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Hello everyone, alittle about me. Love the outdoors, love making things, doesn't matter if I like it I know I can make it instead if buying.. wood, painting, crochetHello everyone, alittle about me. Love the outdoors, love making things, doesn't matter if I like it I know I can make it instead if buying.. wood, painting, crocheting, building, love antiques, love to learn about history.. I collect all kinds if things. I collect old records, stamps, pictures, paintings, magazines, postcards, used stamps, old letters, new stamps. Learning is what I am doing now with all the stuff. Just collected. Never knew what I really was collecting. Between my husband and I. Coins, money. Love the 1800's era.. just really love cool older things. (Read more)


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Type cobb and jonas Wagner, postcard - Postcardsin Postcards
Tiffany co, coca-cola belt buckle - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Vintage photograph - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage pictures - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage pictures - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage photo album  - Paperin Paper
Vintage mini coin banks - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
Vintage Treasure box  - Furniturein Furniture
Egypte postcard - Postcardsin Postcards
Postcards, H.J HEINZ COMPANY  - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. I'll have to find the video and the pictures I had found..
  2. A hand made brush axe?????
  3. Well now that I think about it.. I feel like a it could used for alot of things. I found a couple things on line that look very close. But if I say that would be cheating right??? I'm into this game n...
  4. Does the end part the one hickey come off and it can swing around??
  5. I need to try to see if I can find something on line. Now it is just bugging me. I'll be back..
  6. Fh, has a good answer
  7. If it were smaller i would think a shank, but I believe it is way to big.. like j thought how they threw something sharp into water to catch fish. Don't laugh.
  8. First thing I think is like a garden hoe, or maybe weed wacker.. then I think of the sharp end but then why would it be rounded on the tip.. hmm... some kind of hand made saw.. not sure what things m...
  9. Try f. Muller.. not really sure but the design looks alot alike on those. Wasn't sure if I should had posted or not. Because I wasn't sure.. I believe he made clones of the singer.. I could be way wro...
  10. Thank you, I'm still learning... seems I have so much learning to do..
  11. I haven't a clue on what these are... i have never seen these before. I'm curious now... I love ...
  12. Thank you Scott where would someone go if they would want to really find out more about what they have.. I have so much vintage stuff and can not find alot of info on.. wondering seems i see your name...
  13. Sorrt about the double I threw up. I found some really cool finds that I really havent a clue. I'm thinking maybe Germany sells ceramic heads or campbells heads. Idk. I think they are alittle creepy, ...
  14. Thanks jscott0363
  15. I'll show you in morning. What are best old photos to post. Or just all you find from that era? I guess what ever we want to show and tell.... lol.
  16. Thanks scottvez.. for all you do on this site..
  17. Nkt sure what you mean by full images? Like back too
  18. Thanks scottvez, I'll start posting back and fronts
  19. The picture.is on a piece of board..
  20. Thanks collectables59..
  21. I agree ho2cultcha, I am hoping to find more. The globe is def my favorite.. the way things were built then and now..
  22. I'm still amazed at this. Never seen these I collect skeleton keys. If I would had seen one of these .. love..
  23. Please send me info on these lovely pieces... I have got to get one. Love, love
  24. Oh my goodness. I love keys and I have never seen. Nothing like this before, I have to have one ... how do I get one of these. Beautiful..
  25. Nice.. I love the pictures from that time.
  26. Wow, just seen these were added 8 years ago. Did you ever find anything out about these stamps. I'm just beginning
  27. I have the same alot if the same sheets if stamps. I am guessing all are from around the same years binders full. I havent a clue what to do with them. I def dont want to keep them but to sell it seem...
  28. Nice, thanks for the info.. I'm learning about stamps. I have so many unused stamps trying learn as much as I can.
  29. I cant get enough if this site. Got to learn more about it.. I have seen some really cool things. West site yet.. still need to read more about the rules and stuff. But it's cool to see what everyone...
  30. Thank you....Yeah, I'm still trying to put faces together.
  31. Thank you, I do love it here. This is fun.. and to see what other people have.. also, germany I believe you are right, my husband's family came from germany.. .
  32. Thanks. I love this site. Love looking at what other people post
  33. Thanks Scott
  34. There are tons of pictures, tons of covers. Tons of war stuff if that's what you mean.. I find more and more. Pretty cool to read about their lives.. when there were no wifi.. no cordless phones.
  35. Was I not suppose to put the address on there? I'm confused by that one. I'm alittle slow at times. Lol
  36. Bobby 0247, I will.. I wish I knew the worth of alot if this stuff. Not sure I'd want to keep it all. I guess I'll have to keep researching.. lol
  37. I'm glad I found this site, I am learning a lot, my husband and i inherited a home from his grandma and we found really old stuff in the attic.. I found a elephant, a lion and a globe the same as the...
  38. I have lots if these .. I'm finding and learning so much about stuff on here you were right fortapache
  39. Speaking of these catalogues, I have pikes if those. When I get back into my attic I'll see what all I have. Boxes full of books of this kind. That tell all about antiques. I didn't think much about ...
  40. I always thought people looked so miserable is pictures back in those days. Then I looked it up, they had to sit like what 39 mins or longer just to one picture taken. I'd look miserable too. I really...
  41. I have something like tbis. Comes with a lamp too and a vase or something , gonna have to dig it out. Rapped alot of stuff up. Cause I havent a clue to what I have.. nice stuff you have..
  42. Watchsearcher, thank you.. I can handle find any info on mall these postcards I inherited.. be nice to know what all is here. I guess I am going to have ti go to library and find some books. Someone t...
  43. Billretirecoll, I have alot if learning to do. So far I love this site I also love paying it forward.. I thank you for responding back.. just git to learn the site more. I can be a slow learning at ti...
  44. Yes, I am learning.. some of the post cards i have are puffed out. Or raised pictures. Really neat looking
  45. Thank you.. I'm not clear on all the rules for posting here. But I'd like to one day sell. I have alot if learning to do.
  46. I agree, what's really cool is finding old ones in your town, how different it was and how much a town can grow..
  47. Well, I'm clueless.. trying to learn its hard..
  48. Thanks Scott, just trying to figure out what all I have.. I thought the picture of the little boy with like a headset on his head is.. it's really cool.
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