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German art pottery vase - Potteryin Pottery
Hovmantorps, Sweden - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small bronze opium smoker French Indochina - Asianin Asian
Miniature signed Robert - Fine Artin Fine Art
Kremnitz mint St.George gold and silver coin medals - World Coinsin World Coins
Vienna gold brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Chinese silk picture - Asianin Asian
Russian 1903 postcard – Port Arthur, China - Postcardsin Postcards
Dollhouse porcelain kitchen utensils rack - Potteryin Pottery
Landscape by Johann Wilhelm Jankowski  - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Most likely Czechoslovakian;practically the only country in Eastern Europe with glass production.
  2. What is the upper,separate part depicted at the top of the drawing ? Missing insert ? It was obviously meant to be inserted into the flower.
  3. Meriden quadruple is not sterling silver.
  4. The back of the opal is not depicted but fire opals of this size are often actually doublets (opal glued to a base of obsidian, potch, host rock or basalt). Wager did make opal doublets. Sometimes it ...
  5. JP une étoile à cinq branches 1909/1931 Passani
  6. Jules Passebois, JP a five points star / une étoile à cinq branches - 1909/1941
  7. The inscription in Hellenic says: agioi anargyroi,meaning Saints anointed
  8. It is a patriotic WWI brooch Hands Across the Sea.It refers to USA /Britain alliance even before America officially entered the Great War.Also seen in silk postcards issued to navy. E.g. here:Post...
  9. Tell your expert that every Baccarat paperweight is signed and they are not found at garage sales in the middle of nowhere.It is nice, though, most probably sold to a tourist in Venice in mid fifties ...
  10. The name is Francis Gardner.
  11. It should be AB
  12. A typo up there in previous post: ?B (Cyrillic letters)
  13. ?B (Cyrillic letters) is unknown jeweler from St Petersburg.Not mentioned in Postnikova Loseva,either.Unidentified in Ivanov and Skurlov. Even reputable Russian auction houses cannot trace AB.It goes...
  14. Unfortunately,they are not even serious fakes but cheap imitations, i.e. replicas,mass produced in Germany and elsewhere,imported to UK in huge quantities and often given as prize at amusement fairs i...
  15. Well documented mark of Modern Silver Mfg.Co. Brooklyn,N.Y. 1950 - 1955
  16. Acid test is reliable only if the item is filed deep enough to reach base metal.Otherwise,silver plate will test positive,because acid reacts with superficial layer of silver, not with base metal unde...
  17. James Deakin & Sons,Sheffield,UK,1871 - 1939. Silverplate.
  18. The market is flooded with fakes. See here: http://dauThe mnancy.com/fakes/ Dealers know what they have and always be suspicious with bargains and great finds for a fraction of value for an authent...
  19. You see this here every day, like,estate sale or thrift shop great find - Is this real Faberge ?
  20. That mark is called Tughra / Sultan`s calligraphy name, similar to Royal Cyphre in the West. The mark was used on silver since 1840 (approximately). More precise dating is not possible.
  21. Could be any country where Loth standard was used (Germany, Denmark,Norway, Austria- Hungary Empire).Very nice filigree work with twisted wire soldered to a sheet of silver (less often seen and better...
  22. London 1805 because there is duty mark introduced 12/1/1784, therefore cannot be older than that.Besides,leopard`s head crowned for 1725 was different. Duty mark of George III in an oval was used 178...
  23. It is Georgian, but George II. Of course, duty mark was was introduced much later in 18th century, so there is no duty mark (sovereign head).
  24. Edward Wood was apprenticed to James Roode in 1715, became free 1722 and entered his own mark. The same year on E.Wood salt is here: http://www.ascasonline.org/windowFEBBRA69.html
  25. The silversmith is Edward Wood, date letter l for London 1746. This mark of Edward Wood (EW in old English under the crown) was registered Sep 1740 and he used it until approximately 1750. He was a ...
  26. Austrian Import mark is possibly on the right of maker`s mark, but cannot tell for sure.It my be my imagination. Nevertheless, it is German, late 19th or early 20th century based on the style of marks.
  27. As I said, it is T dot T exactly of this form and font - an udenetified maker in Birmingham. See here and scroll down to TT - you will see exactly the same mark: https://www.silvermakersmarks.co....
  28. There seems to be one more mark on the right: Austria - Hungary Empire import maek used 1901 ' 1921.
  29. It is German. From left to right: Fineness (either 800 or 900). Partially struck German crescent and crown national mark after 1888. Makers initials mark I cannot identify.
  30. It is 1962.
  31. Most likely Poland but marks are out focus.Better images of the marks are needed.
  32. A typo above, it should be (.925)
  33. T.T is unknown Birmingham silversmith whose mark is seen on a cigarette case with date letter for 1919. Your date letter is A for 1925. Lion passant stands for sterling fineness /-025).
  34. Yes, it is French.Maker`s mark in lozenge, star between initials.If you manage to decipher both letters it`s possible to identify the maker.
  35. It was made in Province of Oristano in the central-western part of the island of Sardinia,Italy. In the mark from the left 1.star 2 Maker number 3. OR for Oristano province
  36. Egypt had well established system of markings in Arabic.So,after all, fineness 800 may indicate European origin, but another mark is important.Try to take close up image of the marks instead of the 4t...
  37. Egyptian revival flourished in 1920s during Art Deco period (Europe and America). This bracelet is actually made in Egypt itself and if there are no European or American marks, it cannot be classifie...
  38. If the surface is perfectly smooth and intact then there was no clip nor any kind of attachment. If so, it was (most likely) glued to notebook cover (writing desk accessory).
  39. Much be much older because wheels are well made, reminiscent of Maerklin pre electric era.Later tin wind up locos were much simpler, and look at the counterweights on wheels here.
  40. Much reproduced in many countries. GENUINE Mucha poster - new car bronze - new home (no mortgage).
  41. I Troop Carrier Command https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Troop_Carrier_Command
  42. Not actually a fake but made in the manner of Chelsea (For example,search for Samson of Paris Chelsea figurines). Much reproduced and marked with gold anchor. Yes, it is very nice.
  43. Most likely Germany.See here: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/german-porcelain-figurine-gold-anchor-1887409546
  44. The gold anchor mark is the most forged Chelsea mark. As gold could not take the high temperatures in the kiln, the mark had to be applied on top of the glaze, which was a perfect mark for forgers ...
  45. It is not solid silver but silver plate. Silver plating is a process by which a thin layer of silver is applied to an alloy of base metals.
  46. The medal on the left:PREUSSEN. Kyffhäuser-Verdienst-Kreuz. This cross was awarded for outstanding service in the prussian veteran association. Second class on a band, first class in gold with a clasp...
  47. Unfortunately,has nothing to do with coin errors.Not even sure if solid silver or silver plated. It can be easily tested, there are electronic testers now.To be sure with acid testing rather deep fil...
  48. Not French for sure, and let alone EMILE PUIFORCAT, whose mark was EP with a penknife (un canif) between initials and always accompanied by Minerva head for silver standard. So, E.P most likely stand...
  49. Are there any marks ? Without marks positive ID is not possible.
  50. The sad legacy of Wedgwood. It`s a shame.In the end even the European people will be made in Far East at less effort and cheap.
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