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  1. Looks like a version of eight Chinese immortals.
  2. See eBay listing: Item number 174211733757 Sweetheart pin
  3. Search French bayonets. This is possibly a Lebel/Rosalie.
  4. It is a kazoo. You can make an improvised one with a piece of waxed paper and a comb.
  5. What is it made of, cast iron, ceramic. plastic, etc. ?
  6. Also referred to as a Kabyle musket. See:
  7. The rifle the rider is carrying is Moroccan.
  8. CanyonRoad has it right There are many on eBay.
  9. Very Canadian. See: May help in your further research. Nice find, quite unique.
  10. Globe makes machine tools, fixtures, etc. See:
  11. Possibly a betel lime container.
  12. This site may help you: There are may sites that list Waltham Watch production dates, etc. Nice find!
  13. You have great skill. Consider making some jewelry!
  14. See: and
  15. Is there a pendulum? How do you wind it?
  16. Can you show us the back of the clock including the winding mechanism?
  17. A photo of the back would be helpful.
  18. The M1 helmet was one of the best helmets ever made. Was in production from 1941 up to the mid 80's. It was not designed to protect from high speed bullets or high energy shrapnel. Penetration by same...
  19. My father learned to be a barber during the Depression to augment his income. I have his barber set with two hand clippers. One is a Ros Keen from Germany. The other is a Flyer made in USA. There were...
  20. Barber's manual hair clipper. Electric models appeared in the 1950's. Still in use in many parts of the world.
  21. These are standard printing blocks that fit the old linotype printing machines.
  22. The tea/coffee pot is called an "aftaba" and is Indo-Persian in origin
  23. In that case it will be the helmet liner that went into the metal helmet itself.
  24. What is the helmet made of, metal., etc.?
  25. I'm sure you noticed the opals radiance will change with ambient light levels/shade variations. Do not wash the dishes when wearing it. Enjoy!
  26. Crystal opals of the highest quality. An exceptional piece!
  27. Search antique sugar cane crusher for similar pieces.
  28. Search "aftaba" to se similar pieces to yours.
  29. Looks like a Chimayo from New Mexico. Nice find.
  30. I have one that is very similar to yours. It was made by Fukagawa in Japan. They are known for their blue glazes. Very nice find.
  31. I thought about this some more an recalled seeing masks from Haiti and Africa featuring Mami Wata, the water goddess. She is sometimes shown with snakes. See:
  32. I have been collecting African masks for about 25 years or so and I have not seen a mask like this before. Yours has some the elements of the Baule masks of the Ivory Coast. Some of the masks in the m...
  33. Can you provide a photo of the back?
  34. Appears to be an example of the pottery made in Morocco.
  35. Very nice find. Appears to be wireless Japanese clooisonne. See:
  36. Search Felsenstein and Maizer.
  37. Any marks on the bottom?
  38. This link may help you. Perhaps they can assist.
  39. Very hard to say how things move around. I have a plier collection that contains pliers from The U.K., Germany, Korea, etc. All purchased here in the USA.
  40. Kraeuter lineman pliers with side cutter. A pair is on eBay, # 193288802712.
  41. The type of turned lathe work reminds me of country French furniture and spinning wheels.
  42. Looks like a modern Chinese inside painted snuff bottle.
  43. Very nice example. See:
  44. Made after 1865 in Thomaston, CT. See this site for further info: Nice find in this condition.
  45. Appears to be a sake set. A set in Japan has five cups.
  46. Appears to be a Japanese Sake cup.
  47. I have one nearly identical to yours. A Muslim friend translated the script for me. Arabic script varies greatly from one example to another. The script is an artform all by itself. I suggest you co...
  48. Could be a signet owned by someone who has completed the Hajj to Mecca. Look up Hajj Mabroor.
  49. Similar to those carved in the Philippines from Monkeypod wood.
  50. They are made from sheesham wood in India as Manikin said . They come in various sizes.
  51. See more