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Logansport, Indiana

I Love Jewelry. My Favorite eras / styles Are : Victorian, Georgian, Mourning, Art Deco. I Love Rose Gold And Mine And Rose Cut Diamonds. Opals And Serpent/ Snake RiI Love Jewelry. My Favorite eras / styles Are : Victorian, Georgian, Mourning, Art Deco. I Love Rose Gold And Mine And Rose Cut Diamonds. Opals And Serpent/ Snake Rings. Rings are my favorite! I also love Kewpies. (Read more)


  1. Ring, just Google "forget me not cameo ring" for some beautiful examples. You are so lucky to have this. I just love these delicate, sentimental rings.
  2. This is beautiful. It is a hardstone forget me not cameo. Georgian or Victorian. I believe it could be a mourning ring. Is there an opening like a locket in the inside under the cameo? This would be a...
  3. I love the ring.
  4. Nice finds. I see a few that I wouldn't mind having.
  5. The ring is marked 14k
  6. Wow! Great find!
  7. Love it. I have always wanted a buckle ring.
  8. I love the pink sapphire!
  9. Thank you TassieDevil, Kyratango, Manikin.
  10. Thank you! I'm not sure if they are gold, or silver with gold plating.
  11. I don't like to wear costume jewelry. It's too bad this isn't sterling silver or gold. The design is beautiful!
  12. I don't wear long, dangling earrings, but I would have bought these also. Very pretty!
  13. How unique! Great find.
  14. Beautiful!
  15. lucky wife!
  16. i would wear this! very pretty.
  17. i see the 10k mark on the back of the earring. the backs aren't original to the earrings. very pretty.
  18. i want to go to that thrift store! great find.
  19. this is beautiful!
  20. yes, themuse. i have inspected it with a loupe, and i can't find any hallmarks at all.
  21. Thank you AGRAM.M. Thank you all for the love.
  22. Thanks Sean!
  23. i was unable to see the ring in person, because i got this from an online auction. i probably paid more than i should have, $426, but i don't regret it. it was listed as an 8 karat gold ring with pear...
  24. 10 rings for $8 each! I would have been in heaven! Rings are my absolute favorite.
  25. Thank you DrFluffy.
  26. They are exactly alike except for the gold and stone. I bought mine from a dealer that sells vintage and estate jewelry.
  27. It looks just like mine! Except for the sapphire ,and yours is 14k white gold. Very pretty!
  28. thank you for the information, kyrantango. i love learning about the different eras.
  29. thank you for the information. i thought it may be victorian as well.
  30. thank you for the information kyrantango. i will have to have the gold tested.
  31. I Love This Ring. I Would Have Been Thrilled To Find This!
  32. Beautiful!
  33. i believe your ring is gold. 10 or 14 karat. the mark was probably lost during a previous sizing, or from wear. i googled rings with happiness engraved and there were quite a few. all gold. not much i...
  34. thank you for the information, Kyrantango!
  35. Love The Owl!
  36. thank you racer4four!
  37. no, racer4four. i am unsure of the age. i bought this from a couple that sell previously owned jewelry in my local mall.
  38. Beautiful Photo. I Live 17 Miles From Peru, In.
  39. sad. but i can see the sentiment and beauty of this. i am fascinated with the victorian post mortem photos.
  40. thank you BelleEpoque!
  41. thank you nutsabotas6 and Manikin!
  42. i believe it is ostby barton, SIMPLYOLD. i have a ring i posted on here that i believe to be ostby barton. mine is marked ob 10k and then the maltese cross.
  43. thanks loveyardsales, they are sapphires. they look royal blue in the pictures, but in person they are a darker blue.
  44. no, Manikin. it is solid 14 Karat gold. in the pictures it has areas that look silvery, like plating is coming off, but not in person.just reflection.
  45. thanks,nutsabotas6!
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