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Hi..I am a married mom of 2 children and 3 granddaughters... ..I have been collecting old items for years and scouting yard sales..flea markets and shops.I sing...Hi..I am a married mom of 2 children and 3 granddaughters... ..I have been collecting old items for years and scouting yard sales..flea markets and shops.I sing...paint..write songs and poems nature and read a lot!! There is no end to learn something new and find something cool and interesting ! Happy collecting and good luck in finding new treasures!! (Read more)


  1. I was thinking Murano ...made in Italy
  2. I am not sure when he died-he did not die 1809-he became LNT 1799-his letters were dated a few years later-he had an uncle James Crawley who served-so could be him!
  3. Simply a beauty!!
  4. Beautiful!
  5. My dad owned a pair of the sealskin mukluks that his brother gave to him when he was in the service up north yearssssss ago
  6. It is not Mayfair..saw a jar like mine online..not sure the pattern it did not say..will have to check out all out again..
  7. We picked up 4 small-4 med and 4 large of these -they are heavy and LOVe them-they are at our cottage!!
  8. your welcome..a beautiful keepsake..
  9. Hi You can see the mat sitting next to its standard size..
  10. I have one of these did not know it was a sweetheart bracelet until a read an online article...interesting!
  11. Yes there is!!
  12. I am not sure of the age and style-can anyone help out?
  13. Hubbys granddad carved it when he was just a young boy when he carved it like 9-10
  14. Love it!!
  15. Update...the boys name is Bernard Slauenwhite..
  16. I love tintype to get the approximate age...
  17. Love your dolls-make sure you have the history pertaining to the dolls with them ups the value...nice to have !
  18. Art Deco style-nice!
  19. Hi Thanks
  20. Yes the last name is Hecksel..likely German...if you google founders of Hecksels dog ...something may give you the answer..i would not tamper with them..keep them in their natural state ..nice purchas...
  21. Looks to be bakelite ..there are so many kinds
  22. My dad had the same one!!!
  23. Just simply beautiful!!!!!!
  24. Hi Very need to restore it...keep it in its original condition ..more value!
  25. WOW my parents had one as well!
  26. I have one that is similar!
  27. I love it as well!
  28. No wonder one is grumpy looking..they sat for a long time for exposure geezzzz
  29. I would say from Mexico!
  30. A beauty!!
  31. My mom had the set before..
  32. Hi Yes outside Halifax.Head of St Margarets Bay
  33. Ok A flask..
  34. Hi I have a Rindskopf vase also have a look at mine...nice!!
  35. Such a beauty..
  36. The pieces of glass are melted on..when you wet the vase it looks colred then dries fast giving it a melted candle wax effect
  37. They have straw in them
  38. I didn't see one..I suppose if so it would give the makers name-
  39. We have one of these-70's-
  40. thanks
  41. If this is an original couch it would of been filled with horsehair for stuffing..this couch if looks to be would of been made late 1800's-1910
  42. I t would be nice to have a 3 D image to see what he would look like front on
  43. Yes many cool old tins!
  44. THANKS!!
  45. I Bought the engraved box at a pawn shop but family pieces are among the items here!
  46. Hi I do not think its the same picture.thanks
  47. The tin here was the actual tin he ate out of its a canteen??
  48. I have a lamp shade similar in color
  49. I love the colors!
  50. could be WW1
  51. See more


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