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My love of antique & vintage costume jewellery began when I was a child watching my grandmother put on her Esha Randel rhinestone brooch and earring set. I love ArtMy love of antique & vintage costume jewellery began when I was a child watching my grandmother put on her Esha Randel rhinestone brooch and earring set. I love Art deco (especially lamps)Edwardian and Victorian costume jewellery. (Read more)


  1. Thank you very much I appreciate your post I found it very interesting:)
  2. Thank you anile2010!
  3. Hi judy, It may have been worn as a brooch but they were also displayed on easles in their homes just like pocket watches had their own stands. A small 1 cm pin is also missing on this brooch.
  4. Hi kyra, I think mourning lockets like this were made to be displayed on an easle. A small pin is missing and I can see a chip on one corner but I don't think it was made to be worn as a brooch. Its ...
  5. Hi judy, thanks I love the swivel mourning locket and want to repair it if possible.
  6. Hi karen, Yes its good the photos are still there and in good condition. I often wonder how and why these heirlooms are not treasured by their descendants, maybe the blood line died out? Great fun...
  7. They are so tiny it is easy to lose them! They will probably pop up when you stop looking for them! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos:) Do you have a wig for your little doll? I have looked ...
  8. Thanks Manikin :) It will be fun dressing them! I will try to get a wig for the german doll.
  9. Thank you judy! That one seems to be the favorite here:)) I love them all...!!
  10. Thank you kyra!I know they do command a high price these days if ebay is any thing to go by. It is a 1920s paste at least I believe so. I have had it for a long time and was thinking to use it in a ...
  11. I wish they were valentino! But I do love the vintage costume and enjoy hunting for more:) I didn't know Anna Wintour wore vintage jewellery and they probably are rubies and diamonds!
  12. Thank you karen you are very kind. I do like sharing my bits and pieces with my fellow collectors!
  13. Thank you PostCardCollector!
  14. Thank you for looking and loving! Bijoucaillouvintage Melaniej Aura Vetraio Judy Karen Hel1 Mrstyndall Valentino97
  15. Thanks to all for looking and loving! Vetraio50 Bijoucaillouvintage Melaniej Aura Judy Karen Hel1 Swampdogg Valentino Gillian
  16. Thank you all for looking and loving! Pebble Aura Judy Karen Hel1 Mrstyndall Karenoak Vetraio50 Valentino
  17. Thank you karen!
  18. Thanks judy !
  19. Thanks karen !
  20. Thank you bijoucaillouvintage!
  21. Thanks karen!
  22. Thank you judy!
  23. Aura, you have interesting pieces! This is great!
  24. Thanks judy!
  25. How great your story is judy and she is beautiful. It is heart warming to know you have saved this sweet girl and welcomed her into your family. Rescued or adopted dogs and cats are the most loving ...
  26. Thank you shareurpassion:)
  27. Thanks Efesgirl! I was surprised by its size when I received it as I thought it was much smaller in the picture. I was thinking to wear it as a pendant but its to large:(
  28. Thank you very much vetraio50 for your excellent research:) I am pleased to now know more about this interesting piece.
  29. Thanks Kyra, you are a master researcher :) excellent as always! Followed your link and saw the pretty sister to my brooch . But I think that brooch is over priced
  30. Thanks judy:) It is a sweet one.
  31. Thanks karen:) lady bugs are good luck!
  32. I just knew you would love this kyra!
  33. Thanks Peasejean55:)
  34. Thank you judy ! Always enjoy your comments :)
  35. Thank you karen for always appreciating my little pieces!
  36. Thanks kyra :) I could not resist this one!
  37. Thanks Manikin:) Yes, they were quite expensive $18.50 in 1954 was a lot to pay for a doll. The reason they were so expensive was that apart from their overall quality that Madam Alexander were kno...
  38. Thanks karen. I dreamed of a doll like this too. Better late than never!
  39. Yes I believe so karen.
  40. Thanks karen, I am reducing my years of collecting perfume bottles, so far I have 10 bottles that are to find another home!
  41. Thanks judy!
  42. Thanks karen, I'm also in that group! Makers initials A J and 375 for 9ct gold. Could be English or Australian? The other hallmarks are to difficult to read so I don't bother!
  43. Thank you Anna for the link. I am very surprised to see cissy dolls reaching high prices like the one in your link even though they have always been cherished and well sought after dolls.
  44. Wow! That is a great lamp!love it!
  45. Just lovely judy!
  46. I do love my cissy doll:)
  47. Thank you manikin :) Sorry! I forgot to mention she is a cissy doll and missing her fur stole,shoes and flowers:( Hi AnnaB, thank you for the info, was the doll mib?
  48. Love it Judy! very special :) I have a 3 stone saphiret brooch I posted a few months ago on cw.
  49. Thanks efesgirl for solving what they are made from:) I see what you mean about the seam on the beads, I didn't notice that before at all! I agree its a pity the cross is missing:(
  50. Thanks Efesgirl!
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