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  1. Search Bambara iron horse and rider. Typical sculpture from Mali, Africa
  2. Search Dhokra lost wax casting for more information.
  3. Looks like a CE mark common on wine and beer glasses the European Union. It guarantees you get what you bought. A glass of wine in the US is just a name, no relation to volume.
  4. Very nice for sure. Looks like a Lemur monkey.
  5. A super find. A Kashmir paisley. What a treasure you have.
  6. Do a little search about Japanese lacquer ware. Also, the Ying/Yang is obvious. Your piece is weathered and used to be brighter.
  7. Note ying and yang symbol. Oriental, perhaps Japanese or Chinese.
  8. Search millefiori African trade beads.
  9. It is listed on eBay item # 144686504572
  10. Betel nut cutter.
  11. Calf weaning device. There are several variations.
  12. Wine dispenser I believe.
  13. Airborne helmets have a tight chin strap that prevents the helmet from coming off during descent in a parachute. Ground troops have a chin strap that is designed to separate if the soldier is near an ...
  14. Dimensions and another view of the plier type tool would help.
  15. Great find. How nice things were before particle board.
  16. Fish trap for catching small fish. The fish can find their way in, but not the way out. Common in the Far East, Philippines, etc.
  17. slacljack has got it right. I bought mine in Turkey. Seems to work very well.
  18. What is the diameter?
  19. We have a similar box. The top is a piece of a repurposed shard from a vase.
  20. Chinese good luck coin talisman. Some are in the shape of a sword. I have one nearly identical to yours. Nice find, not too common.
  21. Pennies were made of 97.5 % Zinc and 2.5% Copper after 1982.
  22. Thanks so much for posting. Another historic piece of importance.
  23. Inuit perhaps? Nice find for sure.
  24. This site will help:
  25. Post a photo of the back plate so you can receive assistance with age.
  26. The Ashanti are an Akan people along with the Fanti.
  27. Appear to be brass/bronze containers for Gold from the Ashanti people of Ghana. Very nice find.
  28. A beautiful Sake set from Japan I believe.
  29. A pair of koummya from Morocco.
  30. Appear to be Cree snowshoes. Fine pair in excellent condition. The rawhide weave is lace like.
  31. Perhaps a flyssa from Algeria.
  32. Perhaps a kiddush cup?
  33. Could be from Morocco perhaps?
  34. Every belly dancer has at least one. Other dancers in India use them as well.
  35. They are USMC for sure. I have my original set from 1963.
  36. US Naval officer's dress uniform button.
  37. The existing drawer pulls are Chippendale style. The drawer knobs would have been simple round knobs. Search Van Dyke's Restorers yo see what you are looking for.
  38. Very nice fossil of a trilobite. Specimens like this are widely available from deposits in Morocco. The rolly-polly bug is also called a sow bug.
  39. Still being made and available at Walmart. It is an autobody hammer.
  40. Autobody hammer. The replaceable rubber cap is missing.
  41. Military stereo aerial photo viewer. Some are marked with the branch of service. I have a US Navy model. Nice find.
  42. Check out Chimayo rugs, could be a match. You have a beautiful rug.
  43. Typical of those made in India. The leaf and vine motif is also used in sheesham wood trays, chests, etc.
  44. Nice example of a bronze Chinese urn with key design.
  45. Many brass trays on eBay. Here is an example: Very nice stand. Good luck!
  46. The tool holder has the holding capability using various kinds of screws and clamping configurations depending on what type of tool holder it is. There are many examples available if you search lathe ...
  47. Lathe cutting tool. It fits into a tool holder on the bed of a metal turning lathe.
  48. It is available just about everywhere, Walmart sells it.
  49. A well respected product that has been around for many years Still being produced and is available from many retailers.
  50. Typical of those made in Turkey and other places in the old Ottoman Empire.
  51. See more