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Coring tool? - Kitchenin Kitchen
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  1. Zip Codes were introduced in 1963. Derby Originals is still in business in N. Canton, Ohio. They may assist.
  2. eBay lists over 100 sets.
  3. Looks more like Kuba.
  4. Good observation. I hope you can find out more>
  5. Search antique starboard lantern.
  6. The red bracelet is composed of Buddhist Mala beads.
  7. Nice find with a great deal of history. See: Should help you in your further search.
  8. Nice find. Shears like these would also be used by jewelers and silversmiths.
  9. Soapstone carvings like this are very hard to age which is not a major factor in their value. They are generic and are being carved as we speak. Valuable stone carving in China is done with Jades and ...
  10. Truly an American classic!
  11. Check eBay for many of these or similar carvings.
  12. It looks like there are numbers on the bottom of the seat. That may help.
  13. I contacted a Chinese friend to assist with the translation. Top line on right "united knife", bottom line "special steel". left side characters in the square are archaic characters, may be a traditio...
  14. Buddhist Mala beads.
  15. See this link:
  16. Geisha costumes are easily documented. A simple internet search will explain. I have been to Japan several time over the years and have the opportunity to meet a professionally trained geisha.
  17. The costume and coiffure appear to be classic Chinese. Not a Japanese Geisha costume.
  18. The Chinese character is "Double Happiness"
  19. I said it looks like a Chinese piece. Can't be positive. I have one very similar that I bought on eBay shipped directly from China. Japanese Samurai swords have a long and well documented history of m...
  20. Looks kike a modern Chinese version.
  21. Consider the possibility that it is a cheese press. My grandmother made farmer's cheese with something similar. Send the dimensions!
  22. Technique is called filigree. Nice find.
  23. What are it's dimensions?
  24. Beautiful piece. Chinese embroidery with knot stitch sometimes called hidden stitch among others.
  25. I have one very similar to this. They were widely available during the Vietnam war and were a typical G.I. bring back. Well made and very durable.
  26. Pickard China is still in business at Antioch, Illinois. They will know.
  27. Similar to those from the Yoruba group in Nigeria. Nice find.
  28. Mexican gourd bowls. Many listed on eBay. Very colorful to be sure.
  29. My parents had one of these in the 50- 60's. Bakelite is a plastic. Nice find.
  30. More than likely was designed for use in a survey, mapping or military application. Modern artillery (WW one) at the time needed precision registration info to guarantee accuracy. Lionel started in 19...
  31. Very nice piece of history. What is the name of the maker?
  32. The reverse image slide image is a very common problem when having them digitized. I just had about 50 done and half were flipped.
  33. The different level in each bottle was that, most likely , the plant was not automated so everything had to be done by hand. Danang at that time did not have a reliable electrical power grid. Service ...
  34. I was stationed near Danang in 1966. Coke was everywhere. We would talk about the fact that the Coke bottling plant nearby was never a target of the Viet Cong as were most other factories. Hmm, what w...
  35. Relatively new as it has a lot of plastic, hair ornament, etc. It appears that the body is plastic as well. I'd estimate 70's upward. I saw a lot of these for sale in the 60's when I was stationed at ...
  36. The separate screw allows the tension between the two blades with great accuracy. High quality scissors. Nice find.
  37. Looks like a WW@ Japanese Naval sword.
  38. Any markings on the blade?
  39. You will need much better photos. Your hand is obscuring the handle, focus is bad, etc. What are the dimensions?
  40. Looks like a Blair Co. Hawk Eye folding camera, Boston, MA
  41. Try contacting Nedinsco Venlo as they are still in business making military sights.
  42. The accessory knives: Karda-used for fine cutting; Chakmak-used for sharpening the other two blades.
  43. Put Maltese Cross with Dolphins door knockers into your search engine to see the door knockers. Nice find!
  44. Script looks like Chinese and the Buddhist figures as well. Very nice collection.
  45. Can you indentify the wood, is it heavy? What are the dimensions? Very nice in any case!
  46. A view of the blades would be helpful.
  47. I think Neiger also. See similar for sale on eBay # 92202251341. Very nice find.
  48. Very nice find. Very high quality and uncommon.
  49. Appear to be Hindu brass/bronze figures from India. Hanuman on the left?
  50. There is one on eBay # 124422667217
  51. See more