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Metropolis Minnesota

Good Day EH


  1. This little puddle jumper motor takes me back to the early 1970's We still used things like this to go fishin Much better than rowing the boat It does turn over freely and has compression. When I ...
  2. Well "THE WARDEN" has decided that the little fishin dude is CREEPY he now has move into the "DOG HOUSE" , my garage, with me He Be Welcome There
  3. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/2528 TWO Story Out House
  4. I wonder if KELSEY was behind the 8 LUG wheels I had on my 1963 Grand Prix? Those were an odd set up indeed.
  5. WOW That is super nice The one I have is a faded rose from days bygone They are a neat collectible
  6. Well I am sad to say that the deal on the 1936 COUPE did not happen They have a lot of wood that is covered by metal. the wood was in poor rotted condition and the project was WAY too involved a...
  7. Not sure why pictures are sideways???? Sorry I tried 3 times to fix and no luck
  8. I had one like that It also had no second hand installed when I "acquired " it When it is plugged in and running you should be able to find a small spot in the center where the hands attach it t...
  9. Hobo Is what I was going to quantify myself I would guess the warranty may have expired???
  10. 4 of these are the same I have 5 in 15x6 size Notice the one has deep reverse
  11. WWF Don't drink the "PUNCH"
  12. Hey CRUSH I found that I can put pistols in small cases or the boxes from some Rugers in an OC crate You can donate / trade that in at my place One Fine Day
  15. Any Word From CAPER lately?? Cheers
  16. I have the box carton case it came in. They had a pretty large $$ DEPOSIT Total $6 FIVE for the JUG and One Dollar for the case.. It does say distilled and spring water. Inside the box the plastic...
  17. Thanks for Playing Ball
  18. Thanks for Lovin Some SPIKES
  19. 5 GALLONS TALL Long drink of water almost past the shin bone towards Knee Cap When I find that little jug again will measure 4 Yo
  20. NICE Woody
  21. https://www.scouter.com/topic/16238-was-it-another-dream/ Link with some history of the scout MOTTO My daddio was the "Leader of the PACK" AKA scout master So no escaping the scouts for this ...
  22. Time marches on Thank Yo Dav2 Falco mikelv85 Kwqd yougotta Apache
  23. Thank Yo Falco Dav2 DeJaVu2 Cisum Apache Reise mikelv85 Lata
  24. RENDERED Almost half of one yard and foot deep
  25. That reminds me of the steering wheel in my 1963 LARGE diameter break out a yardstick to show how big
  26. Rock On EJW54 yougottahavestuff
  27. I can not even spell TORONADO correctly Do not believe everything you read No Hurry No Worries They had a few different HP ratings for the 425 engines I think they even had a 2 BBL High compre...
  28. The 1967 OLDS 98 I had wore one of those "PIE TINS" It was 375 Horsepower 10.5 to 1 compression I have a couple 1967 Tornado engines in the shed. Those came 385 Horsepower with big valve heads li...
  29. Super Rocket Baby
  31. Glad to share a couple pictures Thank You for taking the time to look ttomtucker whenisraelbelieves Lata SEAN68
  32. Thanks YO yougottahavestuff Rooster123
  33. Thank You For Tuning In Thanks Given 4 the staunch support vetraio Kwqd RichmondL AnythingObscure officialfuel BB@2 WHERE are YO Tha FALCON
  34. I went to the WHISKEY WELL I looked up to the stratosphere and saw some chicken ala cock ONLY $75 for a 750ml Did not buy that poison
  35. I was headed SOUTH and turned the wrong way in REMER Ended up in AITKIN Not Pine River
  36. Thanks Many Thanks yougottahavestuff Apache Dav2 mystaplers Drake47
  37. Thank you Falcon Dav2 yougottahavestuff DejaVu2 Apache Drake47
  38. Greetings Salutations Thank You Falcon Dav2 Apache Drake47
  39. Thank Yo Apache Drake47
  40. THANK YE Apache Dav2 Falcon
  41. I finally put the HAFT on VERONA Thank Yo Can you see any Rail Road Marks?? I do not know what to look 4
  42. The KAHLER was a crime scene... Our wedding reception was held there The party spilled over and into the elevators.. Now the party and the party animals were on every floor of the HOTEL. EGADS...
  43. Down the hatch Gluek Sounds like GLICK GLICK GLICK GLICK The beer speaks its own name Then Buuuuuurp Another STITE MALT LIQUOR PLEASE
  44. That is Cool Way better than some computer generated "Terrordactyl"
  45. I like it like that nice and as found rustic Bang out the dust and any critters hang'em high Makes me think I should trot out some rocker arm cover art You are an inspiration
  46. http://www.roger-russell.com/mastrpg/mastrpg.htm This link is very informative... Designs were inspired by HAMMS BEER WATERFALL Advertising and also GOLDWASSER what is now sold as GOLDSCHLAGER ...
  47. The place this came from smelled like hippies Patchouli oil and smoke No Grinding Wheels Container empty and very clean all the stuff got away
  48. THANK YO vynil Rooster123 AnythingObscure Dav2 Newfld Watchsearcher Apache officialfuel kwqd
  49. Thank Ye Falco Ouch my back hurts I hauled this HEAVY son of ampzilla down to the basement last week.
  50. Thank Ye Mikelv85
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