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I love jewelry!


  1. OMG! I love this pair so much!!! They look really beautiful!
  2. Thank you katherinecollections!!!
  3. Thank you Efesgirl and Kyratango!!! :)))
  4. Thank you Efesgirl,Kyratango and Tassiedevil :)))
  5. Thank you so much Efesgirl :)))
  6. Merci beaucoup :))) Oui,elle parle français! Je suis au Québec,Canada :)
  7. Thank you so much Bettyboo! The thrift store that I found this ring doesn't have showcase for jewelry! The owner is a very old lady,it seems like she puts whatever she got into the same basket with...
  8. I love themmmmmm, Antiquerose!
  9. It's beautiful :)
  10. Very beautiful!!!
  11. I love the earings abd the fish brooch! This fish makes me miss Thailand :)
  12. This is very beautiful!!! All of you posts help me a lot! (I read all of them) Thank you for sharing Efesgirl :)
  13. Sorry to hear about your lovely dog!!!
  14. It's very lovely :)
  15. Yes!!! :))) I am not so good with finding the information! I can think in Thai language,but I don't know some words in English LOL And Google translate is not so friendly when I need to translate ...
  16. OMG!!! You are super talented!!! I try so hard to find the information,and then I came back here! You already found out!!! Thank you so much Efesgirl! :)))
  17. Thank you nutsabotas6 and Tassiedavil!!! :)))
  18. Thank you Efesgirl,you are awesome!!!
  19. They are very lvely! :)))
  20. The earings are very interesting and beautiful! I am not so lucky that I din't have much old Thai jewelry... Btw,most of people in SANASEN family are artists,some of them are very famous!
  21. Yes,I have 2 pairs of designer earings Lanvin and Christian Dior... If put them together with this one! I bet nobody can make the different...
  22. Thank you so much Efesgirl!!! :)))
  23. Beautiful brooch,I love it Pebble! I am Thai! (In the past,our country was called Siam) That is Thai old national costume :)
  24. It's very beautiful!!! :)
  25. I love them!!! They look expensive to me!!!
  26. This totally beautiful!!! Yesterday I also found a horse brooch at a flea market near my place! It signed D'orlan...well,I didn't buy because the seller wanted 20$ for it... T T
  27. OMG! They are so beautiful!!!
  28. Thank you lentilka11!!! Actually,I am not always lucky... For example,I ever bought a broken plate just because I thought that it made of silver llllollll it signed Fatto A Mano Silver plated!!! OM...
  29. It's beautiful!!!
  30. This is the only snake that I am not afraid!!! It's beautiful!
  31. Thank you TassieDavil!!! You all are my inspiration :)
  32. This is beautiful!!!
  33. Thank you Martika!!!
  34. Your brooch is very beaytiful! I have a pair of earings signed Jay Flex... The stones on my earings have the same shape at those on your brooch!
  35. Thank you Martika! You all here are my inspiration to have good jewelry!!!
  36. Thank you so much Katherine!!! The shape looks interesting to me :)))
  37. Thank you for your help Efesgirl!!! I will search about This company :)))
  38. Yours is so beautiful!!!
  39. Thank you SEAN!!! I really like it! It's also very soft. :)
  40. This is totally beautiful!!! It looks very elegant!!! I am abig fan of blue color :)))
  42. 2 days ago I looked at your Isadora necklace and after that I tried so hard to find a chic item like that!!!
  43. My grand father in Thailabd has some ivory charms for necklace! Ivory is poplar in my country,(about the belief...) The color is very similar compared with ivory! Well,actually the same color! ...
  44. Oh my!!! Efesgirl mentioned about diamond!!! And I just saw that at the both sides hold little tiny clear stones...but they are super tiny!!! Thank you everybody! This is my abother 50 cent ring! ...
  45. Indeed!!! It followed the light wahooooo!!! I love it!!!
  46. I read on internet and tried the magnet doesn't attract the magnet! But I am still not sure between gold and silver T T I actually can't find any letter at the back :( (or I might need a...
  47. I love micro misaic jewelry!!! I dream to find one like yours,beautiful and still in a very good condition... I have one,a bracelet... The condition is not so ok T T
  48. Or may be they always make them in this way,I am not sure! I was in China in 2011-2012 I could still see some products that I saw when I was kid. :) I will try to find mine and post the photo (but ...
  49. One day,I will find one like this!!! I am dreaming T_T
  50. I am sure this is not old,I have one My friend brought me after she visited her penrent in China last year. It came with the similar box! But I love it,it's very cute and unique thing to have!!!
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