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REME Pillow Cover and Cap Badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Bohemian cranberry glass hinged box - Moser ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau  metal mounted lidded glass jar bowl  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
German art pottery vase - Potteryin Pottery
Hovmantorps, Sweden - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small bronze opium smoker French Indochina - Asianin Asian
Miniature signed Robert - Fine Artin Fine Art
Kremnitz mint St.George gold and silver coin medals - World Coinsin World Coins
Vienna gold brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Chinese silk picture - Asianin Asian


  1. I think it is DOMITIAN
  2. See here: https://www.churchco.com/
  3. Pocket watch chain, actually not niello but beautiful patina (tarnish) in deep relief décor. Imported to Vienna 1901- 1921 (there is letter A on the left side within the mark).
  4. Pest is the best candidate; old town Buda in the background and the fact it was printed there.
  5. It was made by Los Ballesteros, the most prominent silversmith in Taxco, Mexico. Founded 1937. Google for los ballesteros hallmark and enjoy.
  6. The mark on the left of 925 is most likely David Andersen 1888- 1925. See here: https://www.925-1000.com/david-andersen_marks.html
  7. It is a souvenir ``ceramica`` from Florence, Tuscany, Italy.
  8. There are no marks here; it is silver plated base metal. After all, starting price is only about euro 20 in the auction link; they know what they have; cannot be solid silver, but still, very nice an...
  9. ZELINA is famous wine region in Croatia. The signature is on the right: JP 69 The plaque was designed by well known Croatian sculptor Josip Poljan (born in Zagreb 1925 - died in Zagreb 2015). He was...
  10. These were used to hold down maps or blueprints
  11. Even 14 K gold cannot be $ 20-30, depending on weight and fineness, it is still more valuable than scrap gold of the same weight.
  12. Gold has value and will always be precious. Have it tested.
  13. It is from 2008 koala three coin set ( $5, $15 and $200). Mintage was only 230 sets ! $200 is 2 oz. and $5 is 1/25 oz.
  14. No appraisal needed; a small encircled C means it is a COPY (fair and square). I doubt it`s gold, either, but it can be tested with electronic tester without damaging the coin.
  15. They are commonly referred as Murano glass candies, but made elsewhere, too.
  16. Based on ‚‚Fes‚‚ lettering on the back it is not antique, probably a vintage souvenir, but well made.
  17. Morocco, but not Arab. Made by Berber people in town of Fes. Berbers or Amazigh, probably the oldest nation in the world lived in North Africa during Ancient Egypt period. They make beautiful jewelry...
  18. The first letter Rx is actually a Latin abbreviation used by physicians to order pharmacists what to do. Full word is Recipe (take) then e.g. acidi salicylici (in genitiv) 5.0 (grams). DS (Da Signa...
  19. 1.If you collect silver, never buy items without marks. 2. The first step; learn to distinguished silver plate marks from solid silver marks. Manufacturers of silver plated items often used misleadi...
  20. I love Welz. See here: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/69587-bohemian-spatter-glass-candy-jar--franz
  21. It is beyond understanding people still believe in miracles, like great finds at garage sales, Rembrandt in the attic, and 16th century ring.
  22. Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland.
  23. Souvenir beaker from spa Teplitz, Bohemia, custom engraved to somebody who dedicated it in 1838 with the words ...in Teplitz I was thinking only of you.
  24. This is glass lamp, not porcelain (take closer look). For the record; Zsolnay is always marked. The story about the horse is not true; those lamps were common and cheap.
  25. Registered number Rd. 145168 was entered in 1890. It is not the year of manufacture, but the EARLIEST year of production of this particular design. Letter B is not London date letter but indicates B ...
  26. Unfortunately, if no marks, no ID.
  27. Fully marked Cercolon. The website: http://cercolon.es/
  28. It is not British made but imported from elsewhere to London after 1904 as indicated by London office import mark beside 925 mark for sterling. The mark on the left is sponsor`s (importer`s ) mark, n...
  29. Right, the new post for every item (image of the whole item and close up of all marks). I will be glad to help. I open this site every day.
  30. Rene Magritte exhibition poster - The promise - blue bird - surrealist - Belgian artist.
  31. Your silver was made in Moscow between 1898 - 1914, and marked accordingly. Russian Empire collapsed after the revolution and Latvia became an independent country, and in 1922 introduced new marks fo...
  32. It was made in Moscow, Russia, between 1898 - 1914 (woman`s head beside 84 and initials of Moscow assayer Ivan Lebedkin). The mark is called Kokoshnik. Lower marks are later Latvian marks (remarks af...
  33. It is silver plated. The maker is firm of Daniel & Arter, Birmingham. The founders were Thomas Henry Daniel (died 1897) and Thomas Richard Arter (died c. 1915).The business was closed in the 1930s ...
  34. Great find. I think they can be easily and securely mounted with expansion anchors and brass screws with the head or hook big enough to enable secure hanging (inserted through the holes of the lamps)....
  35. Sheffield assay office (the crown), lion passant for sterling fineness, date letter m for year 1929 and maker`s mark Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd,Arundel Street, Sheffield
  36. French marks: Minerva head in profile guarantee nark and maker`s mark in lozenge (initial and a symbol between). Not in focus for positive identification of the maker.
  37. The difference between artels does not mean much, if at all. See here, the prices are in rubles, easy to calculate. They do not even bother to search for the maker; the size does matter. https://ww...
  38. More important is the quality of the diamond (4 C i.e. carat size, clarity, color and cut). For example, rose cut is less valuable than brilliant cut. Even the slightest impurity within the stone affe...
  39. Your ring bears well known and documented mark of the first Moscow artel (by definition an association of jewelers), as indicated by Russian letter YU on the right side of the mark (the first letter o...
  40. This is easy: Greek letter delta for Moscow assay office 1 AYA in Russian stands for 1st YUVELIRNAYA (jewelry) ARTEL 1908 - 1917. Nothing to do with Julius Rappoport workshop.
  41. In spite of the fact there are reproductions of those snuff boxes, yours looks perfectly genuine. Parts are joined with soft tin based solder which makes fakes to be easily done. But again, every det...
  42. Solid silver of sterling fineness (.925) i.e. 92.5% pure silver in the alloy.
  43. International Silver Company, Meriden, Connecticut. Founded 1898.
  44. Compare with this one: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/22147-rose-bowl-most-probably-bohemian It was later attributed to Josephinenhütte by some. The problem with Bohemian glass is the fa...
  45. Glasgow assay office 1956.
  46. Olive or compote spoon meant to pick up olives or fruit without liquid. Pierced holes are rather big for a sugar sifter, particularly for powdered sugar. Having in mind compote (cooked fruits) was se...
  47. It is not a fake. Silverplate manufacturers often used marks that resembled silver hallmarks.
  48. The sailboat ``Salvador`` sunk December 1940. Dr B.Confino died 1982 at the age of 91.
  49. Typical silver plate marks trying to imitate British sterling hallmarks.
  50. At least 150 years old. Later upholstered.
  51. See more