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Metropolis Minnesota

Good Day EH


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66 Tripower power W30 W 30 Three 2 BBL Carbs This was optional on a 1966 OLDS 442  - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Wolfs Head Motor Oil Sign From Behind The Barn - Advertisingin Advertising
MADAM X - Recordsin Records
Happy 4 JULY Hot Dogs Apple Pie and Base Ball   BAD NEWS BEARS  - Baseballin Baseball
German WWII Canteen with wool carrying case 42 ZP StZ  Zieh , Press U Stanzwerk , Schwartz and Co   - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Springfield M1 Garand  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1943 dated Bayonet US - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Helmet of unknown origin?   Came with the ROCK-OLA - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
ROCK-OLA  M1 Carbine 30 Caliber   - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Dead Red Wine EVIL DEAD Cabernet - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Nice Fish Tail I did go to the 5 and Dime Ben Franklin store and buy Candy Cigarettes Thanks for the trip down memory lane Cheers
  2. The finest of the fine
  3. I Love Pig
  4. Wow THANK YOU ALL Glad to share an item that so many folks Did Enjoy Cheers
  5. Pig in Zen
  6. All the 1930 era Coca Cola items I have seen have a copyright in the letter Coke as a name slogan moniker came much later
  7. OK really do n know
  8. Thanks to so HIP HEP from the specialists Doctor Love
  9. I need to get the dust off Fill with Ice and TASTY Beverages Re Enact The Good Olds Daze
  10. I did not know what AFH stood for Thanks for education
  11. I tried the bayonet and it fits this one. It is a 10 inch blade Not the carbine I was not planning to buy this one But wow nicer than I imagined and only a couple stacks of money to get all thi...
  13. Oh my My Oh hell Yes
  14. AHOY Davey
  15. Flip me a lid
  16. You Made My Day Thank YOU
  17. Thank YO FORT A
  18. Thank YO VYNIL
  19. Thanks to The AO and VINYL
  20. HEY AO And Vinyl Love right back The finial is really old and quaint The cast portion is held on the ancient post wit square head set screws Cheers
  21. Oh MY This is going to GORMAN LAKE Thank YO V Thanks W Searcher Cheers
  22. Thank YOU W Searcher Cheers
  23. Thank YOU WSearcher
  24. Thank YO V I love my cart
  25. Dont have to live like a refuse G Refugee
  26. Thanks For the Love Comrade in arms
  27. George has learned to YOWL
  28. SHIRLEY I Jest frostbite falls minnesota
  29. Rolling Smokeless Powder Only Here Catch 22 Here Bleak Shelf None no supplies or factory rounds in popular flavors IFN you find the 32 "special" box them and send them my way o
  30. BB@2 I have NOT shot the new MACHINE GUN yet The ammo is not readily available , so plan to sit on the 1000 rounds of winchester 32 special and not shoot them up on a weeks end spree the 30 WIN i...
  31. Nice Old knives The logo is Shur Edge I did not see any other "hammered" finish examples while looking around https://robesonsrme.com/history.php
  32. That is a corkscrew / knife combo Heidsieck is known for champagne The link shows a few variations. None are exact same as yours https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570....
  33. The Spitting Frog I wondered where he hopped off to.
  34. It shows Glen was USNR naval reserve Thank him for his service.
  35. Thanks for checking out the "majic" 8 ball shift knob
  36. Nice Find. I also have one. Came from grand father RAY He was born in 1899 I wish I could ask him where he found his
  37. Beauty of a truck Good tale of car show Fun Thank YOU
  38. Thanks Cats Seems to be a starter switch Fits what?? Cheers wicket
  39. That does look something like NIEHOFF but definitely not the same. I have another competitors product and it does list applications BUT it also is "not the same" But closer than the international id...
  40. Puffer Kush Fish
  42. From Winter's site APPLICATIONS: Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, pneumatic, hydraulic, water tanks, air compressors, OEM
  43. Well I thought everyone knew I am colorblind. Maybe brown trout?? Most of the trout / salmon I have captured were shiny "some shade of silver" I would say
  44. I looked on ebay. Wow that cute kitty kat kan has value. Cats Ass Indeed
  45. Brook Trout??
  46. They have me in their clutches now The head of the "new" Kooler company has been emailing me They are planning a RE RE re release of the Koolers in 2021 https://skotchkoolerusa.com/pages/our-s...
  47. The carving knife is marked DUNLAP "Hammer Forged" Swedish steel Made in state of Georgia USA I found they went out of business in 1930
  48. Choosy mothers choose JIFF That is a very cool sign My guess some local bake shop?? It does make me ponder wonderbread ?? Thank You 4 Sharing you treasures Cheers w
  49. Thank You ALL kwqd dav2 neat old stuff APACHE newfld elanski BigB2 RonM Beachbum58 Longings Antique Toys usedcarlady chrissyloves cats All the BEST W
  50. Marty Feldman Peter Lorre AYE AYE EYES
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Costume Jewelry Pendant, Glass Heart, Antica Murrina, Circa 20 century MX bike Pre-Prohibition Chicago Beer Tray Antique print Creepy Daguerreotype Picture Brooch Santa Fe railroad ashtray Sterling Silver child's belt buckle. Age unknown. Maxfield Parrish print Remarkable Schreiner Inverted Rhinestone Green Glass Necklace Mickey Mouse Watch from mid 1970s. ? Hiawatha Bicycle  in attic 1906 Coty Eau De Toilette perfume bottle & 1949 Coty add from Womans Day Baltimore Memorial Stadium 1988


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