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  1. part of a railroad light ...?
  2. your on the money Congeu...
  3. very cool....
  4. Very cool....................... could you get some to go and drop it off at my house....'-))
  6. cool post...
  7. l sure as heck would tell the ,Victoria and Albert Museum, what you have here ... Sir Gary....
  8. fecit [ fey-kit; English fee-sit ] verb Latin. he made (it); she made (it): formerly used on works of art after the name of the artist. Abbreviation: fe., fec.
  9. here ya go ...John Williamson was a clockmaker of the very highest repute. ... in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London by Benson of Whitehaven.
  10. talk to nice thread
  11. I was thinking if you look at the picture you posted they had all steel bridges ,,, in the link I posted the bridges are cement so when did the switch ,, might help date your picture ...later
  12. looking at your picture the first thing that came to mind is that place must flood out so easy due location and the bends in the river and people building so close to it picture.. https:/...
  13. Hey Phil....I never bought into the more pixels the better your pictures will be .......just saying .have a great day and you know as well as L out side off the US, copy rights go out the window ,,,,l...
  14. a lot of people hang them on the front of their houses,.. some go crazy and put way more then
  15. So are you using the lamp yet ..or is it a boat anchor later..
  16. Hey that's a hum dinger.... '-)
  17. you need o put a sheet over the dead doll ... Hey toots, you put the cows up yet ...early to bed milking at 4 party ...'=)) listen to my boy you'll right to sleep ....later
  18. sweet, you were 5 again ... '-))
  19. its a cat that hasn't ate in a long time,.. you can tell cause its hollow ...smiling,... cute kitty.
  20. ok I thought we were all water ,.. so now were mud....? dust + water = mud .... right ...? nola....smiling
  21. Hey Phil don"t know why I didn't see this post for 2 days did you cloche it ..hmmmm anyways this is a nice one...Nice detail ,,.... they had class back in the day '-)) later bud....
  22. sweet, nice photos....
  23. I enjoy looking through your page,.. well done as for all the write ups and the subject you are shooting...later
  24. really pretty ....
  25. very nice.... T C
  26. cute......
  27. very cool...
  28. I feel bad for the person that has to dust all this,,,,lol Had a rocket you shot up with water , was a cheap o one should of went to the hobby center in town
  29. Niceeeeeeeee
  30. I saw a blue one like this while on the coast Saturday ..they wanted 500.oo.. I came back to it just to check If I read it right a second it will sit there till the roof falls in glad ...
  31. winner winner chicken dinner as we say here,.. very very cool
  32. very nice...
  33. wow....
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