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Unknown countermark on gold Ottoman coin  - Goldin Gold
Austria - Hungary 1906 medal - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
REME Pillow Cover and Cap Badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Bohemian cranberry glass hinged box - Moser ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau  metal mounted lidded glass jar bowl  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
German art pottery vase - Potteryin Pottery
Hovmantorps, Sweden - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small bronze opium smoker French Indochina - Asianin Asian
Miniature signed Robert - Fine Artin Fine Art
Kremnitz mint St.George gold and silver coin medals - World Coinsin World Coins


  1. You will eventually identify them with the help of an expert, but never, ever try to clean them. Removing patina practically ruins their value.
  2. Cap badge. Back attachment is bent but could be easily straightened out.
  3. St. Cecilia,no doubt
  4. H. Rolfs Cigar Manufacturing Co. of Milwaukee advertising their Golden Horn cigars. Golden Horn is part of Istanbul,Turkey.
  5. It was made by Lviv Jewelry Factory, now in Ukraine. 1 in front LV in Cyrillic letters indicates year of production 1981.
  6. Fg Off Anthony Arthur GRIFFITHS (156932) POW No 3253 Stalag Luft L3 Sagan and Belaria See here: http://www.rafcommands.com/database/pows/index.php?qname=griffiths&qcntry=&cur=0&qunit=&qnum=&qmem...
  7. Royal Copenhagen’s decision to upgrade its production capacity abroad will specifically favor the Danish company’s own factory in Thailand. Situated right outside Bangkok, the factory already employs ...
  8. In regard of lacking Royal Copenhagen marks: Royal Copenhagen built a modern new plant in Thailand, and all new dinnerware (except Flora Danica) is made in Thailand. All of the shapes and most of the ...
  9. That was an easy one; the maker is David Andersen, Oslo,Norway. The mark was used before 1925. See here: https://www.925-1000.com/david-andersen_marks.html
  10. The lozenge (diamond shaped) mark looks French maker`s mark,but if so, there should be one more mark elsewhere (Minertva head).
  11. It is one of many generic Murano glass paper labels.
  12. Cast replica. Genuine coins sell for $ 200 000 to $ 400 000.
  13. T L is still unidentified maker from Birmingham (anchor) known to have made fob medals between 1903 and 1920.Your fob was made in 1906 (date letter g in cursive).
  14. The design was registered in 1880 (letter J on the right). W stands for March. Meaning, the design was registered March 1880 but it does not mean the ring was made in 1880, could be years later, but...
  15. Those sentimental memorabilia are typical for Biedermeier period (and later throughout 19th century), and should be judged from their historical perspective, not Kitsch in my eyes.
  16. Looks like typical Biedermeier period decanter to me.
  17. It is German Frakturschrift in cursive ``dessa`` but have no idea where it was made
  18. Common Limoges tansfer printed candlestck, mass produced by a dozen of porcelain factories situated in Limogs and using generic name Limoges. Not worth faking, therefore everything is genuine here.
  19. It is obviously hard paste porcelain, unlike genuine soft paste Sevres. The painted mark on unglazed biscuit is completely wrong. Anywhere you see a Sevres mark on eBay, any online selling retail o...
  20. The mark is La Manufacture de Vincennes, created in 1740 and moved to Sevres in 1756. Those are museum pieces and they are not found in yard sales.Being very popular, Sevres porcelain was widely repro...
  21. Art nouveau form and rococco decor. Mine is green, unknown maker. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/22147-rose-bowl-most-probably-bohemian
  22. JOSEF HOSPODKA vase, Chribska glassworks, Czech, 1960s -1970s https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/215783-josef-hospodka-vase-chribska-glassworks
  23. 20 para is heavier: 10.65 g 10 para weight is 5.2 g.
  24. 10 Para Sultan Abdülaziz (1861-1876) 1277 (1864)
  25. It was bought as white porcelain and hand painted,then fired. I think the text says ‚‚from mother 1929‚‚ I see no problem with mother of pearl glaze.
  26. vetraio50 identifid the maker in Norway. Sterling is not a synonim for solid silver (as opposed to silver plated). It is just one of the standards (.925 or 92.5% of pure silver in the alloy). There ...
  27. 1277 Hijri year is Gregorian 1861.
  28. They are European, either French or Middle Europe, first half to mid 19th century.
  29. It is silver plated. WALLACE BROS SILVER COMPANY - Wallingford CT Co-partnership for the manufacture of silverplated flatware and holloware formed in 1875 by Robert Wallace with his sons Robert B., ...
  30. They are silver plated. Do not clean them with abrasives. Repeated polishing will destroy very thin layer of silver deposited by electroplating process to base metal which will show if superficial la...
  31. Chinese porcelain cannot be judged based on eBay descriptions and images. As I said, a reliable expertise is needed.
  32. Professional help needed because those export bowls with flags of western countries are widely reproduced in China and sold as such: Description: Reproduction Chinese Export porcelain Hong bowl 21st...
  33. Union Jack flag, too.
  34. French and Dutch flags. Very unusual for Far East porcelain unless made for export.
  35. This mark (800 in an oval) is almost 100% Italian.
  36. It was made in Hanau, Germany and imported to Britain by Berthold Mueller, London and Chester (sponsor mark BM on the left). Letter R is date letter for 1900 and letter F stands for foreign (imported)...
  37. Date letter Z is for Birmingham 1874, but T.W maker is a bit tricky: Thomas White (registered Nov 1866) Same mark for T Wilkinson & Sons (registered Sep 1859)
  38. The P mark of Hanau silversmith, Germany, as Hanauer Silberwaren Manufaktur, active 1891 - 1906 and Georg Roth & Co 1906- 1919. The mark is classified as Hanau pseudo mark because it resembles 18th ...
  39. Napoleon III period, mid to late 19th century, revival of previous 18th century styles.
  40. "Een Trouw Hart Is een Kroon der Weerelt" In Dutch it means : "A Faithful Heart Is a Crown of the world" More likely a wedding gift, token of love.
  41. Looks Dutch. Trying to decipher. Let`s take some time.
  42. The mark on necklace is British lion passant for sterling.
  43. P date letter with 925 is for 2014.Sponsor (maker) CP in this cartouche is unknown.
  44. 7.89 grams gold (.900)
  45. Nice coin, about $ 40.
  46. It is Minerva head for sterling silver, France. The mark in lozenge (cartouche) is maker`s mark but unfortunately the first letter of his initials cannot be seen. The mark must be on both items, if y...
  47. There is ERHAN silversmith in Bursa, Turkey. (Kuyumcu Erhan). Must be him, because of Latin script and the name cannot be the coincidence. Arabs in Middle East would use Arabic lettering, and beside...
  48. Appraisal based on eBay is nonsense.
  49. Paper labels can be misleading, unlike marks on porcelain. This observation supports authenticity and dating of Made in Austria label: Porcelain factory in Elbogen (Loket), Bohemia, exported to USA...
  50. The quality is always important when judging. Reproductions started in Romania decades ago, then China flooded the market and Galle reproductions became so common they do not even try to declare re...
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