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Aesthetic Buffet

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    Posted 7 years ago

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    Just finished restoring this c. 1880 Aesthetic Buffet. I found it on Craigslist. It was being used in a bar/restaurant on Bourbon Street (New Orleans). They were using it as a station for menus, condiments, etc. The door panels have carvings of birds, insects, and flowers. Even looks like a little mouse or frog in the left corner of the first door panel. The overhead also has similar carvings. The top doors have thick beveled glass with a shelf inside. The middle is an original mirror.

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    1. toronado, 7 years ago
      aghcollect: thanks for the love.
    2. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Bourbon St.! How many bullet holes?
    3. toronado, 7 years ago
      blunderbuss2: haha! No bullet holes in the buffet, but when I had my roof repaired, the roofer found 6 bullets lodged in the shingles. He asked me if he could keep them as he was collecting them. Ah, New Orleans!

    4. inky inky, 7 years ago
      Wonderful! ...:-)
    5. toronado, 7 years ago
      Thank You, inky.
    6. Lodgelady, 7 years ago
      I first saw this on the EAPG Facebook page. I will say again though...this is stunning! Beautiful job on a great find!
    7. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      What finishing method did you use to bring out the wood colour so well?
    8. toronado, 7 years ago
      I took the advice of a professional antique furniture restorer (friend) and used GOJO. It was new to me, so I did some research on the web and found that an expert at Ebay also recommended, as well as several others. You need to get the GOJO without the pumice in it. As an example, I used the "creme" formulation (they make a number of products). I got the large tub and some 0000 steel wool. You lightly dip the steel wool in the GOJO, then apply to the wood going with the grain, with a light pressure. The results were surprisingly fantastic. Of course, I did a spot that wasn't noticeable first and left it for a day. When I found that it worked so well, I felt better about using the product on the entire project. Also, in reading the ingredients in the GOJO, I felt more comfortable (Mineral spirits and Mineral Oil, with some soap). Once cleaned, I applied a coat of "Liquid Gold" and left that for a day. The next day, I buffed to a shine. So there you have it, I was pleased with the results. BUT, don't use the product with pumice in it, as it will scratch the wood.
    9. MayBhere, 7 years ago
      Wonderful piece. I wonder how you happened to date it to 1880's? The cove and beads are unusual. Stunning piece as it sits.
    10. toronado, 7 years ago
      MayBhere: I am using an educated guess. 1880 was the height of the Aesthetic period. As to the exact year, I may be a little off tho. But from my research, 188o would be a good educated guess. Any thoughts?
    11. toronado, 7 years ago
      Since getting the buffet, I have searched the web and have not found a buffet I like better than the one I have. I guess I just lucked out! I paid $225 for it, but, as I mentioned, it required a lot of elbow grease.
    12. toronado, 7 years ago
      Also, just remembered that I need to give the dimensions. It is a little over 7.5 feet tall and 5 foot wide.
    13. MayBhere, 7 years ago
      I am not a collector, more a hoarder. I had a thought but better left alone. I like the piece so that is all that counts. Your price sounds really reasonable.
    14. toronado, 7 years ago
      Oh, forgot to mention that when you get the area clean, take an old towel and wipe off the GOJO. You will see that it takes off a lot of dirt.
    15. toronado, 7 years ago
      MayBhere: I don't know if I am a collector or a hoarder. But, I have too much Eastlake furniture. You can be the judge. However, I would be happy to hear your thoughts on date of manufacture. I am always open to new thoughts.
    16. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      "GOJO". Thought that was a hand cleaner. I like the results & would like to try it. Now finding it on this bloody Rock in the Wayward Islands. We have Ace Hardware so will ck there 1st. Bloody 'ell, it is the hand soap! Think all I'll find is with pumice though. I use it @ the aerodrome. Somebody suggested a brand of wood soap not long ago & I thought it did a good job on old dirty wood.
    17. toronado, 7 years ago
      Blunderbuss2: You could order the GOJO online. However, it is most commonly found in stores that sell car parts (used by mechanics to clean their hands). I found mine in a local hardware store. I know... I was reluctant to use it at first too. I went online to find the product without the pumice before I purchased it, so I knew which product to buy before going there. My friend has been restoring antique furniture for many years and showed me how to use it. He restores really upscale furniture. However, he has recently moved away and I don't talk to him as much as I used to.
    18. MayBhere, 7 years ago
      I'm probably a bit dizzy. I was looking at the door pic's and there is only one hinge showing here. Probably bad camera lighting but I only see one fairly new brass hinge sticking out. If it only has one hinge I love it even more but how does it open and close?
    19. toronado, 7 years ago
      MayBhere: There are two hinges on each door. If you look at the first picture, you will see them. I looked at them again, and they appear to be original. In the second picture, the hinge is not showing because it is outside the picture. BTW. What date do you think it is?
    20. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      How many times a day do I have to "log in" to this popsicle stand? Toro, the problem with ordering anything(!) on line here means paying to deliver to my shipping agent in Miami & paying a min. $17.75 (by boat). If Mama ever told you life was going to be easy, sorry to have to be the one to tell that she lied to you. She could have at least given some kind of warning! LOL
    21. toronado, 7 years ago
      Blunderbuss2: I bought my GOJO at a local hardware store. I researched the exact product I wanted online first, then went shopping. I found the "creme" formulation and another (can't remember now) don't have the pumice. I purchased the "creme." The "creme" comes with a blue label. You may also be able to find it in stores that sell car parts, as it is used by mechanics. Best of luck finding it. Also, just a thought, maybe you could order it online. It is not very expensive. I wonder if you may be thinking of Murphy's Oil Soap. I use that product to clean my hardwood floors and it works well for that. I knew an older fellow that was a professional antique furniture restorer. He showed me how to use the GOJO. He has since moved away and I don't talk to him as frequently. However, he restored very expensive antique furniture.
    22. toronado, 7 years ago
      Blunderbuss2: Please forgive my ignorance, but where are the Wayward Islands? Sounds exotic and interesting.
    23. toronado, 7 years ago
      Just checked, the red label "original formula" doesn't contain pumice either. So it could be used. Just check the label for pumice, I guess.

