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Colonial Style Fixture - Lampsin Lamps
Craftsman Fireplace Screen With Original Tapestry - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage light fixture (1920?)  - Lampsin Lamps
Reproduction Victorian Hall Tree - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Duck Decoy? - Folk Artin Folk Art
Jeweled Table Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Metal Sign, Pan-Am? - Signsin Signs
Renaissance Revival Buffet - Furniturein Furniture
Aesthetic Eastlake Over-Mantel Mirror - Furniturein Furniture
Hitachi RB-100 remote (corded) for cassette decks from the early 1980's - Electronicsin Electronics


  1. Thank you, dav2no1, for your post. It really does look like a window grill.
  2. I may try to hang it somewhere so I can get a picture of it hanging. Trying to think of where I can hang it. If I can, I will try to attach a picture of it hanging.
  3. I don't know if it is made of steel or wrought iron.
  4. Thank you, shareurpassion, for the feedback. It looks very old to me. I suspect that it was originally lit by candle. After thinking about it over night, I am leaning more toward it being a Colonia...
  5. Phil, does the body of the plane light up, or just the nose piece? It is really an interesting item.
  6. I love anything "jeweled." They are really hard to find (and usually expensive)! It must have had some sort of shade holder. It came with an extra part, but I couldn't think of any way it fit with ...
  7. Awwww, thanks for the nice comment. The bottom part is red glass. One of my posts shows a jeweled electric lamp. It actually has a small socket and bulb in the base. I have thought of doing that w...
  8. Thanks for your comment.
  9. No, just on top. I may add a light at the bottom, too. That would be really pretty! Thank you for responding. I really love the things you collect.
  10. Thanks, PhilDMorris. I still have the fixture, but haven't done anything with it yet. I am really much more interested in gasoliers.
  11. Thank you, PhilDMorris. I still have the sign. I didn't know their history. They have an office here, in New Orleans. Interesting history! I am not much into signs, but really like this one.
  12. Fantastic!
  13. Thanks, PhilDMorris. I have always loved this sculpture.
  14. Hi Latencio2648, thanks for your kind words. I hope you found some lamps you like. When I acquired mine, I did a search on Ebay and found a pair (male and female), similar to mine. That has been a...
  15. Your collection is just magnificent!
  16. Doing a search on the web tonight, my lamp appears to be a Moreau lamp. Letencio6126, you may want to put Moreau lamp in the browser and look at the images. You may find something you like.
  17. Letencio6126, is this something you would be interested in? Found it on Ebay tonight.
  18. On second thought, the lamps listed in the URL's in the above post may be reproductions. My lamp is silver with a black wooden base and the lamps in the URL's appear to be a colored metal. My lamp i...
  19. Thank you, Latencio6126, for liking my lamp. I don't see any reproductions on Ebay at this time, but I just did a brief look. I don't have time tonight to look very far, but I did find a couple of s...
  20. Thanks, fhrjr2, I liked it because it is so decorative. This is way out of my field of collecting!
  21. Well, I have solved the mystery. My picker found another sign in the same place he found the other one. Arctic Refrigeration Co. of New Orleans. I thought sure it was Pan Am.
  22. This fixture is older than 1930, I believe. Style-wise, it is Edwardian from around 1908, or there abouts. I have several of these. There are many different colors and at least two different sizes.
  23. Try They have a number of wicks for antique oil lamps including, a circular wick for central draft burners, which this appears to be.
  24. John Scott used lamp parts he could buy from BP Lamp Supply and made many Victorian-style lamps. There is debate as to if these are reproductions or works of art? However, his lamps are quite collec...
  25. Is there a knob that looks like it would turn and raise a kerosene wick? The reason I ask, is because there is a man out of California who made reproduction Victorian lamps similar to these. Some of...
  26. Great shades!
  27. Really beautiful, don't you just love lighting items? I collect old Victorian gas fixtures and always marvel at the beauty.
  28. Really a beautiful piece. One can really see the art nouveau influence in this piece.
  29. Interesting, I found a fixture like this a couple of months ago. Mine is a gas/electric combo fixture. Mine doesn't have the crystals hanging from it. It has two gas jets pointing up above the fixt...
  30. How tall is it? The basket almost looks like a place to put your feet while sitting next to it (eg. similar to a bar????)
  31. Sure, you can go to bed now, as I am going to bed too. TOTL means top of the line. I picked that abbreviation up on the vintage stereo equipment site that I belong to (Audiokarma). I use the same u...
  32. Blunderbuss2: Thanks for your kind words. I didn't know that water was used in the finish making process. The buffet is very heavy and well made. It is not of cheap construction. The top comes of...
  33. Blunderbuss2: I am on an island too. Living in New Orleans you have to be an island within yourself.
  34. Blunderbuss2: never heard of Marvel Mystery Oil. I didn't want to wash the wood with water, as I was afraid of damaging the wood. The GOJO has a small amount of water, but mostly mineral spirits an...
  35. Blunderbuss2: If you have an Ace hardware there, they probably have the GOJO. Thanks for your posts. It is always fun to get a response. I may post more of my finds on here soon. Best of luck on ...
  36. My aunt had one of these when I was growing up.
  37. SEAN68: Thanks for the love and comments.
  38. Just checked, the red label "original formula" doesn't contain pumice either. So it could be used. Just check the label for pumice, I guess. Also, thanks to Lodgelady for her love. She wrote a...
  39. Beautiful Eastlake Parlor Chair. What a luck find! Looks like the fabric is ok too.
  40. Blunderbuss2: Please forgive my ignorance, but where are the Wayward Islands? Sounds exotic and interesting.
  41. Blunderbuss2: I bought my GOJO at a local hardware store. I researched the exact product I wanted online first, then went shopping. I found the "creme" formulation and another (can't remember now) ...
  42. MayBhere: There are two hinges on each door. If you look at the first picture, you will see them. I looked at them again, and they appear to be original. In the second picture, the hinge is not sh...
  43. Blunderbuss2: You could order the GOJO online. However, it is most commonly found in stores that sell car parts (used by mechanics to clean their hands). I found mine in a local hardware store. I ...
  44. MayBhere: I don't know if I am a collector or a hoarder. But, I have too much Eastlake furniture. You can be the judge. However, I would be happy to hear your thoughts on date of manufacture. I am...
  45. Oh, forgot to mention that when you get the area clean, take an old towel and wipe off the GOJO. You will see that it takes off a lot of dirt.
  46. Also, just remembered that I need to give the dimensions. It is a little over 7.5 feet tall and 5 foot wide.
  47. Since getting the buffet, I have searched the web and have not found a buffet I like better than the one I have. I guess I just lucked out! I paid $225 for it, but, as I mentioned, it required a lot...
  48. MayBhere: I am using an educated guess. 1880 was the height of the Aesthetic period. As to the exact year, I may be a little off tho. But from my research, 188o would be a good educated guess. An...
  49. I am in love with the Aesthetic period. I have tried to get into Rococo, but haven't been successful. I even bought some Rococo parlor chairs, but am going to sell them, because the Aesthetic pieces...
  50. I took the advice of a professional antique furniture restorer (friend) and used GOJO. It was new to me, so I did some research on the web and found that an expert at Ebay also recommended, as well a...
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