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Lolo Montana.

i restore tube radios from the 1930's to the 1940's for myself and for sale. you just have to love these old sets.


  1. Thank you! I like these when ever I can find them. Kent.
  2. Thank you Bob. I am restoring another one just like it now. That cabinet design is hard to beat.
  3. Thank you upstatenycollector. I have been looking for more of these to restore but I don't find them very often. Kent.
  4. Thank you Fortapache. Zenith has some beautiful cabinet designs. Kent.
  5. Thank you fortapache.She is a sweetheart and a pleasure to drive the little it gets out.
  6. Hello fortapache, No, If it had a cassette player i would'nt own it. Thanks, Kent.
  7. Thank you pops52,This rca actually does have beautiful sound.A very heavy and well built chassis with a large 8" speaker it has a very smooth rich sound to it.I have had a fair share of large table ra...
  8. Merry Christmas to you also inky and a Merry Christmas to all of you. Kent.
  9. Thanks for all the loves everyone.I miss this one but another gd-63 is coming my way to do it again.
  10. Hello kjdixo,Thank you for the comment. I really enjoyed restoring that one. kent.
  11. That is one of the main reasons i like this model so much is the waterfall cabinet and grill design and this one has matching book end veneers used on the outer front around the dials.This is the firs...
  12. And sometimes even if it is'nt. kent.
  13. They are a nice radio! kent.
  14. Thank you so much.Yes i had the same need tonight so i had to purchase a detrola and another airline teledial. Kent.
  15. They are a fantastic radio with very good sound and te looks are hard to beat. kent.
  16. Thank you signaholic, i enjoyed doing this one alot.This one found a good home in michigan. kent.
  17. Thanks a bunch mcheconi,I had fun with this one. Kent.
  18. Signaholic thats a fact.a person just can't help but love them!
  19. Thanks for all the loves.
  20. Thank you Bellin68.I take alot of pride in restoring them.
  21. Thanks Signaholic.they are a pretty radio.
  22. Hello Edison Fan, I replaced the logo with a new waterslide decal.I generally purchase them on e-bay. kent.
  23. thanks bellin68.the 6t has such a wonderful 30's design that it's hard to beat.this one should go fast.
  24. hello oldfart54, i spray 3 coats of mohawk high gloss laquer,then i wet sand the finish with 1000 grit paper and add sveral more coats with wet sanding then one heavy coat of the same laquer.i'm glad...
  25. thanks guys! i think adding a little to the details make the difference. old radios are something you just have to love.
  26. thanks DinoMan!
  27. thanks guys,this one was one of my favorites.
  28. thanks guys.i take alot of pride into restoring these old sets.
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