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I am a lifelong collector(some call it a curse) but it has brought me lots of joy. Now comes the task of downsizing(now that IS a curse) thought I would share some oI am a lifelong collector(some call it a curse) but it has brought me lots of joy. Now comes the task of downsizing(now that IS a curse) thought I would share some of my treasures that I have found through the years and maybe learn more about some of them from you…. and yes, I am still collecting…. (Read more)


  1. Lovely dishes, Beautiful colour combination. Especially love the cream and sugar
  2. Nice piece, I'm suddenly craving chocolate!
  3. These are so cool! I'd never heard of them until recently when I found one. It was an interesting concept and I read where some came with a scoop or a spoon to take the cream off of the top. When I ...
  4. Great collection of crocks
  5. Very nice piece, I love the numeral font used
  6. Well thanks so much Jscotto . I’d forgotten about this until I was cleaning out a cupboard this week. maybe I’m going to have to try those Christmas candies this year. Thanks everyone for the loves.
  7. What’s a good of having a collection if you can’t play with it? Good job! Good joke too…. I think I’m going to have to steal it.
  8. Thank you vynil, it’s nice to think this may have provided some comfort and a little bit of normality to their lives if only for a short while
  9. Thank you,lall for the loves, thank you, Jscotto i’ve enjoyed displaying it and it doesn’t take up much. Space:) thank you watch searcher hopefully that picture is a little better,, it probably woul...
  11. If I remember correctly, I was told women would use them in their fur muffs. They probably originated back in the horse and carriage days.
  12. I have seen the older metal hand warmers(we probably invented them in Canada lol) yours is similar idea to the ones I remember
  13. Very cool, I especially like the name!
  14. Just wanted to add, I’ve never seen a fighting cricket.. the only ones we have here I think are hiding crickets. You can search for one in your house for many days until you track it down.
  15. Interesting conversation pieces for sure! I’m glad I read the comments. I thought it had something to do with the game of cricket… So people would keep them in these until they ate them? Huge “yuck” f...
  16. Hi Phil, I thought the same thing when I first saw it… There’s always a possibility it started its life as bedsprings
  17. Thanks so much for all the love! Much appreciated
  18. Oh wow this one is absolutely the best!!!!! one of my favourite Halloween movies is the Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Christopher Walken, playing the headless horseman
  19. Very cool graphics!
  20. A truly wonderful piece, I am envious! Happy Halloween!
  21. Thank you everyone for the loves, and Phil and Jscotto for the comments… Who doesn’t love puppies? Glad they brought a smile to your face.:)
  22. Thanks so much, Phil D, watchsearcher,and Jscotto for the lovely comments. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween and the decorating that goes with it, getting that tub to the bottom of the driveway has always...
  23. This game is the best! I haven’t seen one around here in many years
  24. Exquisite! It fits in perfectly amongst the flowers
  25. Thank you all for the loves:)
  26. Vintage Halloween is the best!!
  27. What a wonderful treasure to have passed down to you, as well as the story that goes with it. Can you imagine how many hours it would take to iron clothing for a family of 15… No such thing as perman...
  28. I have a fear of snakes and heights… So, although the information is really interesting, and taking it all into consideration, I probably would still say “ sell the house !!” Not sure my heart could t...
  29. Thanks to all for the love
  30. Wow, what a beautiful green collection!
  31. I’m drooling over this one! Beautiful!
  32. I love this reel , added bonus that it is green:)
  33. Wow i’m getting sucked into that beautiful green Vortx! Amazing piece!
  34. Slow moving people should avoid Jarts!
  35. Sorry, not sure where that popped up three times but you can delete maybe
  36. Thanks again Phil that’s so nice to hear! I always thought I had some cool things in my weirdly random collection of things… But then again, everybody probably feels that way about their collection. T...
  37. So much awesomeness in one little stand! Did you decorate it as well? I’d love to see that.
  38. Hi antique rose , consider yourself followed:) could I call you Rose or Anti(sounds like an Irish aunt) the reason being, I’m a lazy typist! I can only respond to people that have four or less letters...
  39. You’re absolutely right, just because you read it on the Internet doesn’t make it factual lol I went down that rabbit hole for about an hour, no luck yet
  40. Stuff,(I like that!) she was the queen of all queens for sure. I doubt there will ever be another like her.( and I say that coming from Scottish/Irish heritage.) it’s no wonder you loved her though… ...
  41. Antiquerose.. just checking,, you knew was a mushroom right away, right? I’m going to have to dig out my magnifying glass for this
  42. Back from when it was cool to smoke… Wow the wording on tobacco products today took a drastic turn from those rosy labels of yesteryear
  43. My sister and I had a set of these and we survive! Was around the mid-70s. This game taught you not only throwing accuracy but how to pay attention, dodge and duck and sprint when necessary. Kids toda...
  44. That face! How can you not love him?
  45. And truth be told my fellow Canuck… I have an active imagination and I’m pretty sure that initially my mind went there, too;)
  46. Thank you for the update! so I guess I’m not going to retire on this one lol I think I’m only out $2.99 that’s not so bad and it is a pretty piece regardless
  47. Thank you KWQD.. if I ever find a frog within a home in my travels I will snag it for you!43
  48. Ha ha I guess anything is possible
  49. Thanks so much vynil and Phil d!
  50. No problem I took them off.… I do that all the time, have a Twitchy finger. apparently we can only edit our own posts
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