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  1. At least it's not p.m.c !!
  2. I am pretty sure that drop is not original as I have seen crude made earrings with same reddish stone identical to that dropper which are made in India
  3. The shell in the ring is most possibly not original , when a agate gets damaged it is common place to cut Paua ect shell done by a restorer as is easily worked by a file and is a lot cheaper ,while ge...
  4. I have to say I don't agree with some of these comments , I have been dealing for many years in A&C, ect it was common in the day if the customer could not get the matching pendant the jeweller wo...
  5. The stone looks like a blue topaz , I have handled these and they modern ,probably made in China
  6. Not a dirk dagger, it's a Scottish basket hilt broad sword ( and a very nice one)
  7. Typical vintage Scottish brooch , base metal , plated sometimes with silver , or rhodium amethyst stones usually paste , this particular pattern brooch is also made in sterling silver
  8. This brooch looks a lot older than 1980,s I have handled these brooches before , metal will be silvered brass the pearls will be glass or plastic with a pearlised coating glued into a open lace settin...
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