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Plates  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Rhyme and Story projects Vol 10, 1933  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Chinese dish ?  - Asianin Asian
Battle of Evesham ???  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Chippendale Chair ?  - Furniturein Furniture
URGENT  - Furniturein Furniture
Magazine paper rack !  - Furniturein Furniture
Bracelet and Earrings YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) ? Vintage  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1940’s Garden Statue.   - Fine Artin Fine Art
Heavy unmarked Vase  - Asianin Asian


  1. Would like to say pottery but now you have mentioned resin think you are right ! Thank you
  2. Thank you so much - quite a pretty piece much appreciated ;)
  3. That is amazing thank you so much for the information. Very heavy piece of work but also beautiful ??
  4. That’s cheered me up thank you - it’s definitely pretty just needs a little clean ??
  5. I’ve done it I’ve painted it ????
  6. PS anyone have any idea on the wood ?
  7. Thanks Forteapache not sure how I ended up posting it in Asian.
  8. Ahh it was sold as a YSL Bracelet but maybe its a FAKE !!!! Waaahhhaaaaaaaaa I know nothing about marks and presumed that older items sometimes don't have markings - it feels of good quality however,...
  9. Thank you Treasure Tex I have just seen this message . really appreciate your time.
  10. I have something similar to this, and have dated it around 1945, however yours looks much older but the sticker Tourist Class Cunard Line would have been around about the same time as mine.
  11. Sorry I do not have any information about this - but what a fab clock ;) x
  12. Oh thank you, I couldn't work it out.
  13. Wow I’m off to inspect mine further presumably that says made in England in 1876 ish pretty incredible if it is though - thank you .
  14. Hey I have just seen this having posted a very similar one just now - did anyone date yours? Please check my mirror out ??
  15. Thank you so much kwqd, really appreciate it.
  16. Can anyone just have a stab in the dark about the era ie from the dress I’m rubbish at working it out ;) thank you
  17. Just says "wooden box velvet lined" . It is a purple lining and I am presuming it was a jewellery box. I can see three birds carved into the wood. What do you think?
  18. It seems impressed rather than a stamp . It may just be a forgery can’t imagine many survive if they were made 213 years ago. It’s quite an exciting piece despite its damage and for a £1.00...
  19. Wow thanks for that - I might have to find an old pot for her to put her back to use ??
  20. Thank you so much - how interesting if I was over 200 years old I reckon I might need some gluing.
  21. It looks like it would be German, do you know how old? I live near a Deer Park which I thought it might of had something to do with.
  22. Even if someone just knows the era the hunter is dressed in would be good..
  23. Wow looks really pretty ??
  24. Yes Watchsearcher you are right I’ve googled others and it’s definitely the same size etc - really cute - thank you so much before I was just googling brass pot and coming up with nothing - you are a ...
  25. Thank you Keramikos - you might be right. Will check it out. It's so pretty and detailed.
  26. Children’s camel saddle maybe - or donkey ? Purely a guess though.
  27. No they didn't I just shoved them in there. They are from 1914-1916 pretty drawings and little messages. I am sure I was born in the wrong era ;) . thank you for your help.
  28. Great tip thank you - the little imperfections I love - gives it depth and history. I think it maybe 1930’s or could be 1950’s .
  29. Bartered? I meant battered!
  30. Well done Fhrjr2 I will re-google :) I can't seem to find anything else about it so interesting, your eyes are fine perhaps it is mine that are failing *note to self get eye test :) x
  31. Lol it looks really old, I even thought it could be 1578, might have to stick to the day job ;) thanks.
  32. Ahhh thank you so much fhrjrz, interesting - do you reckon 60's maybe?
  33. Anyone know which wood this is?
  34. Think you are right with the H H wonder if it’s some kind of old way of writing it ? Found nothing even similar so any help with solving the mystery much appreciated xx
  35. The rear end is very similar to the piggy one I’ve just uploaded. Presumed a netsuke but not sure on the age etc
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Teensy-tiny and Very Old Mirror