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disney land

Good Day EH


  1. goods old daze drink from the bottle right
  2. HI how are ya HI how are ya 3 times anytime 4idle chit chat???? brian 612-325=8555
  3. I like the pheasant bird
  4. spirit bear where are you612=325////8555 rattle your cage i am brian
  5. not blind just obtuse 55369 would be sorry charlie
  6. can you give me a phone #??? email meb brian55359@gmail.com mass confusion??? Thanks for your time b
  7. brian55369#gmail.com if you have the time spirit or the wherewithal 4 phone see ya
  8. hiccup the bird told me his name is bob
  9. HI Mary hope all well witch you like santa and holidays too but that is just cantabkerous old me hehehehehehe
  10. The quart jar is about empty Refill is coming soon
  11. do not miss out pecker head b
  12. Here chicky chicky b
  13. Sorry so giddy i am not how are you??
  14. i would like to ask permission 4 a copy of original off the film
  15. we r all just babies in the wildness of 2016
  16. Hey mister Scott Bikers Rule Cheers b
  17. Have a Happy Day thanks 4 sharing romance b
  18. Taylor Stuffed panty hose full of stuffing and hung it on Jolly green giant. cock and balls Super size sign between belle plaine and le seuer mn LoL wish i could share a picture cheers b
  19. signatures appear similar you bought the oliver and are trying to match it to random crockery??? b
  20. too / not enough much crown royal whiskey?? stop on over for hair of the dog
  21. show me more please
  22. rock y roll i aint nuthin but a hound dawg????????????????/ LOVE THAT
  23. I dipped in Thanks 4 the 4 star show
  24. I cant sleep 1959 fun set is what my guess is b
  25. DO NOT MIND LIKE ME BB2 Chest game
  26. q with slight b hop = horns would you cae to play a game withme surely i am no threat LOLOLOLOLOL
  27. oh my dog came in and licked my legos fantasy over rover and out b
  28. HOWLN emanates thru your soul
  29. i was and now i am again HOW ARE YOU? canid conversation would be good b
  30. https://www.amtrak.com/empire-builder-train going going west on the rain see you in october????? wicko
  31. baaaaa bad tasting licker
  32. Hey H O 2 neat sweet petite So how are you?? b
  33. where do yo get get film dev and printed?? had a roll of 800 speed left at walgreens one WEEK until prints egads was told to buy hasselblad and some nikon cameras Thanks 4 the education on th...
  34. good night pretty lady
  35. Love to see the ancient pennies like yours make me feel young again LOL have a safe trip wicky
  36. Cup of tea Rasher of Bacon 4 me b
  37. hehehehehe hee haw i am having fun! now wicky
  38. and my old top hat lol WOW What an honest image I hope you enjoy it as much as your fans do b
  39. that is almost as old as me
  40. read this Back in the good old days of cowboy shows on TV...... lalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalallallalalalalalalalal and then you had me LoL wicky
  41. Beauty pics make your vistas seem supreme I hope it stays wild for the grand kids to enjoy Thanks SO much for sharing critter pics and sundry b
  42. Such a fun item had to clicky on the luv button wicky
  43. I proffer the white pieces to my opp Any pics of the black side?? pleeze and thanks Love your chess set b
  44. LoL ho2cultcha that is ticklish funny BUT the eater and the eaten found the way to indoors. Hope you can find their egress and keep the critters out The joys of country livin Looks to be a...
  45. racer Robbin does seem to have fixed and dilated eyes Never seems to blink almost coma toes What is your guess????????? b
  46. H O 2 Love the new digs Good luck with the tree rats The can be VERY tenacious adversaries and not very good to eat LoL Looks Quaint Cheers b
  47. Nice intro picture Looks to me like father christmas is dancin a jig Cheers b
  48. You are welcome! Hey There Mare No Worries I dig the hutch even if it is not an ancient artifact It is downright cool Cheers b
  49. Altogether oooky! Cool
  50. Thanks for the kind words The picture i captured last saturday. The objects within were collected by my friend and his family. Lots of symbolism and stories contained within. I wish the birds nest ...
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