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Retired USAF Master Sergeant & Vietnam vet. Collects vintage radios & other occasional retro items. Likes old TV lamps & American cars from mid 1950's to mid 1960's.Retired USAF Master Sergeant & Vietnam vet. Collects vintage radios & other occasional retro items. Likes old TV lamps & American cars from mid 1950's to mid 1960's. Would collect antique tractors if I had the room (& the money) for 'em. Email: (Read more)


  1. LisaLisa - Thanks for your comments. I won't be much help as I am really not well informed about cameras. These just fell into my lap. I did manage to find some film for the red Rainbow Hawkeye once b...
  2. Thanks, CaperKid
  3. Thanks, AtomicScout. It's nice to have my taste validated. I've seen others of this model in different colors, but they just don't have the same panache' that this one has.
  4. To Atomicscout - The Pepsi vending machine radio was made in China in 1998 for Pepsi. It plays AM & FM, and takes 3 AA batteries. It works! Thanks for your interest.
  5. Thanks. No this is all original and not a repaint. The photo may look like the unit is PURE white, but I called it "bone" white. Some might say "pearl" or "off" white.
  6. Harborguy - Yes the successful bidder wrote to me and asked me more details both about the lighter and myself. He asked me to share all the details that I could remember about my service, dates, units...
  7. UPDATE: Oct 2013. In a weak moment and more out of curiosity, I listed both of these Zippos on Ebay with an $80 reserve price. I was not prepared for the onslaught of interest. I had collectors from ...
  8. Hey there, TooLate - good to hear from you. Thanks for looking at my little Meck. Ain't it a doll? Haven't been posting much lately but I do have a few radios not yet listed. We'll see.
  9. Heck we were practically neighbors growing up since I was next door in Vermont. Our neighborhood milkman had a tiny mom & pop dairy just down the hill a ways from us, and his one delivery truck was re...
  10. This is an awesome piece. I've been looking to add one of these to my collection. Trouble is, I'm running out of room LOL
  11. This is a beauty! I've had this one on my wish list for a long time but so far I've been priced out of the market.
  12. Manikin / AR8Jason -- Thanks for the belated welcome. My tour was July '67 to Feb '69 so it's been a while. Manikin, I was one of the lucky ones; never had an injury, never even slammed my finger in t...
  13. Thanks Kerry -- I appreciate that
  14. Thank you for the acknowledgement. It was my honor to serve, both in Vietnam and for 20 yrs. in the USAF. The rest of the "fear no evil" phrase that I used to see was "..... for I am the meanest S...
  15. I have one of these that I will be posting soon
  16. Wow -- I remember these. It would never have occurred to me to collect anything like that. But then again, besides vintage radios, I collect old blow torches of all things LOL
  17. I was about 11-12 yrs old when my friend Larry's mom got one of these, a blue 4 door sedan. She would take us to the municipal swimming pool every day, and then we would wait at a nearby corner to cat...
  18. Cool. Are you going to post your SW radio? Thanks for your response.
  19. Yeah well I might like to leave that part out :-)
  20. I appreciate the acknowledgement. It was my honor, and I would do it all over again.
  21. M.L. -- glad to see you got it posted ok. As I mentioned, with the Civil Defense markings on the tuning dial, this unit was obviously made for the U.S. market between 1953 and 1963. The dual speakers ...
  22. I've been meaning to add some of these to my collection. This one is really cool. I also like the Sunoco ones; they have great colors.
  23. Radio-Tony; my previous "handle" was Steeltoad63 when I lived in Wash. State. We've relocated to Florida and I'm now posting as WinterWolf. And I STILL love your collection < drool! >
  24. Awesome - I'm just getting started with cameras with only 5 so far.
  25. I have a white one of this model in my collection, though I'm sad to say it's in deplorable condition. I'll have to replace the cord before trying it out, but I'm 99.44% sure it doesn't work. This mod...
  26. I really like whimsical stuff like this
  27. Manikin -- I lived in Alaska from '72-'76 in my mid-twenties. We hardly even noticed the weather at that age. But two months ago we moved from Wash. State to Florida for the warmth & sunshine, so what...
  28. Manikin -- actually we DID use one of the drive-in theaters year round in Anchorage. Added to the speaker posts were small electric heaters. The cord was long enough to bring it into your vehicle and ...
  29. Getting adjusted to our new surroundings. BIG difference! And if anyone ever asks you, it's a long-a$$ drive from the NW corner of Wash State to Tampa Bay; especially pulling a 7,000 lb cargo trailer ...
  30. You are right, it's rare indeed. You actually have seen ALL of my collection before. Remember Steeltoad from Washington State? Moved to Fla now.
  31. Yeah, Jimbo was feeling his oats this morning, for sure.
  32. Now THAT'S funny! LOL
  33. Glad you like it! I'm very proud of it.
  34. OK thanks for setting me straight. Much obliged
  35. Had one of these myself, though I think it was a different brand, way back when.
  36. I've never seen this color combo before -- stunning.
  37. Wow, no fair! Tony has 6 of these and I don't have any.....
  38. What an absolutely beautiful work of art.
  39. This is gorgeous. This model, in this color, is high on my wish list.
  40. I'm jealous.... LOL
  41. I saw this exact same model, in hard-to-find RED, go for $750!
  42. We have an identical unit. Made by Kron out of Texas, I believe. Also have a similar unit made by Lane in a different pose with faux aquamarine eyes. We DO use the Kron as a nighlight.
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