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Northeast Georgia

I collect or should I say gather up whatever strikes my fancy at the given moment. But mostly it seems I collect CW profiles as this makes the third or fourth time II collect or should I say gather up whatever strikes my fancy at the given moment. But mostly it seems I collect CW profiles as this makes the third or fourth time I've created an account bc apparently I'm also a prime target for cybecrimminals. AKA: AmusedMess AssortedMess BakerCindy Ignorance IS NOT bliss and technology is NOT my Friend:) (Read more)


  1. Lovely! Are the dinning menus as elegant as they were in the 1960's? I have some that a dear friend saved on her voyage from England to the US that I adore to this day
  2. I love old stamps and you never know, you may just have a rare one. Happy hunting!
  3. Nice find!
  4. That's neat. I found a similar one when I had to clear out my family home. For 48 years I never knew it existed. Come to think of it, I don't know where it is now.
  5. Thanks Dav, thank God I'm over my brief infatuation with that two dollar bill. It does bring back a sweet memory of childhood. I think I was about 6 yrs old when we took a family vacation to visit my...
  6. Hi, I don't collect coins nor am I an expert but I have done lots of research on the topic. Here's my two cents worth... your dime is worth it's value of 10¢. The images lead me to think that it ma...
  7. Hi you must be Scum, Oh, excuse me, I meant scam.
  8. It's too hard to make out in the pictures but you can try putting a blank piece of paper over the coin and with a lead pencil shade over the date. Good Luck
  9. It appears to be damage.
  10. Oh,,.... so cute!! I'm melting!
  11. The comments really make my day! thank you much. I'm still in the hunt for more pictures & I will post if can get any.
  12. Great memory!! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Hi, I agree they are snow white and the dwarfs and have a very interesting design. Pics of the underside might help identify.
  14. YW Stuff
  15. Wow, I just realized that the pics are horrible so I'll retake and replace and I'll add a couple
  16. Thats a fantastic clock! I love all things Holland
  17. Thank you! Thanks for looking
  18. "Meow, crown please, Meow"
  19. Very Majestic! What's its name?
  20. Oh that made me laugh thank you I needed that!
  21. Great owls! Hoot hoot
  22. I'm not sure but an egg would fit in there nicely, boiled of course. really nice item!
  23. Well, dime it!!! Thanks for the feedback!
  24. Greatest ever!! Thank you soo much for posting. I took screenshots so I can keep a. copy.
  25. It is an eastern screech owl
  26. I always enjoy your posts!
  27. Looks like a great read! When I first saw the cover, I thought it was a book on crystals, rocks & gems which also would have been interesting. I love older books about history and educational topics....
  28. That is beautiful! I love the windmills and winter theme.
  29. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how it is to lose a dad and it's not easy. I pray that God helps you to cope and eases your grief.
  30. Aww thanks for sharing your family and your memories. That's a great picture and a fine group of people!
  31. Yummy! They look delicious! I'm only kidding of course but in today's world they would surely have plastered all over the package.. do not eat! do not eat!! do not eat!!
  32. I never did learn to float expect for on a raft. I'm having flashbacks of all the fish that bit me while I was in that lake. Hmmmm
  33. I'm not a fan either but it was a good , clean show and I like that.
  34. Yes, I am jealous! What are you going to do with them? Resell, watch or pass on to share joy with one less fortunate for instance, like me!!!
  35. I didn't like it when Uncle Jack floated because he did so for a very long time. He would fall asleep & in a deep sleep at that. It scared me because I thought he might drown. It occurs to me now th...
  36. Y'all are hysterical!
  37. Update.. the phone has survived my outburst and I have calmed down. Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. I will follow your advice
  38. I did a Google lens translate to find out that the words on the front of the card mean "Friendly Souvenir" I think it's a congratulations on your new baby postcard. Cool
  39. That's kind of you offer however, I'd much rather that they are owned by a fellow postcard lover than discarded in the trash when I leave this earth. I believe they have survived for so many years fo...
  40. Happy New Year! I hope this is the year that we all find our cherished treasures?
  41. H, yougottahavestuff! did you get my message? Great postcard
  42. I didn't finish the previous comment, I'm technically challenged....looked at your post because the photo peaked my curiosity. I thought it might be a six fingered hand but it's a old timer ruler. Th...
  43. I chose to look at this post
  44. How cool! And I love your profile picture!
  45. Please forgive me Yougottahavestuff I have been away from CW for a little while. I didn't mean to vanish & haven't changed my mind either. I'll be in touch with you soon & mailing all but the two pos...
  46. Hi, I have been away from CW for a bit and just read your comments... Too funny love to you all.
  47. I will admit that I am related to a dooms day prepper. He is a psychotic moron & is convinced that unless one has stored enough food for at least 2-5 yrs and that it must be guarded with armed men o...
  48. Hysterical!
  49. So great is this post! Thank you. I'm sure you already know that the postcard is a Winsch back.
  50. Great postcard! The design is so beautiful & it looks like a Winsch back.
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