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I am an anachronism. A pseudo-intellectual that writes in esoteric, long winded prose and often dresses like it is 1958 (or 1978, depending on the cufflinks of choicI am an anachronism. A pseudo-intellectual that writes in esoteric, long winded prose and often dresses like it is 1958 (or 1978, depending on the cufflinks of choice). I have been collecting cufflinks since I was 6 years old (over 30 years as of 2014). I pilfered my Dad's jewelry box and found a beautiful over the top pair of cufflinks that he told me that he wore to the wedding reception dinner with my mom in 1976. He said I could have them and my collection was born in 1984. Been collecting ever since. I have an interest in anything mid-century. Vintage barware, cigarette cases, table lighters, and of course men's haberdashery like cufflinks and tie clips. I comb swap meets weekly and am always looking for a killer deal or a simple good value. Outside of collecting (i.e. the REAL world) I work in banking, have twin 11 year olds, and a wife of 14 years. When not at work, I can be found playing poker somewhere in Las Vegas, donning cufflinks, and playing a vintage original GameBoy. Feel free to say hello and thanks for checking out my page. (Read more)


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  1. A little Epilogue to this post: I finally found a jeweler that I trust and I brought him several things to repair and fix, and these cufflinks were included. He replaced the batteries in them and...
  2. A post script to this story: Shortly after I posted this, I dug out my ORIGINAL GameBoy and tried that one out for size instead of this 1995 era pocket version. I found that I liked the weight and ...
  3. No problem. I apologize for my long winded, esoteric writing style, but it kind of goes with the name. ;-) Good luck!
  4. Hello! Though button cuff dress shirts are much more commonplace today, back when men had style and people actually cared about how they dressed when going out in public, cufflinks were the norm. T...
  5. Hello Masterpearl, Thanks for calling me in. I have gotten really busy with work and life in the past few weeks and haven't visited CW in a while. Thanks for bringing me back ! I will check it out.
  6. Thanks for posting katherine! I miss my Papa too. You can probably precisely date that Timex with the serial number and google. That was how I researched my Seiko and Waltham.
  7. Yes, I am pretty sure I was one of the first comments on it. Real nice corporate logo cufflink collection.
  8. Virginia! Very nice. I have been there when I attended Georgetown for a semester many many moons ago. My mom was from Akron, Ohio. I mainly know Ohio from the movie Christmas Story and Higbees Depa...
  9. And yes, I really like my new job and company. :) Plus, it's only about 13 minutes from my house, which is a HUGE plus. :) :) :) It's the little things in life, ya know? I am looking forward ...
  10. Thanks Jewels! I just got back from an all night poker session. Work starts in about 2.5 hours. I'm used to it. ;) Where are you located? The pics of your house look beautiful! Midwest somewhere?
  11. Unfortunately, I can't help at all. I am not an expert in this sort of thing, even though I own I think about 200 tie bars (I'm more of a cufflink guy), but I do think it is a very nice piece. Not bec...
  12. Very nice find!
  13. For the first time in over about 3 months, I missed the swap meet last weekend. We took a family weekend trip to Big Bear Mountain in SoCal so the kids could play in the snow and we could relax before...
  14. In commemoration of their 50th anniversary in 2014, the Jerry's Nugget family offered to pay to fully restore their original Jerry's sign that was unrestored in the Neon Museum boneyard. The museum ag...
  15. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing. I love the vintage postcard pics. It was certainly a different time. Happy New Year!
  16. Happy Festivus.
  17. Wow. I have been on this site for a couple months now, and this post is, by far, the one I am most envious of. That is a SUPERB collection of logo cufflinks. What kind of advice are you looking ...
  18. Interesting viewpoint, blunderbuss. Thank you for posting and for the love, everyone! Happy New Year!
  19. Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for the love and for the comments!
  20. Thank you for the comments everyone! You know the risks when you decide to smoke. If you get cancer, you can't blame anyone but yourself. If you eat a lot of fast food, you will get fat. If you drink ...
