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  1. Search Conway buckle and you will see many. They are widely used for horse harnesses.
  2. I think it is a Conway harness buckle.
  3. The existing drawer pulls are Chippendale style. The drawer knobs would have been simple round knobs. Search Van Dyke's Restorers yo see what you are looking for.
  4. Very nice fossil of a trilobite. Specimens like this are widely available from deposits in Morocco. The rolly-polly bug is also called a sow bug.
  5. Very nice. The handle is a masterpiece.
  6. Still being made and available at Walmart. It is an autobody hammer.
  7. Autobody hammer. The replaceable rubber cap is missing.
  8. Military stereo aerial photo viewer. Some are marked with the branch of service. I have a US Navy model. Nice find.
  9. Check out Chimayo rugs, could be a match. You have a beautiful rug.
  10. Typical of those made in India. The leaf and vine motif is also used in sheesham wood trays, chests, etc.
  11. Nice example of a bronze Chinese urn with key design.
  12. Many brass trays on eBay. Here is an example: Very nice stand. Good luck!
  13. The tool holder has the holding capability using various kinds of screws and clamping configurations depending on what type of tool holder it is. There are many examples available if you search lathe ...
  14. Lathe cutting tool. It fits into a tool holder on the bed of a metal turning lathe.
  15. It is available just about everywhere, Walmart sells it.
  16. A well respected product that has been around for many years Still being produced and is available from many retailers.
  17. Typical of those made in Turkey and other places in the old Ottoman Empire.
  18. Any markings on the back?
  19. What are the trunk's dimensions?
  20. For spindles on wooden chairs as well. Nice find.
  21. Wood turners sizing gauge.
  22. Luthier's rabbet plane i believe.
  23. It is a swage harness buckle. Been around a long time and still being made.
  24. Appear to be in the tradition of wabi sabi mingei pottery. Beautiful pieces.
  25. Antique ice fishing pole with handle, can be used as a tip-up it appears. Nice find!
  26. I was a Catholic altar boy during the late 1940's early 50's. We used a bar chime like this to signal the various parts of the Mass. Much more melodious than bells.
  27. Andre Decembre, a famous Haitian sculptor, made this a famous example of his skills. It is call "The Lovers" and has been widely copied by others. I have see some from the Philippines for example. He...
  28. Typical of those made in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  29. Russian style dress dagger. Nice find.
  30. Looks like you have a very fine Coushatta basket. great find.
  31. String holder it is. In the old days ( I'm old, 80 years) most stores had a version of this. Before plastic there was wrapping paper and boxes that had to be tied with string.
  32. One for sale on eBay. Put this into the eBay search:WW2 US NAVY Portable Signal Lantern Flashlight with Handle
  33. This was a common item back in the 1950's when I was a kid. My grand-father had one. See: eBay listing: 265375453837
  34. Chinese money mouse. Attracts money and dispels evil.
  35. fhrjr2 has it right. It is made of Sheesham wood from India. Still being made.
  36. Once again, a photo of the movement would be very helpful.
  37. a photo of the movement would help.
  38. Reminiscent of a curling stone. Very nice.
  39. Looks like a home made box. Not the cut down strap hinges. Still, a nice piece!
  40. Watchsearcher got it right. Yours is missing the abrasive grinding wheel that did the sharpening on the sickle bar.
  41. The symbol is "happiness". Unfortunate if it is Ivory.
  42. It holds a Mitchell spinning reel spool for fishing line.
  43. I agree with dav2no1. Modern Japanese tanto and the other is a form of dha from, Burma, Thailand, laos, etc.
  44. Appears to be an antique Faca de Ponto knifre Very nice find.
  45. Montague made quality rods. Went out of business in 1955. See:
  46. Similar to the Dohkra figures from India.
  47. Chinese incense burners.
  48. Looks like a 75mm artillery shell casing from WW One. Millions were made and many were turned into trench art.
  49. Rose bowl/potpourri bowl from India.
  50. The emblem/logo on one of the men's shirt may tell you something.
  51. See more