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Atlanta, GA

Going through a variety of items from my parents' estate to determine the names / value, if any, of various items.


  1. I was recently given this information related to the piece: "The enamel pattern is an old Spanish one called Canine and Foliate. The pattern was done first in Spain and then by Moser on glassware m...
  2. Thank you so very much, Drill! So glad I found this site as it is proving to be an invaluable resource as I go through all I inherited from my folks! Rick
  3. Wow, great helpful info, I will take more pics. it belonged to my dad's great aunt and she was from New York state. unfortunately, my mom had it "restored" in the 80's by a fellow who was a jack o...
  4. Manikin, I am not sure if he works, I have not had time to test him, but it appears he may not. Thanks for the lead, I hope he is worth a bit on money! Rick
  5. Thanks, Tall!
  6. Thanks, vetraio50, a veritable wealth of knowledge!
  7. Thank you, Vegas & antiquerose!
  8. I have visited the Westmoreland site, but I did not find the answer to the following question in the brief time I was able to spend there today: Would all Westmoreland Glass have the watermark on it?...
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DEK I/30 - LOETZ GLASS VASES c1890 Drucker Barrel Top Trunk Small Slat Trunk - Doll Trunk Refinished unique cross slat trunk that was posted a while ago Abe Foot Manufacturer- Cross Slat Barrel top Trunk More Abe Foot 1890's refinished Dome Top Alligator Tin Antique Trunk BOHEMIAN BLUE OPALINE GILT PERFUME BOTTLE WMF JARDINIÈRE mit GLASEINSATZ um 1900 SETSUKO OGISHI PERFUME - AUSTRALIA SETSUKO OGISHI PERFUME - AUSTRALIA #2 ROYAL PLAZUID - AMSTEL CACHEPOT Fabulous Bohemian Centerpiece Cut Clear Gilt Bronze Marble Base Whistling Bird Sake Bottle ?


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