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REME Pillow Cover and Cap Badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Bohemian cranberry glass hinged box - Moser ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau  metal mounted lidded glass jar bowl  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
German art pottery vase - Potteryin Pottery
Hovmantorps, Sweden - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small bronze opium smoker French Indochina - Asianin Asian
Miniature signed Robert - Fine Artin Fine Art
Kremnitz mint St.George gold and silver coin medals - World Coinsin World Coins
Vienna gold brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Chinese silk picture - Asianin Asian


  1. This mark (800 in an oval) is almost 100% Italian.
  2. It was made in Hanau, Germany and imported to Britain by Berthold Mueller, London and Chester (sponsor mark BM on the left). Letter R is date letter for 1900 and letter F stands for foreign (imported)...
  3. Date letter Z is for Birmingham 1874, but T.W maker is a bit tricky: Thomas White (registered Nov 1866) Same mark for T Wilkinson & Sons (registered Sep 1859)
  4. The P mark of Hanau silversmith, Germany, as Hanauer Silberwaren Manufaktur, active 1891 - 1906 and Georg Roth & Co 1906- 1919. The mark is classified as Hanau pseudo mark because it resembles 18th ...
  5. Napoleon III period, mid to late 19th century, revival of previous 18th century styles.
  6. "Een Trouw Hart Is een Kroon der Weerelt" In Dutch it means : "A Faithful Heart Is a Crown of the world" More likely a wedding gift, token of love.
  7. Looks Dutch. Trying to decipher. Let`s take some time.
  8. The mark on necklace is British lion passant for sterling.
  9. P date letter with 925 is for 2014.Sponsor (maker) CP in this cartouche is unknown.
  10. 7.89 grams gold (.900)
  11. Nice coin, about $ 40.
  12. It is Minerva head for sterling silver, France. The mark in lozenge (cartouche) is maker`s mark but unfortunately the first letter of his initials cannot be seen. The mark must be on both items, if y...
  13. There is ERHAN silversmith in Bursa, Turkey. (Kuyumcu Erhan). Must be him, because of Latin script and the name cannot be the coincidence. Arabs in Middle East would use Arabic lettering, and beside...
  14. Appraisal based on eBay is nonsense.
  15. Paper labels can be misleading, unlike marks on porcelain. This observation supports authenticity and dating of Made in Austria label: Porcelain factory in Elbogen (Loket), Bohemia, exported to USA...
  16. The quality is always important when judging. Reproductions started in Romania decades ago, then China flooded the market and Galle reproductions became so common they do not even try to declare re...
  17. Not to be confused with modern perception of tourism with 5000 Chinese on a cruiser. Beginning 20th century when this vase was made, visiting the spa and buying the vase was reserved for very few pri...
  18. Not genuine Emile Gallé, not a dangerous fake, either. Too obvious modern reproduction. Decorative, though.
  19. Austria introduced in 1867 very precise form of maker marks, i.e. frames (cartouche) to accommodate maker`s initials (e.g. ovals, rectangles etc.). One frame was an oval with both ends cut (like your...
  20. This form of maker`s mark is most likely Austria. If it was officially imported to Britain the sponsor (importer) could not have it assayed because of lower fineness than sterling. Austrian makers pr...
  21. Looks simple design but extremely difficult glassmaking technique. A colored glass layer is put on top of a clear one and these are then flattened. The motive is created by sandblasting away the col...
  22. It is Berber, North Africa cloisonné. The stone in the middle is most likely coral. See here for almost identical piece: https://line.17qq.com/articles/qpqhhfsky.html
  23. Berber people of North Africa; native in several countries, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria. Your pendant is letter Z ( in Tifinagh, their language) and it represents the freedom of the Imazighen (Berber)....
  24. Royal Marines Cap Badge - 2 Lugs to Rear. Made by London supplier Firmin and Son. Queen`s crown eliminates George V and George VI (both WWI and WWII). Meaning, it could be either Queen Victoria or ...
  25. I think it is DOMITIAN
  26. See here: https://www.churchco.com/
  27. Pocket watch chain, actually not niello but beautiful patina (tarnish) in deep relief décor. Imported to Vienna 1901- 1921 (there is letter A on the left side within the mark).
  28. Pest is the best candidate; old town Buda in the background and the fact it was printed there.
  29. It was made by Los Ballesteros, the most prominent silversmith in Taxco, Mexico. Founded 1937. Google for los ballesteros hallmark and enjoy.
  30. The mark on the left of 925 is most likely David Andersen 1888- 1925. See here: https://www.925-1000.com/david-andersen_marks.html
  31. It is a souvenir ``ceramica`` from Florence, Tuscany, Italy.
  32. There are no marks here; it is silver plated base metal. After all, starting price is only about euro 20 in the auction link; they know what they have; cannot be solid silver, but still, very nice an...
  33. ZELINA is famous wine region in Croatia. The signature is on the right: JP 69 The plaque was designed by well known Croatian sculptor Josip Poljan (born in Zagreb 1925 - died in Zagreb 2015). He was...
  34. These were used to hold down maps or blueprints
  35. Even 14 K gold cannot be $ 20-30, depending on weight and fineness, it is still more valuable than scrap gold of the same weight.
  36. Gold has value and will always be precious. Have it tested.
  37. It is from 2008 koala three coin set ( $5, $15 and $200). Mintage was only 230 sets ! $200 is 2 oz. and $5 is 1/25 oz.
  38. No appraisal needed; a small encircled C means it is a COPY (fair and square). I doubt it`s gold, either, but it can be tested with electronic tester without damaging the coin.
  39. They are commonly referred as Murano glass candies, but made elsewhere, too.
  40. Based on ‚‚Fes‚‚ lettering on the back it is not antique, probably a vintage souvenir, but well made.
  41. Morocco, but not Arab. Made by Berber people in town of Fes. Berbers or Amazigh, probably the oldest nation in the world lived in North Africa during Ancient Egypt period. They make beautiful jewelry...
  42. The first letter Rx is actually a Latin abbreviation used by physicians to order pharmacists what to do. Full word is Recipe (take) then e.g. acidi salicylici (in genitiv) 5.0 (grams). DS (Da Signa...
  43. 1.If you collect silver, never buy items without marks. 2. The first step; learn to distinguished silver plate marks from solid silver marks. Manufacturers of silver plated items often used misleadi...
  44. I love Welz. See here: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/69587-bohemian-spatter-glass-candy-jar--franz
  45. It is beyond understanding people still believe in miracles, like great finds at garage sales, Rembrandt in the attic, and 16th century ring.
  46. Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland.
  47. Souvenir beaker from spa Teplitz, Bohemia, custom engraved to somebody who dedicated it in 1838 with the words ...in Teplitz I was thinking only of you.
  48. This is glass lamp, not porcelain (take closer look). For the record; Zsolnay is always marked. The story about the horse is not true; those lamps were common and cheap.
  49. Registered number Rd. 145168 was entered in 1890. It is not the year of manufacture, but the EARLIEST year of production of this particular design. Letter B is not London date letter but indicates B ...
  50. Unfortunately, if no marks, no ID.
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