any knowledge of my knives is appreciated . some of my items are speculated due to no or very little existing references .
  7. thanks blunderbuss2 and fort apache for the love . ive collected a few over the last yr or so . been working a lot of over time with not much time for posting or viewing many items lately . th...
  8. love the cannon ! don't see things like this posted much at all . thanks for sharing it .
  9. hadn't been on in a while blunderbuss , but ive been checking the items out periodically . love your posts as always . 'my weapon of choice is the lever action rifle , although , I do prefer the com...
  10. Thanks guys My PC crashed a while back so I've gone mobile Can't say I like it much At least my photos are clear now I hope.
  11. nice dagger bill !
  12. these are all EDGE BRAND knives from Solingen .
  13. thanks bill . maybe they'll get it fixed directly . ive sent them an e-mail on the issue , ive given away a few of these knives , but I still have most of them . that ol rhino knife is like hav...
  14. the last pic shows a newer blade . looks stainless . probably been replaced at some point . the rest of the blades are not stainless and look original to me . some one probably had it repaired to c...
  15. thanks for the love guys ! oroyoroyisthatyourhorse , ive tried to return the love on yr knives , but the function isn't working . don't know whats going on there . they are fantastic !
  16. super cool . I watch them on ebay a lot , but haven't pulled the trigger on 1 . im running out of drawers for my knives as it is . my thoughts on these old war bayonets is their heading for rar...
  17. this really is some nice walnut , bobbee . looks like some one went with a walnut stain instead of clear on the refinish. I bet a lil sanding and a satin clear poly would add some beauty to it . ...
  18. your knowledge of these gi joes is incredible fortapache . really nice addition. !
  19. really nice , bobbie. wont be seeing many like this 1 for sure !
  20. It could be from Israel or some where in that region . the lion on the sheath looks very similar to jerusalems coat of arms. I don't think its old at all. it is nice though . just because it...
  21. thanks bobbee .. id love to see it..
  22. its a newer version of a boyscout knife . that's a fluer de lis on the scale.
  23. thanks battlegear . this 1 is same age as me. reckon itll be my sons when im gone. he knows what it is and how much I love it .
  24. thanks caperkid , Brunswick , and official fuel. for the love. I do like the old carbines bill, but cant say more than my knives or compound bows .
  25. fantastic !
  26. it is really nice ! the fit and finish look like the stuff of the ww2 era when quality was standard instead of exclusive in many fields , especially cutlery.
  27. really cool post , bill !
  28. thanks blunderbuss2 , fortapache and JFrancia for the love . always appreciated !
  29. thanks for the love caperkid and officialfuel !
  30. on 2nd thought , I just viewed a 1911 model that's scabbard and blade are rounded like this. most were not. its a really nice rare old ww1 knife.
  31. the makers mark is from the spring field armory . the flaming bomb is / was their proof mark. the grip isn't original and the blades been broken at the tip and rounded .. that's common on them ....
  32. that's an old bolo knife . these are very collectable pcs to a lot of folks. great find !
  33. thanks Brunswick. I believe its a souvenir pc too, although my knowledge of knives is mostly of the vintage german made brands. uncle ron might know a thing or 2 about this knife. he is far m...
  34. im glad it has that fine sharpable steel. I do understand how rare that is. great steel is produced by great tempering , and no 2 are exactly the same. even some cheaper knives if tempered corre...
  35. carl schlieper made the 1st knife pictured... if I spelled it correctly. true that on that hi carbon steel !
  36. lol, theres 2 different knives here. the 1st is as described . the last pic is of a ww2 bayonet or scout knife. nice !
  37. very nice knife .. it is original as constructed .
  38. these things have really good monetary value. nice pcs ! id never use it if it were mine.
  39. this is a natzi boy scout knife from the 1st yrs of ww2 . the grinding you see was the removal of the blood and honor logo. the grips would've had the swastika imbedded in gold. its be...
  40. ill give the guy a hun fer it . if that's doable some way.
  41. I don't know that to be true, but it sure fits the look.
  42. ww2 trench art. probably german.
  43. awesome !
  44. he had a great taste in knives for sure.
  45. itd be interesting to find out what the holes were put there for. viet nam ... that's a stretch.
  46. on a side note. Othello made these grips of different colors on purpose. for what reason , Im not sure . perhaps export only..... perhaps profit...... perhaps.... ? the pics youll see will hav...
  47. that may be the trapper. the pics may not show its true curvature.
  48. it may look like SHLO to you, but its OTHELLO. research a few pics. of an Othello knife and youll see plenty of them. its handle looks like a trapper style that was made . the blade looks ...
  49. the knife could have the name Othello engraved on the ricasso . that's part of his trade mark.
  50. that's an anton wingens jr knife. made in Solingen Germany. probably very late 40s or early 50s. very well known manufacturer . the age is a guess based on its pinned stag handles. most made...
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