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  1. @kwqd , those are nice pieces! Hard to believe people often pass them up.
  2. @kwqd , I dunno yet. What site did you use? Maybe I can find out some more info.
  3. @apostata , very nice! I’m always willing to learn more on far eastern porcelain.
  4. @apostata , Thanks again for the analysis!
  5. @Apostata , wow early Edo period. So like 1680-1700? If so it’s much older than predicted.
  6. @shareurpassion , quite well.
  7. @kivatinitz , that’s the same one too lol
  8. @vetraio50 , it kind of looks like a Britannia marking? The line at the bottom marking looks like the base where she would stand. Kinda similar but to worn.
  9. @ehunt , those are some of my favorites. The pink clambroth has faceted pontils from the 1850’s and is probably 1 1/8”. My favorite of the three!
  10. @apostata , I’ve posted some newer photos of root marks. Couldn’t find any good Manganese blooms to test. One of them have been repaired. I think a TL test might be a solution to help me uncover th...
  11. @apostata , yep! The acetone didn’t remove a speck of the paint.
  12. @Lugnuts , The hallmarks are quite worn, the gold looks a bit rough, but the acid test showed they were at least 18k. One of the marks looks like a bust of a woman, or some kind of animal head.
  13. @apostata , thank you for the info!
  14. Keramikos, thanks for the info!
  15. @racer4four , Thanks! I actually found a similar item online with the eye shape beads. They are Buddhist prayer beads :)
  16. @ho2cultcha , will do!
  17. @mp.kunst , thank you for helping me identifying this! I really need to brush up on my antique artworks, pun not indented haha.
  18. @AnythingObscure , Yes it is. Absolute monster of a piece haha, and for $35 I paid for it.
  19. @Bruce99 thanks! I will update once I have the chance.
  20. @keramikos , thanks! I’ll give it a try.
  21. @CanyonRoad , Thanks for the information! And yes the clay does have the black specks.
  22. @kwqd , These are the only links I...
  23. @HappyHourOwl , I know this bird is definitely neat! My cats agree as well so I have to keep it off. It’s still very loud.
  24. @Alfred101 , I was leaning towards Aultman as well. Excellent looking piece of machinery!
  25. @gargoylecollector , thanks!
  26. @dav2no1 , I removed it from the frame to look for an edition number or paper watermark, but there wasn’t. I believe it was a page removed from his human comedy lithograph book, I don’t know about th...
  27. Wow mystery solved!
  28. @dav2no1 , definitely! By far the best thing in there was a signed colored lithograph signed by Picasso! Going to have to get it appraised.
  29. @ho2cultcha , it’s bronze. The censer insert still has a gold shine to it. The weight of this piece is heavy, and it’s very durable... fell over while transporting it inside didn’t have a dent anyw...
  30. @dav2no1 ,thanks! It was an online auction thanks to COVID.
  31. @truthordare , Thanks! The hunt never stops!
  32. @carmenisacat , the main photo is the polished version. I ran out of my polishing solution so I just used a quick batch of Baking a Soda and a soft brush. But once you compare the two photos it’s a...
  33. @shareurpassion , Thanks! I’ve been trying to put a name to this piece for months. The thrift store I buy these from had a huge donation of Navajo Jewelry. I was told the day prior there was much m...
  34. @shareurpassion , Thanks for the info! I paid 12.88 for this piece at a thrift shop!
  35. It kinda reminds me of the Dior versions of Bulova
  36. Update: After a little more research I’ve found it closely resembles the 1953 Riviera Set.
  37. Thanks! I knew when I saw the torch it might of been Olympics. But I never knew about Izzy the ‘96 Atlanta Olympics mascot.
  38. Update: The case is 10KT Rose Gold
  39. @Gillian, whoops it’s actually 24 1/2”
  40. After some cleaning and research I believe this to be made by a GL & Co. I’ve taken some photos of the hallmarks as well. Can’t make out much on the hallmarks but the makers mark is legible G Loveri...
  41. @Broochman, I wonder if this is a 1941 stamp after comparing it to ones from the 50’s and 60’s. I wonder if it could be Moghul Collection? I know not all pieces had a patent mark.
  42. @Broochman, I was even thinking it was part of the 1951 Gems of India Collection rather than the 1965 Jewels of India. Since it doesn’t have a copyright mark.
  43. @Elisabethan, wow it’s gotta be related to that. The flag pole and hut/teepee is in the background. Very cool!
  44. I brought them into a jeweler. The three larger ones might be Sonoran. The green ball and white colored ones were Howlite. I’m going to bring the three to a different gemstone expert and see what h...
  45. *Update: After some research I’ve come to the conclusion it is a bubble wand. But info is divided by people who believe it’s Victorian or some sort of steam punk kind of more modern reproduction.
  46. @shareurpassion , after a little more research the stones look more like light blue Jasper.
  47. @shareurpassion , the clasp isn’t marked anywhere. I know they usually come with silver clasps. I’ve read that the stone has to be washed often and should be kept out of the sun and heat or it start...
  48. @fhrjr2 , it was being sold as an incense burner by the thrift store who labeled it that. I guess they thought the pots the woman sits by is filled with sand which you could stick a incense stick in....
  49. Thanks Phil, they seem real when I scratch them on my tooth and seem heavier than plastic. But I suppose I should just get them looked at to be sure lol.
  50. @IVAN49, Yea I've noticed on eBay only a couple of other genuine Franklin Mint. This egg is over a pound of 925 silver, studded with 46 Amethyst, 12 Emeralds, and 4 Diamonds. I actually got it in a ...
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