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Edinburgh, Scotland

I have been given a family collection of costume jewellery, mostly necklaces from around the 1930s. I'm enjoying wearing the pieces and finding out more about them bI have been given a family collection of costume jewellery, mostly necklaces from around the 1930s. I'm enjoying wearing the pieces and finding out more about them but I still have a long way to go! It was the start of the slippery slope into collecting! (Read more)


  1. They look older to me, I think they're handmade glass and not stone. I've had a few strands similar to this myself, in different colours. These have obviously been restrung as you can see with the na...
  2. Close vetraio, it is a zodiac symbol but it's for Pisces, the two fish! Don't know what the stamps on the back are though.
  3. Hi Ionalake164, glad it was useful to you! The brooch that you described is the one representing the star sign Gemini (the twins) in the BJL zodiac series.
  4. It's a lovely one, the colour hasn't faded at all! So pretty.
  5. Thanks for your lovely comments! AdeleC, yes, your brooch is one of the book pieces! I'm sorry I can't post a photo of the advert but I'd be breaking copyright laws. Ms Crystal Ship, most of the i...
  6. More BJL brooches here!
  7. Wedding cake beads, just beautiful and a bargain for $8!! I just love it when you find that stamp on the jump ring :)
  8. So many to choose from but I absolutely love the one on the bottom right!
  9. I collected a lot of these in the 1970s, relatives would bring them back from their holidays. Some were stamped silver, some were just silver coloured. I sold them recently but they didn't make much, ...
  10. Glad it was helpful vintagechique!
  11. Yes, it's a dilemma when selling these things, whether to clean things up or not. Sometimes I'll lightly clean something to take the worst of it off, other times I'll leave it up to the buyer as some ...
  12. With a clasp like that it's not older than the 1990s.
  13. Thanks valentino97, they made the budgie in blue as well, I'm always keeping an eye out for one! Research is always fun, I learn a lot from this site so hopefully this will be useful to people.
  14. Very pretty! I think it says Mexico under the 925 and to the left. The 925 stamp means it is sterling silver (or should be!). I can't make out the three letters to the right of Mexico but they are ...
  15. I've recently found some information about Bohemian Jewellers Ltd. in the book mentioned above so I've summarised the info in the main post. I've collected a few more brooches since I first posted thi...
  16. Some useful info from Kyra there, also have you seen this post on here?
  17. Yes, it looks like butterfly wing to me. What does the back look like? Are there any hallmarks or other marks? Thomas L Mott made a lot of these, usually in sterling silver. This one looks like it's i...
  18. It's lovely, and it does have an arts and crafts look about it, but in those days it would have been stamped Silver, not 925. That makes me think it's a modern piece. I've had a quick google for a mak...
  19. I think you're spot on with Art Deco era Czech glass - could be a Neiger piece, who knows! It's lovely.
  20. Thank you Elisabethan! I keep looking ;)
  21. Thanks Kyra, couldn't believe my luck!
  22. How amazingly clever! They're gorgeous.
  23. Thanks Newfld, They are gorgeous - the photos don't show them at their best! Thanks also TassieDevil, Watchsearcher, Hel1, aura, fortapache, valentino97 for the love.
  24. Where are they all coming from?! Wonderful.
  25. Lovely old wedding cake beads. I would say Art Deco with that barrel screw clasp. What an absolute bargain!
  26. Gorgeous!
  27. That's extremely pretty!
  28. I'd say it looks like a Czech glass brooch, they used a lot of pressed glass, faux turquoise and filigree just like this. It's lovely!
  29. Awesome! 3 was the first Peter Gabriel album I bought. I went to see him years later on the "So" tour. What a performer!
  30. Looks Czech to me, and my first thought was Neiger too!
  31. Wow, and all for 1 EUR!! Fabulous!
  32. Gorgeous, haven't seen that shape before!
  33. Great post, very informative! I have my Grandma's Brodie helmet from WW2, she was a civilian fire warden. It's lost it's lining though. My son had fun wearing it to school earlier this year for thei...
  34. What a fab experience, and lovely gifts!
  35. Gorgeous, I love uranium glass, and faceted beads like these! I've seen a few with mixed beads, I have one with graduated oval cream-coloured beads and only about 1/3 of the necklace are uranium bea...
  36. Such beautiful colours, and thanks for the background story!
  37. It's lovely and I see what you mean, but I can't help thinking that Instone would have used a closed-back setting for anything that isn't a faceted stone. I've never seen him use pau shell/abalone eit...
  38. Fab collection, love them all!
  39. Yes, with that many facets I would guess it's more likely to be crystal. Enjoy wearing it!
  40. Gorgeous! Those metal links, in particular the flat shepherd's crook clasp, are typically art deco. Without them being signed there's no way to know for sure where they're from. If only they could tal...
  41. There are lots of Venetian glass beads, but I've seen so many with the Czech stamp on the jump ring that I suspect people listing them just copy the Venetian name from other listings regardless. I gue...
  42. Hi Hamish, they're beautiful beads, what a fab find! I love the colours. A lot of these foiled glass beads are Czech in origin, many of them come from the Art Deco period. It's a shame that the cla...
  43. Love it! I think with the colour and silver flakes in it is an AVeM Tutti Fritti ashtray like mine. Did you see this link?
  44. Thanks Newfld, Gillian and Bill for your comments :) I do see BJL brooches popping up on Ebay occasionally, I saw the seahorse one once but not the budgie. Just noticed this listing, I love these t...
  45. It's fab! I'd wear it :)
  46. The "UFO" is spectacular, isn't it! I wonder if it was a sort of fastening or button on something. I love the bar brooch with the cream arches on it, shame most of the stones are missing. And I love...
  47. Gorgeous! Love the cats too :)
  48. So pretty!
  49. I immediately thought Czech too. Lovely!
  50. Haha, I was watching those! Glad to see they went to someone I "know". They caught my eye because the brooch reminded me of the Bernard Instone brooch that I got from my Grandma. The surround is more ...
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