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My name is Billy and I'm 49 young, I like to hunt for treasures at thrift stores and yard sales, this is why I am single now. My ex didn't like me hunting but enjoyeMy name is Billy and I'm 49 young, I like to hunt for treasures at thrift stores and yard sales, this is why I am single now. My ex didn't like me hunting but enjoyed the diamonds I bought her. (Read more)


  1. Hi Celiene, I'm doing okay. Sales pretty darn slow last few months, barely making ends meet. I found a new site to post things on, been there for about 9 months now. Awesome members
  2. taking a break for awhile. Haven't found anything that I need help with.
  3. Thanks TallCakes, I'm going to have lots of company this Holiday Year.
  4. So it's missing the bowl and cups ? I was going to use it for Holiday snacks.
  5. Okay Thanks.
  6. Scott, I think your 100% incorrect about mid 2oth century. I think it was repainted mid 20th century and the table is an antique. Can you show me pics ? Thanks
  7. allie, very cool. Thanks so much. Now I have something to go by when I have company. Have a great evening...
  8. Oh cool, then my vase is made by the same thing, the triangle one. Thanks for your help allie
  9. That looks totally kick back lounge. Darker colors make it so kick back and chill, I feel that 70's high coming back.
  10. Dizzydave, here you go, I just unrolled in my driveway, added 2 new photos. Feels like wool.
  11. Celiene, you are my friend on FB and love all your post. Thanks for letting me know who this is.
  12. Not sure what that means..
  13. I think canyon road died....
  14. Celiene, Thanks..
  15. Hi Valentino97, I wish my phone would get notifications from this site. Sometimes I check it sometimes I don't. I'm still trying to place a year on this and what car. Thank You
  16. Hello again Katherine, yes CayonRoad hopefully could help also with my redware vase. I wish you a happy and relaxing weekend Katherine...
  17. Valentino97, Thank You. Celiene, Cool research. I seen that house too, though didn't see 312 Rodeo Dr. That's pretty cool actually, Thanks...
  18. vetrai050 just thought I would post to have some fun...
  19. Thanks Katherine, hope so. Canyon Road hopefully will say something.
  20. battlegear, very cool Thank You. I was wondering what to do with it, still sitting in back yard. Thanks
  21. Jean, oh yes I think you are correct now that I take a second look. Thank You
  22. Thanks Katherine....
  23. WOW ! OlofZ. Great history and story. No, Thank You for sharing all this information. I love the photos of the lawn bowlers. Regards, Billy
  24. Whyatt I will Thank You. Huey420, china oh no.
  25. oh crap, gonna put away in back yard. Thanks
  26. Katherine, I just looked at another figure and it's ale. See the new photos i just took, give me about 2 minutes so I can upload them.
  27. Katherine, now I see what could be a W or H like you said. I will search that now, Thanks Girl...
  28. Thanks Windwalker..
  29. No worries, it's okay.
  30. whyatt and Ron, you guys are good. I'm going to try and do some cleaning of the knife blade, I guess with 000 steel wool and WD-40 ? You guys gave me some good input and I really appreciate the both...
  31. 2009, oh nice. I had a feeling it came from their or close by. Thanks trgrubaugh
  32. Efesgirl, I don't see it.
  33. Katherine, Thank You
  34. UglyPots, Thanks a lot. I really appreciate all those words you typed in. now it makes more sense to me. Thanks again.. Billy
  35. Mother_Earth, great name by the way, Thank You..
  36. Thanks man....racer
  37. Thanks Jean...
  38. So tired ladies, maybe tomorrow some pics...
  39. Yes ceramic tile. This tape is on very good, I will soak it first. Thanks Celiene
  40. Oroyo, that's funny.. I love camping still...
  41. oh no, a fire ! Thanks gargoylecollector and Dave. I can breathe a little now. Have Great evening...
  42. Oh cool Oroyoroy, wondering why I couldn't find it, dang. Thank You
  43. Cool friend, I so wished you lived in my hood...
  44. racer4four, Thanks bunches man. Now I can see that word, my eyes are so bad sometimes.
  45. Hi Rose, yes the glue is tacky and came out, they are both mortars. Thanks for clarifying that name for me.
  46. one of a kind ?
  47. Me either, been searching off and on now for about 2 months and nothing, done searching, brain on overload, lol. Thanks Friend......
  48. antiquerose, sorry my darn phone doesn't notify me anymore. Yes the first letter is an L.
  49. Okay nice racer4four. Thank You
  50. Okay cool, I will check that out.
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