  21. Broadacres is not an ordinary market. That's for sure. It's over 1100 vendors, including fly-by-nighters that rent a space for a single day as well as permanent vendors that maintain a storage shed...
  22. Regis gallerie? I've been it before. Very nice. I will be at the swap meet as usual this weekend. Should be a pretty good crowd of people trying to off the crap that they got. :)
  23. Nice! You didn't want to join him? Is he a collector too? If he is here over the weekend, he could check out Broadacres (The Vegas Swap Meet). It is worth going just for the experience of the whole th...
  24. Haha! Thanks for posting everyone! You all are welcome to send a carton my way! Through online research I discovered that Chesterfield cigarettes are no longer sold in the US market. They are exclusiv...
  25. I have FINALLY figured out the ??????? that conclude my posts when I post from my iPhone. It is the EMOJI! Whenever I end a post with an emoticon (which I often do), it translates that into ???? becau...
  26. I think you had it righty he first time. ????????????
  27. Sure. That's what they all say. Spam Fried Rice FTW!
  28. Of course on Christmas morning, the calm before the storm of kid's feet running down the hallway allows me to jump on the CW and search for "Vintage Christmas" and sure enough, Jewels pops up. Love...
  29. Merry Christmas to you, Weirdpuckett! Thanks for posting that story. I do tend to hang out in casinos more often than I should. Often when I get off work, which means that I am walking through the ...
  30. Thanks for the love everyone, and Merry Christmas!
  31. I missed this comment a month ago. Thank you Virginia! Merry Christmas!
  32. The superb irony of this matchbook goes to the story of why the Silver City failed and eventually became a Ross. They were the first Las Vegas casino to go 100% non-smoking. The policy lasted for ...
  33. Awesome. I go out of my way to be sure to cover the Dunes on my tours. It is not a "required" topic, but I have always been a fan of that old standby. We stayed there in the mid 1980s a few times. I m...
  34. The takeover of the Mint by Binion's Horseshoe in 1988 was a lot more significant than a lot of people realize. It wasn't until the Mint was acquired that Binion's Horseshoe had a permanent poker room...
  35. Slight correction. The Lady Luck is now the Downtown Grand. The D was formerly the Fitzgerald's. Derek Stevens and his brother own the D (formerly Fitzgeralds) as well as the Golden Gate. The Fitz...
  36. Back when Fresh & Easy had a daly clearance section, my wife and I would go and raid it daily. They always did their final markdowns right about an hour before closing. At one point, they literally ha...
  37. Ah!!! Stop hugging a tree and eating organic crap like quinoa for a day and indulge in one if America's greatest indulgences. Look at it this way, here in Vegas, you can get deep fried Twinkies an...
  38. Super jelly. ??
  39. Ignore those damn "????"
  40. Spam is delicious. One of the most underrated things you can only find in Hawaii is Spam Musubi at every local gas station convenience store. That and the McDonald's breakfast meal of Portuguese S...
  41. Thank you vetraio! Warm holiday greetings to you as well! Thank you for the kind words Virginia! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also!
  42. All of that list is 100% accurate, to the dollar. The Sterling Silver candelabra was my best Vegas swap meet find of all time. Almost 5 pounds of pure sterling from the 1940s.
  43. You'll shoot your eye out!
  44. Best Show & Tell post EVER.
  45. I am old. Still love this film though.
  46. Big! I liked the executive woman that he was with. And the walk away scene at the end when he looks back and smiles and she realizes she slept with a 14 year old. That and the Robert Loggia piano ...
  47. She's hot.
  48. Thank you Jewels! What I like about the BTTFII keychain is that it is original. I got it as a stocking stuffer during Christmas 1989 and it was one of my favorites so I attached it to my GameBoy case ...
  49. You were doing vintage gaming before vintage gaming became cool. Hipsters be damned. I was wearing cufflinks long before that SeanJean idiot starting making all his "designer" shirts French Cuff. Nowa...
  50. This is actually one of the reasons why I love my iPhone. Let's break this down for a second. My iPhone knew to autocorrect the word DUCK to the word FUCK, because it knows me so well. Artifici...
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