      Also, thanks to Lodgelady for her love. She wrote a nice line on the EAPG society website.
    24. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
      very very beautiful!!
    25. toronado, 7 years ago
      SEAN68: Thanks for the love and comments.
    26. SEAN68 SEAN68, 7 years ago
      Your very welcome toronado!!
    27. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Toro, Murphy's it was. Actually I went out to my shop to look for what it was but a large shop & not real good lighting at nite. I've used dish soap before with good results but adding some turpentine would maybe be better. Maybe a bit of Marvel Mystery Oil! We have to learn to "paint" in varying shades of grey here. LOL.
      Now, the Wayward Islands. To the N.N.W., we have the Leeward Islands & to the S. are the Windward Islands. Our little group is kind of in between, so I named them the Wayward Islands. Confusing story but I've had Dutch residency since 1979 when I left Jamaica. Staff says this is not fb so if you want the story, my email is on my profile or wait on the book. You haven't been around long, but if you have read any of my CW replies, you will agree that living here hasn't affected me at all. Answer: "The Friendly 'fukn' Island", St. Maarten/ St. Martin (I think!). "Wish U were here, - instead of me!". Joking!
    28. toronado, 7 years ago
      Blunderbuss2: If you have an Ace hardware there, they probably have the GOJO. Thanks for your posts. It is always fun to get a response. I may post more of my finds on here soon. Best of luck on the "island!"
    29. toronado, 7 years ago
      Blunderbuss2: never heard of Marvel Mystery Oil. I didn't want to wash the wood with water, as I was afraid of damaging the wood. The GOJO has a small amount of water, but mostly mineral spirits and mineral oil with some soap. That way I could stay away from most water, which could warp the wood. Perhaps I am too worried about water on wood, but I have ruined a number of cutting board by putting water on only one side.
    30. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Toro, I have GOJO jugs at the airport but by the feel when washing hands, feels like pumice in it.
      I'm on an island?!! That explains that dizzy feeling I get driving!! "We are all here because we are not all there". At least we still have freedoms.
    31. toronado, 7 years ago
      Blunderbuss2: I am on an island too. Living in New Orleans you have to be an island within yourself.
    32. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      Toro, usually when you wash wood, it seldom warps if you stand it vertical & I'm not talking about soaking all the way thru. The best furniture makers wet the surface of the wood repeatedly between sanding until no grain (stubble) is felt & then washes all the saw dust out of the pores in the wood. That gives that true depth in the final finish. It can take 4-5 wettings & sanding, or up to maybe 10-12 to get done right. It's time consuming, but gives that 3D, "looking into the wood" effect & gives great satisfaction when you reach that stage & compliments from others. I think you are lucky that that appears to have been done in your case, so the soap & water system worked. Looks like you have a masterful work of art. And, is an art that requires not taking short-cuts.
    33. toronado, 7 years ago
      Blunderbuss2: Thanks for your kind words. I didn't know that water was used in the finish making process. The buffet is very heavy and well made. It is not of cheap construction. The top comes off and I could barely lift one end of the base with the drawers removed. I am not weak either. It is a very well constructed piece of furniture. I say this, as I have found some aesthetic era furniture to be of light build and not so sturdy construction. Must have been a TOTL item when it was made. It was definitely made to impress don't you think?
    34. blunderbuss2 blunderbuss2, 7 years ago
      N'pas compredre "TOTL". Yes, was made to impress. Usually when you see reliefs, that's a good sign. The wet method of finishing that I described usually only takes a few wettings for hard woods & softer woods take many because the grain keeps coming up. May I go to bed now?
    35. toronado, 7 years ago
      Sure, you can go to bed now, as I am going to bed too. TOTL means top of the line. I picked that abbreviation up on the vintage stereo equipment site that I belong to (Audiokarma). I use the same username there. I will respond to your email tomorrow. Thanks for all your comments. It has been enjoyable.

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