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  1. Yes, my dirty little secret. I have a stash of old stones :o
  2. How large are they? Could they be for serving caviar?
  3. Beautiful!
  4. I have DeNicola envy! Let me know if you are seriously about having it repaired. I can help you out.
  5. I think this is so cool. I was able to find this link: I hope it is helpful.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have been MIA, but I still need your help. I have researched POD of Edgecomb, Maine, and spoke to the company, but no avail :( Any further help is greatly appreciated. Hope ev...
  7. I think they are called Biwa pearls???
  8. Unbelievably gorgeous. Lucky you :}
  9. Thanks FanciGirl
  10. Late 50's, early 60's. Take a peek at this link:
  11. I can remember speeding along in my grandpa's Ford Galaxy. Good times.
  12. I love the monkey too! Is the vanity tiger oak?
  13. Tall Cakes! You got it! eBay #221493331798 It is a great marriage.
  14. I do not own any Loetz or Kralik yet, but you all are getting me very interested in starting a collection.
  15. I think it may have been hung from a chatelaine, that is why there is a loop on the topper.
  16. Check out this new posting:
  17. Cute little silhouette imps!
  18. SurfDub, We get around ;}
  19. Agree with AntiqueRose, no re-purpose on this one. Keep it in the family. What a great keepsake to pass down.
  20. Thanks for sharing. I love this one. Makes me miss my old house.
  21. Maybe a knife rest? Any markings?
  22. Love it. Test the waters online and see what happens.
  23. You needed this! Hee hee.
  24. I think it may be a flower frog vase? Best guess. I do not recognize the hallmark. :(
  25. One of my favorite Roseville patterns. Thanks for sharing. I admire them.
  26. I love this. Thanks for sharing.
  27. Always go with your gut. I love stories like this. Congratulations!
  28. Possibly Netsuke?
  29. Thanks everyone for the loves.
  30. Very, very nice pieces. Than ks for sharing.
  31. Your brooch is not fine jewelry, but actually very collectible. Mrs. Warren
  32. Double LOVE.
  33. IDC, I very much appreciate your knowledge and taking the time to comment. I will take your advice. Have a great day.
  34. Any idea on worth, or link to other examples? I appreciate your input. :)
  35. My pleasure :} Find a little bird, or a flower, stick it on there, and enjoy!
  36. I should mention the sticker is on the bottom and it measures 2" square.
  37. I think this is a match: I had one and used it to put bird ...
  38. Vetraio50, you are good!
  39. Isn't his expression priceless? Thanks for the loves: AHG Nuts Racer Roycroft Manikin
  41. One more:
  42. I think your plates were made by Indiana Glass Company. Here is a link to research the patterns.
  43. FanciGirl, I am big fan of Boucher and Mazer! It seems like it is getting harder to find. Mrs. Warren
  44. You are welcome Mitch :}
  45. Your first piece looks like it is on the second shelf of the first page of this catalog advertisement:
  46. Thanks for the love Kerry10456. :}
  47. They do look like the pendant!
  48. Thanks Racer4Four and NutsAbotAS6!
  49. Thank you AGHCollect!
  50. Also looks like the clasp has been replaced.
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