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I love glass and china in particular Mid Century Scandinavian art glass and barware/dishes, restaurant/hotel ware, Czech art glass, Fire King, Pyrex, English IronstoI love glass and china in particular Mid Century Scandinavian art glass and barware/dishes, restaurant/hotel ware, Czech art glass, Fire King, Pyrex, English Ironstone in funky Mid Century patterns...and other fun colourful pieces. I collect some (especially Kaj Franck) but also sell some in my Etsy store, Vintagerous. (Read more)


  1. Could it be Pavel Panek by chance?
  2. Very fun! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks so much, Anik! What about the sticker that's missing the red dot - do you know what that means?
  4. What book is that? I love to collect reference books. You should see my library :)
  5. I've solved this mystery thanks to some other glass experts. It is Viking Glass from their Tundra series in the 60s.
  6. Hello, this appears to be alexandrite also known as neodymium glass. Have you tried moving it into different light sources to see if it changes colour?
  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  8. I don't think this is Ikea. I can't find anything on search and they would have mass produced this. Thanks for the suggestion (I'll take anything!)
  9. Ikea? I have never seen this quality at Ikea. But I'll try searching it.
  10. Could this possibly be Moser? or some other crystal company? The quality is there.
  11. I believe this could be Czech.
  12. Did you try doing a patent search with the number?
  13. I have a vase like the 3rd spatter one and it is acid marked "Czechoslovakia" which is a common Kralik mark. Try holding the vase up to a light in different angles as I found it hard to see at first.
  14. For what it's worth...not sure this will help you or not but thought I'd throw this out there. This is what I do when I know I have a quality piece and think I may have an ID. I look carefully ...
  15. I guess he could also be a toad.
  16. Thanks racer! Yes, I agree. It is very beautifully crafted.
  17. TallCakes! Thanks so much! That is a very cool drawing! It confirms what the facebook ID group said i.e. the Seneca lips are round. The pieces I have all have irregular rims (not round). So this ...
  18. Actually, this was solved by another ID group...they are Morgantown Crinkle as they have an irregular rim. Seneca Driftwood have round rims. :)
  19. Thank you so much, CanyonRoad for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time to confirm my research!
  20. Thanks Kisslikeether! Not bursting my bubble...Norwegian is good too...any ideas of designers to research?
  21. Good to know GlassAddict1964, I'll look for that strip lighting.
  22. Thanks Elisabethan and Racer4four! So good to have all this great info :)
  23. Really? Wow...if it is Bertil Vallien I am sure on a roll with that designer!!! Are some of the Kosta Boda bowls unsigned? That's what threw me off that scent.
  24. Awesome NJ! I love this teal glass too.
  25. I mean...I know it is a UV light...but is it mounted above?
  26. Wow!! Such a great shot! How did you do it? Do you have a special light?
  27. I believe that is not lilac...that is Alexandrite glass. Do they change to more of a blue in different light? I had a set of flora glasses that were alexandrite so I was wowed to see a full set with...
  28. LOL! We were typing at the same time! Brännvin= Aquavit or snaps That makes a lot more sense than firefighter!!
  29. Thanks so Swedish is non-existent so I have to use the translate feature which is sometimes, I am sure, not quite right. So thanks for all your help :)
  30. And no apology needed!!! I am thrilled for your help :)
  31. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much Elisabethan! Fantastic! Yes, BV 112 in the Trumpet series. Now I just want to know what they call this size of glass and the other ones I posted earlier. These are 3 oz...
  32. Thanks Elisabethan! I love this colour too and have a few Kaj Franck pieces in this colour :)
  33. Thanks so much @njwilson ! I appreciate you taking the time to provide the pattern number! I'll post a picture of some matching cordial glasses in case you know the model of those too. And if you w...
  34. Wow!!! That's an amazing collection!
  35. This looks like Neodymium or Alexandrite glass to me. Does it change colour under different lights e.g. natural vs. florescent? It should change from blue to purple/pinkish. And this shape of bowl...
  36. Try Noritake for the one with the M and the wreath. Noritake used this mark with the letter in the centre usually denoting the contracted distributor. Trying to remember the name of the kitchenware sh...
  37. Yes, skrdlovice About half way diwn the page. :)
  38. Looks Czech MCM to me. I'll check a couple of references later and let you know...
  39. Hi Gillian, Yes, very true that Brisol Blue glass has a long history. I did email the company that started in 1988 and they confirmed that this is likely their vase made within the last 3-4 years....
  40. I believe I have an ID! Bertil Vallien for Boda Åfors Bruk blue glasses. I should have realized they were the same pattern as another set of cordial stemware I have. Not sure what to call these ...
  41. They are definitely high quality and handmade. I'd love some ideas as to other Scandinavian artists. I am trying Tamara Aladin...
  42. Thanks so much Austro! I see what you mean about the stripe surfuca. Okay...back to my research then. Thinking they are Scandi...
  43. I just posted what I believe to be Nanny Still glasses in this line but in a teal colour. @austrohungaro wondering if you could take a look and see :)
  44. Thanks so much Dymphna! Are you able to post a picture of your set? I'd love to see it.
  45. Oh! So you think that it says B R I S T O L...I guess it could! LOL! That wasn't what I saw but I think I see what you mean. Too funny! Thanks! You've solved the mystery, thanks!!!
  46. Great idea@swfinluv1! I did a search and there is a Bristol glass company that started in 1988. There is a lily vase in this shape and colour. The only thing that is throwing me is that the signatu...
  47. That's great deltab!
  48. Thanks so much @Gillian for that info! I've also seen them used as hot chocolate cups too. So good point! It is a very fun set. I hope I can ID it. And @Dizzydave - it does have the Mid Centur...
  49. I would guess Czech glass. Try Chribska and then others...
  50. I solved this mystery myself with a bit more sleuthing... They are a line called Fersken by Willy Johansson for Hadeland Glassverk, Norway.
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