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Skinny Santa think wood  - Christmasin Christmas
Made in the Republic of Ireland Lucky Leprechaun - Dollsin Dolls
Great glass, feels heavy but may be Ikea - Art Glassin Art Glass
The House of Marco Cortinelli  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Fine Tapestry framed by A E Dutton & Son - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Old armchair !   Bit battered is it worth me getting it fixed, cleaned up, polished? - Furniturein Furniture
Different possiblly coquilla or corozo carvings.  - Asianin Asian
Pretty vase, any information much appreciated  - Asianin Asian
Vase Chinese  - Potteryin Pottery
Pretty Chinese ? Or Japanese anyone know?  - Asianin Asian


  1. Great postcard!
  2. So pleased I really had been stumped with Larry, good wishes to you both for your time :) keeping positive is also key!
  3. Let’s hope my luck changes would be long overdue if it did ????
  4. That cheered me up Vynil, everyone is so serious today, drives me round the bend :)
  5. It's amazing research, I had looked everywhere for him so really pleased, and he's quite rare is Larry, very unusual features for sure!
  6. That's really interesting thank you for your time will have a little look!
  7. Thank you Dav, this was formed in 1948 so after the war, interesting piece and very well made, the trousers are delightful!
  8. Thank you so much had completely come to a brick wall on these and you are right definitely them!!
  9. Interesting so at least a fairly good piece!
  10. Thank you Apostata another great help, will return it to the store, and give up my collection of marked chinese ware !
  11. Lol what about my new piece think it maybe a new Wilson? When will I find a rare piece ? Just one rare piece is all I ask ;) but thank you so much for your help !
  12. Is it older than me though apostata?
  13. What about this one Apostata another vase but no markings. Thank you
  14. Thank you so so much aposata, I wish I could bottle you and bring you on my seeking treasures adventures! So interesting!
  15. Thank you apostata can you date the item?
  16. Thank you so much it’s so hard to tell the difference ! If you are a novice ;)
  17. You couldn't look at my previous post which is coconut heads, only I have never seen anything like them in all my years of checking out charity shops - have you? Thanks
  18. Should have picked it up, apparently quite sought after!
  19. So no news on these delightful things, I have checked with one of the big well-known Auction houses and they have never seen anything like them either.
  20. Going on this
  21. Very interesting, my 1920's comment was really a guess but wonder if even though serial numbers are not a way to date the clock it could be 1883? I am back from work so I am going to attempt to ope...
  22. I wonder if Bromley is significant? Very interesting, I have seen the stone clock as well, maybe someone has re-cased the face? Thank you for your help.
  23. Thank you for the information, there is a serial number at the bottom of this one, as you can see in the new photos that I have put up. It is fully working and the tick tock is lovely to listen to. ...
  24. Such a pretty piece and really old! So condition not great on the top but otherwise loved researching it! Thank you for your help.
  25. Good point, may have been an ashtray!
  26. Thank you for responses really appreciated!
  27. Thank you so much, find this sort of thing so interesting but am clueless on art such as this so very helpful!
  28. You are right, it does look good the way it is. I have googled red stone and it may be Tibetan Red Coral. Very interesting piece for sure! Thank. you.
  29. Yes it's two inches across and one inch down. As I look at the stones they look more orange than red. Thank you for responding!!
  30. Thank you so much Valentino, I am not sure any are plastic but now you have mentioned it a couple do look a bit suspect! Interesting, the green flower is pretty will see if it is a cabochon online :...
  31. Or how I find out or test stones. Really bored on a Sunday afternoon and fingers crossed someone who loves gems is equally ;)
  32. Me too but would love to know if anyone knows anything about this dragon because if you google the patent number it is a completely different pattern but I believe it is a Manchu dragon. Very interes...
  33. Really pretty piece.
  34. Sorry I meant Charlotte Rhead. It also has the initials AF on the back of the plate.
  35. Thank you for the information, never seen them before and although a bit battered nice they have kind of survived.
  36. lol, they are definitely the worse for wear, but wonder if this is because they are old. Very unusual presumably they were some kind of touristy souvenir etc
  37. Such. pretty piece wondered whether someone just painted it as a project. Haven't seen anything else like it. Thank you for your input.
  38. Thank you, do you think it is an old one ? It seems a bit worn, very interesting piece.
  39. Yes amazing you found this so quick, I’ve been looking everywhere - thank you so much ?? really interesting. Guessing it’s just a repro but the marking did look distinct, at least I now know it’s. Ja...
  40. Hi any information at all gratefully received. Thanks
  41. Hi I have also posted something similar but had no feedback which is a shame, really pretty piece, hope someone responds, very interesting. Check my pieces out.
  42. I don’t know anything about this piece but definitely looks a fab find ??
  43. Would like to say pottery but now you have mentioned resin think you are right ! Thank you
  44. Thank you so much - quite a pretty piece much appreciated ;)
  45. That is amazing thank you so much for the information. Very heavy piece of work but also beautiful ??
  46. That’s cheered me up thank you - it’s definitely pretty just needs a little clean ??
  47. I’ve done it I’ve painted it ????
  48. PS anyone have any idea on the wood ?
  49. Thanks Forteapache not sure how I ended up posting it in Asian.
  50. Ahh it was sold as a YSL Bracelet but maybe its a FAKE !!!! Waaahhhaaaaaaaaa I know nothing about marks and presumed that older items sometimes don't have markings - it feels of good quality however,...
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Chinese unusual purple YONG QING  CHANG CHUN pot Teensy-tiny and Very Old Mirror


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