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  1. Try to ID the fiber used. Burning of wool is a test for proving the material. WOOL is obtained from hair of sheep. Thus, it smells like burning hair. Plant fibers usually smell like burning paper. N...
  2. This could be it. We do need better photos to assist
  3. A type of jambiya common in many Arabic countries.
  4. I agree with KWQD. It is not a Gurkha military knife, but is typical of what one sees in the tourist markets in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  5. Nepali kukri Gurkha knife.
  6. Most likely not Japanese per my previous suspicions. It would be rare indeed to find a company in Japan with such poor quality control.
  7. Appears to be a book binder's burnisher.
  8. The censer could be the family crest (mon) of the company that made the box.
  9. Perhaps a steamer?
  10. Interesting set. Leaves look more like Japanese Maple except they have 5 sections. Not tea leaves which are quite different. I'm thinking the set is from China. Repost when you receive it.
  11. We have very similar tastes in Japanese pottery/porcelain. I have been fortunate to have spent some time in Japan during my USMC service and subsequent business career. I have visited several of the ...
  12. You have some very nice pieces of Japanese art.
  13. Satsuma Moriage perhaps?
  14. Can you identify the various materials used in the knife? Various metals, etc.,?Covering on the handle?
  15. More info on his unit would be helpful. The term Irish rangers is a general term I believe. Was he from Ireland or Northern Ireland?
  16. What part of the world was he located in WW2?
  17. It is used to contain food. Look up tiffin.
  18. Is the blade metal?
  19. Nice find. Appears to be a Burmese gold leaf lacquerware container. (tiffin)
  20. Very similar to the one I was issued during the Vietnam War by the USMC. See origins of the Ka-Bar name: 1920 - 1944 1920s Wallace Brown receives a package that forever alters the history of the com...
  21. They are glazier's pliers.
  22. Perhaps part of a munition. Is there a primer?
  23. Looks like part of a military scope or similar device. Can you read the markings?
  24. The prayers are printed on the paper roll.
  25. Perhaps a smudge pot?
  26. The shuttle is called a torpedo shuttle based on its shape. Bobbin looks correct.
  27. It is a bicycle tire tool.
  28. Is the handle removable from the antler?
  29. Does the blade have a fuller?
  30. Typical form of a horse head handled Bowie knife.
  31. Reminds me of Space Age Modern designs. Very nice. leviton was, and still is, a major supplier of electrical sockets, switches, plugs and wall receptacles.
  32. Is the 9 drawer section with the four columns removeable?
  33. Photo is the composer of the Wedding March, Richard Wagner.
  34. Lid lifter for an antique stove.
  35. Nice collection. A lot of buttons were made from vegetable ivory, Tagua nut.
  36. Try this site:
  37. It is a beading loom.
  38. Possibly a Tagua nut or Palm nut carving. Commonly called Vegetable Nut.
  39. What are its dimensions?
  40. Glad I could help. There are instructions on the Internet relative to aligning/collimating binoculars. Good luck.
  41. I had a pair of these about 30 years ago. Very handy when I was hunting. Various makers are Rainbow, Zenith, Telespa, etc. They all looked very much alike. There is a pair on eBay item # 224061784860.
  42. Ivory exhibits Schreger lines, this piece does not have them . Have you tested to see if it is, in fact, molded plastic? There is no indication of refined and detailed carving that would be indicative...
  43. A side view may be helpful.
  44. Very nice piece and well carved from Sheesham wood.
  45. It is Bosun mate rigging knife (Navy). Many around for sale. See: eBay # 164325588250 have owned several of various qualities and makers,
  46. It is a very nice piece of folk art. It appears to be done using the pyrography technique.
  47. What a find. You may want to have them remounted with museum quality materials to prevent deterioration.
  48. A beautiful piece of antique furniture. I have also seen this referred to as a library table.
  49. Put Imari china into your search engine. You'll find many like yours.
  50. Similar carvings also come from Haiti.
  51. See more