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Hello everyone, alittle about me. Love the outdoors, love making things, doesn't matter if I like it I know I can make it instead if buying.. wood, painting, crochetHello everyone, alittle about me. Love the outdoors, love making things, doesn't matter if I like it I know I can make it instead if buying.. wood, painting, crocheting, building, love antiques, love to learn about history.. I collect all kinds if things. I collect old records, stamps, pictures, paintings, magazines, postcards, used stamps, old letters, new stamps. Learning is what I am doing now with all the stuff. Just collected. Never knew what I really was collecting. Between my husband and I. Coins, money. Love the 1800's era.. just really love cool older things. (Read more)


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WWII sailor and his girlfriend sweetheart brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Occupied japan African American figurines  - Figurinesin Figurines
Czecho-slovakia made pottery - Potteryin Pottery
Antique frame with picture... - Fine Artin Fine Art
Pittsburgh, Pa provision & packing co, photograph  - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage jug - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage railroad light adlake - Railroadianain Railroadiana
I think old oil headlight? - Lampsin Lamps
Type cobb and jonas Wagner, postcard - Postcardsin Postcards
Tiffany co, coca-cola belt buckle - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. Love, love.. love how you set this up for pictures
  2. Yes, clue help. I do have alot of pictures here no clues. I know it was family. It's like a puzzle, which I love.. lol
  3. Thank you so much Painter... I have been wondering what was the best place to read around..
  4. Has anyone seen these Mark's or know who they are.. or any info.
  5. Thanks Manikin.. I do as well.. I thought about selling it.. when I looked o found none. And I love ir so much.. I think I may keep.. not sure yet..
  6. I meant to say ours has dents in it as well..
  7. We found one of these except it has a diamond in it. And found a marriage certificate huge from 1887 with the people on it. Same date. Which helped me on my ancestry page.. love it...
  8. Also, it says I believe JAPAN beside the M in the circle around the inside bottom of the circle going around with it. If that makes sence. Very hard to see.. clueless on this piece
  9. Sorry, this is the first I have been able to even post anything. It wouldnt let me load pictures for months now. And now they won't come in the right way.. sorry about that..
  10. Sorry keep massaging, then the other one says made then can see if it's in or and occupied japan. Wish I could upload pics to show u. Maybe I'll put mine up and see
  11. I scoped mine out and found mine say faint. A word I cant read. Then occupied japan. Hope that might help..
  12. Good luck.
  13. As in I meant to say more detailed and alittle bigger than yours as well
  14. I wish I knew as well, just found yours looking up mins I have 4 of these. Mine have huge stretches bottom lips and stretched wae lodes. One laying on back, one standing and the other sitting with col...
  15. I found one as well and all the reading I got says, if it is stamped or saying in english then it is a reproduction.. but that's the internet for ya.. waiting to hear other people's responses.. mine i...
  16. I also, just found a pile of marbles. To me alot of them look the same. Some by the color look older to me. If you ever figure it out please lmk. I found ones with animals in them they r bigger. And c...
  17. Love, love....
  18. Love, love
  19. Thank you art, I just love this piece thou.. I will check it out
  20. I found I believe something in this on another site. You might want to see what info it gives you. Antiquesnavigator.com Black/Gray/Gold Vintage Handpainted Moriage Dragonware Tea Set, Occupied Japan....
  21. I commented on wrong pic. I think this is the right one. Oops, anyways. I just found a little tea cup with sauce with the same ladies face at the bottom. Mine says GEM CHINA, w/ a design around it and...
  22. Wait wrong picture sorry...
  23. I just found a saucer and a little tea cup with same ladies face but a different design.. I was just looking it up and found this. On the bottom of my saucer, it says GEM CHINA with a design around i...
  24. Yes, the stamp could be something. The postal marking could be something and also, the postcard. I'm trying learning a out it all now. So much to learn.. good luck to you. Keep them out if a attic or ...
  25. I love older poatcards.. very nice..
  26. Browsing through and seen these. My grandma put a 4 ft Santa that looks similar I was going to put bim out tbis hear and didn't.. this just brought back memories..
  27. Love,, my husband loves all kinds if watches, especially pocket watches.. merry Christmas
  28. Oh and the post cars you have is by a famous artist, some of those post cards are worth alittle bit if money. Specially like the one u have. Not sure 100 percent on the postcard, still learning, but i...
  29. I love the post cards.. I too have these as well. I've been trying to learn about the people that they were sent too, hard finding info on line thou.. it's like everything cost money to research good....
  30. I just found 2 of these Santa's when I was going through the christmas stuff in our attic. Very nice. Merry Christmas!!
  31. Ok, I couldn't help myself to try to open the back. I put it back soon ad I took a pic of the back. Because it is very fragile, it has a marking of feb 10, it is 1910 or 1810 I can't really tell as it...
  32. Went to try to get one if the nails punto see what was in the frame, but it broke the wood alittle up above. So I dont thibk I should be doing all that... any suggestions?
  33. Love it!!!!
  34. I don't like things like that. Ut it is pretty cool.. Merry Christmas!!!
  35. Thanks Anything.. I nkw thing they were used for all sorts of things on cars or porch light.. or to be carried. Pretty neat
  36. Thanks you Ejw54. I will def look them up.. can you engine using these to this day???
  37. I hope so... thank you Stuff...
  38. I love this elf, kind if reminds me if my son.. hehe..
  39. Yougottahavestuff.. I added 2 more pics. We have 2 if these. Both look the same but a couple differences. I think it will only let u add 4 pics all together..
  40. What about antique forged froe.. shingle sheer, froe wedge.. looks close. Except the end you can extend..
  41. Thank you westernpa.. I'm finding alot of cool stuff.. I have no clue what to do with all this stuff.. its. Eat to see what people used many, many years ago.. how things change..
  42. Thanks fh, I will have to check to see if the piece you said is missing is here.. thank you very much..
  43. It is like a screw coming put with a bolt.. so I assume it screwed in and on onside of car maybe u put the bolt on. Best way I could describe.. lol. Sont make fun.. hehe
  44. Yes it connects to something. He thought on the front of a car. How do I post more pics to this?
  45. Well found out what it was, it's a seltzer bottle. I believe from the 1930's.. I guess I should do research first.. ut it is pretty cool
  46. I'll have to find the video and the pictures I had found..
  47. A hand made brush axe?????
  48. Well now that I think about it.. I feel like a it could used for alot of things. I found a couple things on line that look very close. But if I say that would be cheating right??? I'm into this game n...
  49. Does the end part the one hickey come off and it can swing around??
  50. I need to try to see if I can find something on line. Now it is just bugging me. I'll be back..
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