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Kutani tokkuri bird flask - Asianin Asian
Coring tool? - Kitchenin Kitchen
Mystery Box - Folk Artin Folk Art
Blue glazed vase - Potteryin Pottery
cast iron hole gauge ? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Mystery combination pliers - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Stanle made rules like this using the Metric measuring system. For instance, folding rul #6s had both English and Metric markings. Ënglish" on yours may refer to the measurement system
  2. It is a sailor's nautical style whisk broom.
  3. This link may help:
  4. Appears to be Pavarti from the Hindu tradition.
  5. It is difficult to go any further without photos of the movement.
  6. Appears to be a felt hat stretching tool.
  7. A view of the movement and pendulum will help. Is it weight driven?
  8. Pin spanner on one end the other is an open end. I don't know the maker.
  9. It looks like a Roe deer skull mount.
  10. Yes you can heat your coffee with a microwave. Back in the day when in the USMC we had a ground surveillance radar AR/TPS-21. The beam could be directed at a c-ration at close range and heat it up. No...
  11. Search US Navy microwave horn.
  12. Thank you Jellington. I had Bali correct and you were able to identify the carver.
  13. It would be a natural for a Doctor or Pharmacist to own this. Nice, rare find.
  14. It is a knob wire insulator. They were used in early electrical house wiring from around 1880 to the 1930's.
  15. This is not a railroad watch. See: Clearer photos of the back and of the movement would help in identifying it.
  16. You are correct, the styles in both countries are quite similar. You will also see some that are like this from Haiti.
  17. Typical of those carved in Bali, Indonesia.
  18. A cigar box knife?
  19. I agree with dav2no1. Looks like Baule. Dimensions and better photos would help.
  20. A photo of the back of the movement will help.
  21. Very nice restoration on an interesting piece. Do you have any info about what the hoses were like, materials used, etc., at the time?
  22. I wondered if these pieces are part of a chess set. Each player has sixteen pieces.
  23. Chess pieces?
  24. The handle is typical of those made by the Toraja people of Suluwesi, Indonesia. See:
  25. Perfect. I appreciate your sense of humor.
  26. I understand that the Japanese hunt whales. The Canadiens hunt seals. See:
  27. Much too crude to be a Japanese tool. Look up nata.
  28. Perhaps a kitchen pan lifter?
  29. Looks like a fine letter opener.
  30. Ca 1887 See:
  31. Interesting piece, looks more like a stylized peacock.
  32. The back has some letters, what are they?
  33. A photo of the bottom will help?
  34. CW is offering a discount for an appraisal this week. It may be worth it for you.
  35. Very close, but not identical. Have you checked the internet for examples of his work?
  36. Most likely a print. There are 83 or more on eBay. I have one that a Chinese friend gave to me. To be certain, you will require a certified appraisal
  37. The glass most likely contains Uranium oxide.
  38. Looks like a painting by Xu Beihong who is famous for painting horses.
  39. Chalcopyrite perhaps?
  40. Another nice find, a bolon from most likely Guinea or Mali.
  41. Nice example of an Asante (Ashanti) Akua'ba. Still being made, age is very difficult to determine and without provenance has little yo do with $ value. I collected a few about 20 years ago and have se...
  42. What a treasure, A Songye mask with provenance. The other mask in the photo looks like a Marka mask from Mali. Do you have its history?
  43. Aging metal objects is very difficult.
  44. Put wayang kulit brass vase into your search engine and check images. There a lot to see. In any case, you have a fine piece.. Good luck!
  45. Another example on eBay Item number 202757543087
  46. Great find, leave the finish as is.
  47. The figures in the brass are wayang kulit shadow puppets from Indonesia. See:
  48. Very nice example of a Turkish jambiya.
  49. Spring tension/compression test gauge. See:
  50. The Roadshow is fine for market value. The personal and emotional value of a piece like yours can not have a price put on it.
  51. See more