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Metropolis Minnesota

Good Day EH


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Southern Grind Bad Monkey Tanto Custom Knife        ZAC Brown's Company - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
JONES Cable driven TACH early MOROSO gasser race car tachometer - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Auto Meter Tachometer - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Blue Line SUN SUPER TACH   - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Big Spoon  saved from recycle psycho  - Silverin Silver
I guess it is a "Fish Knife"        What is this?   another rescue from recycling bin at my parents SILVER Plate?? - Silverin Silver
Silver plated GIZMO what is it Serving Vessel rescued from my parents recycling bin PAIRPOINT - Silverin Silver
Olds Valve Covers These Babies are CHROMED OLDSMOBILE - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
VALVOLINE HD 30 Motor EARL - Petrolianain Petroliana
AC/DC SALUTE - Recordsin Records


  1. LORD CALVERT Cheers The Wicky
  2. The P.S.S. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PSS_(UK)
  3. Thank YOU IVAN I thought that was a J When it really was an I and Sterling Too , I had hoped so..
  4. Thank YOU Gillian I have never heard of a "fish knife" before
  5. I went to spencers gifts Bought some edible under wear for a co worker Raspberry scent / flavor and MAX Headroom's Guide to life I was fired immediately after the gift exchange christmas party...
  6. Love Owl Thank YOU
  7. THANKS APACHE They are pretty nice The vultures are circling "what are you going to do with those" ?? Plan to keep 'em and maybe put on the 442 some day.....
  8. I would guess from some fuel Kerosene maybe?? That is not like any cream / milk can I have ever seen
  9. My favorite flavor 76
  10. Cheers Lets Have a HAUENSTEIN
  11. All of the above Happy Humps Day
  12. B The FISH
  13. CooL TooLs are they "hot"
  14. plan Fire it up Sam next tuesday Rock
  15. Dirty Thirty One 31 31
  16. Whats new pussycat ??
  17. Cool piece my guess a school regards
  18. FISH ON
  19. could raise a little hell with a bucko full of that shit
  20. Thank YOU Vynil33rpm
  21. This land was made for you and me...
  22. Iz that GOOD IZ that naughty Got that Are you in Metropolis Petron tequila Tito Vodka Plantation RUM lots of red wine Sangria party
  23. I wander Do you think he has any good bad ugly Clint Eastwood
  24. 007 Bond Shaken not Stirred
  25. That is one cool winter beater
  26. DIG EM the frog snap crackle pop WHO GOES THERE???
  27. Pounding down some TITO Vodka Pet Friendly Here is one to the HOOT CHEERRS
  28. THE NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED To protect the guilty
  29. Love is ALL we need
  30. Thanks 4 The LOVE I am you humble servant wicky
  31. Hoot Hoot Lets get polluted Cheers The Wicky
  32. Carling Black Label drank that with my grandfather at Lake Gage Must have been about 1975... Refresh after mowing the grass
  33. Grrreat
  34. Happy Owls Spot 50 is back in circulation I love substantial HEAVY beer openers YES YES
  35. Interesting My ancestors came to north america from scots land in 1621.. So a little before the north fence. Nice Find!
  36. Nice Birdy Did you try to stick a magnet to the critter??
  37. Happy Howling SAXON is GOOD
  38. Happy THIRSTDAY Cheers LOVE
  39. thank YOU fortapachahoe
  40. Those cars were made out of tin foil Compared to the Iron made in America Before My family had a grenlin First blood was with a snow plow Twas a tin can the truck was the opener
  41. humbling education
  42. Thank YOU dav2no1 vinyl33 and THE aura Cheers brian
  43. Thank YOU blunderbusss
  44. Thank YOU blondebuster2
  45. blunder Thank YOU 2
  46. 9 Lives Cats Eyes...
  47. Thick and Thin
  48. Cheers blunderbuss2
  49. Norman was full of shit. Best used hay dealer around When He Died This all became a mystery
  50. blunderbuss2 Thank YO
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Costume Jewelry Pendant, Glass Heart, Antica Murrina, Circa 20 century MX bike Pre-Prohibition Chicago Beer Tray Antique print Creepy Daguerreotype Picture Brooch Santa Fe railroad ashtray Sterling Silver child's belt buckle. Age unknown. Maxfield Parrish print Remarkable Schreiner Inverted Rhinestone Green Glass Necklace Mickey Mouse Watch from mid 1970s. ? Hiawatha Bicycle  in attic 1906 Coty Eau De Toilette perfume bottle & 1949 Coty add from Womans Day Baltimore Memorial Stadium 1988


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