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Edinburgh, Scotland

I have recently been given a family collection of costume jewellery, mostly necklaces from around the 1930s. I'm enjoying wearing the pieces and finding out more aboI have recently been given a family collection of costume jewellery, mostly necklaces from around the 1930s. I'm enjoying wearing the pieces and finding out more about them but I still have a long way to go! (Read more)


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  1. The "UFO" is spectacular, isn't it! I wonder if it was a sort of fastening or button on something. I love the bar brooch with the cream arches on it, shame most of the stones are missing. And I love...
  2. Gorgeous! Love the cats too :)
  3. So pretty!
  4. I immediately thought Czech too. Lovely!
  5. Haha, I was watching those! Glad to see they went to someone I "know". They caught my eye because the brooch reminded me of the Bernard Instone brooch that I got from my Grandma. The surround is more ...
  6. Gorgeous, I love the design of the ring too! I have a tiny butterfly wing pendant that would go well with this!
  7. The carved bit does remind me of carved cinnabar but blue instead of red! I wonder if it was originally in that setting.
  8. Fabulous finds, love the Nielloware panels!
  9. It's beautiful, I hope your daughter enjoys wearing it.
  10. Wow, an absolute beauty!!
  11. It definitely has a similarity to a thistle leaf, also a poppy or some anemone leaves are like that too. Pretty, whatever it is!
  12. I have since found another two of these, I must post them!
  13. Thanks Phil, I still wear this regularly!
  14. Thanks Phil, I've found quite a few including some in the family with the same square gold filled wire findings. It seemed to be a popular style here (Scotland) in the 20s and 30s. Whether they were m...
  15. Thanks Trey, it's an especially sparkly example!
  16. Beautiful, what a skill to be able to make this. It reminds me of a cowrie shell.
  17. That's gorgeous! The green stone might be chrysophase.
  18. Thanks for the love people!
  19. Thanks for your comment Phil, we are in Scotland so it could have originated here, but there is jewellery from all over the world in this collection :) Celine, thanks so much for all that info, wonde...
  20. Link to Georg Jensen brooch: Victorian mourning brooch - this one is tortoiseshell but i found a jet on...
  21. Beautiful!
  22. It's beautiful. I just don't get why, if someone has the skill to make a ring like this, why not build up their own name than selling it as a fake of someone else's work? Just to make money I know but...
  23. They look very similar to my Grandma's old beads here (the yellow one). I still don't know what mine are, definitely not glass so I'm following this post with interest!
  24. Hi Kyra! Thanks for the links, that looks like the one!
  25. My kind of ring! Enjoy wearing it :)
  26. Oh, he's just gorgeous!
  27. I love this! Squinting at the mark it looks like S - something, maybe SW? The 925 is fairly clear.
  28. I'd say 1930s as well. I have a few from family collections that were brought back from Egypt by an uncle around that time. Two of them are hallmarked and date stamped, the other two have no marks on ...
  29. Oh, I love it!
  30. Love these!
  31. All so, so pretty!
  32. I was going to suggest jade because of the way it's carved, but close up it looks like it has little speckles in it that look more like green aventurine. It's so difficult to tell without seeing it in...
  33. I'm no expert but it does look similar. Her and her sister certainly liked their jewellery, that's where most of my collection has come from ;)
  34. They look like sunbed goggles but metal? With a chain? Not very comfortable!!
  35. My great-aunt had a ring with a similar stone, she called it smoky topaz.
  36. Beautiful, all three of them!!
  37. Wonderful!
  38. It's a big job you've taken on! I know it seems overwhelming now, but once you start looking in to these things you will find yourself sucked in... After a while you'll have a much better idea of wher...
  39. Lovely brooch. Great information about the oak leaf too, thank you!
  40. Yes, agree that it's Miracle or similar. The stones are usually glass, and not all of them are signed. Unusual shape though!
  41. Oh, pretty pretty! Interested to see what people say about the beads.
  42. Thanks valentino :)
  43. Just saw the link to this on the eye ring post. I absolutely love it, I'll have to keep an eye out for another one....
  44. So creepy, I love it!
  45. It's a stunner, I love it!
  46. Thanks for your lovely comments Shareurpassion, Efergirl and kyra, I was a bit nervous about posting this (but I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out!!) I need to look up NE From now! The o...
  47. Tassie and freiheit, thanks for your comments, you're very kind to a novice :) It's an eye-opener doing a class like this, I have to say, I thought it was a fairly simple design but it's been a lot of...
  48. I've (almost) finished mine, I've posted it here for you to see. It looks a bit different to yours now it's fi...
  49. Oh my, that's an absolute beauty!
  50. Mine won't look anything like as good, but I'll be happy having made it - it's only the second thing I've made from silver. I'm very lucky that our local council run evening classes in all sorts of s...
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