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I'm a computer/network person by trade, now retired. I like antiques, music, woodworking, and travel. I am pretty eclectic in my tastes, but I really like Deco, enamI'm a computer/network person by trade, now retired. I like antiques, music, woodworking, and travel. I am pretty eclectic in my tastes, but I really like Deco, enameled metal , Vaseline/Depression glass, Maxfield Parrish and art pottery. My email is Please mention CW in the subject, I tend to dump stuff if I don't know what it is. The fun part is the search! (Read more)


  1. I think you nailed it, tallcakes! Thanks, the soup bowl sure looks like Roseville. I knew someone here would have the answer!
  2. Thanks Phil and Newfld!
  3. I’m sorry Apostata, thanks for your interest, but I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re saying. Phil, thanks for the kind words! I’ve been around the block a time or two and have never seen...
  4. No, Riorns I did not. Does yours have the same mark? Hope you like yours as much as I do!
  5. Seva, if you have those pics I'd like to see them. Thanks!
  6. Chicoaga Check Ebay/Etsy. I took a quick look at Ebay, and there are a ton on there, but since I don't know what your pattern is, I didn't send any links. Also, I'm sure your local Antiques store will...
  7. That's a nice one, Mrstyndall! My wife collects Farber Brothers Krome Kraft, and its sister line, Silvercraft. The pieces were both beautiful and practical, as the glass was made to snap in and out fo...
  8. Very cool!!!
  9. Thanks, Dragonflypearl!
  10. Thanks for the comment Stumbledupon! Hope you like them as much as I like mine.
  11. Very cool!!!
  12. I'm glad this brought back those memories tjmoon. I learned to drive a stick on a late 40s Willys station wagon. Ah, youth!
  13. Sure is my favorite typeface! I love deco!
  14. I thought it was a tubing bender with a Proto ratchet , but what you have is a VINTAGE BELL SYSTEM LINEMAN HAND TOOL, CRIMPER/SLICER. I know, cause it says so right here, LOL:
  15. Thanks, Mother_Earth!
  16. Thanks, Nicefice! And I love the deco!!!!!
  17. Thanks, ho2cultcha!
  18. Awesome piece, and I love the story!
  19. Some of that stuff is twice as old as I am! Besides, if they want to drag me to Australia, I might go...
  20. Mac own; I'd love to see your pin as well. There are a lot of savvy collectors here. Post the best pics you can, both sides. Many of these were sterling, some were even gold!
  21. Scott. I saw the " trench art" label when I researched it. I think I agree with you though. Thanks for looking!
  22. Share, sorry I missed your comment totally. Thank you. Elizabethan, I have bought quite a few things because they were too pretty to leave. I picked up a Roseville vase like that. Was quite broken, bu...
  23. Man that is beautiful! Suitable for hanging on a wall in a frame! I love the deco stuff, and that is for sure. I love when people take the time to make stuff look good as well as function well!
  24. Scott, I received a comment on one of my pieces, and I noticed you had commented with a link to this piece. I wanted you to see the piece I found as well:
  25. As far as I know, these were WWI pins, The flags were US, Britan and France. I don't think they would have been on a US Civil war pin. This would have been worn by someone here in the states who had a...
  26. Thanks, Amatoor!
  27. Does the back adjust? Possibly a rod with hooks, etc.? If so, it is called a Morris Chair. Very nice piece, enjoy it!
  28. And just think of the millions of dollars we waste every year paying these crooks!
  29. I meant that last bit to say lint... sorry.
  30. Boy, blunderbuss, you nailed this one too! What ever happened to thew clause about unreasonable search, warrants, etc? Everyone who studies this calls it Security Theater. It has never stopped one ter...
  31. I think Blunderbuss nailed it!
  32. Thanks, Gillian!
  33. I love the tumbler! Beautiful design
  34. Thanks, Nicefice!
  35. It looks like it might have been made in India from the patterns.
  36. Thanks for all the loves, everyone!
  37. Thanks, Nice, and for even more loves!
  38. Hi Epson. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I have the 2 perfume jars in the back, but never knew what the stoppers should look like until now! The lamps are (of course) amazingly beautiful...
  39. Yes, eye, that's the fun part!
  40. Eye4, thanks for your help with this. And thanks for all the loves, everyone
  41. Eye4, Those are really close, but mine isn't round. But, thank's to your research, I think what I have is a 1930's water bottle. Thanks for all the help!!!!
  42. Thanks Quickred!
  43. Thanks ho2! That does help. Still haven't found an exact match. This one looks... Special somehow. This is the fun part, right?
  44. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  45. Thanks vetraio50 I think you might be correct. That would be sweet!
  46. Thanks EZa! And Eye, the google search I did turned up exactly 2... Mine and a green one. There were a couple on the auction sites, sold in 2010. Anyone ever hear of
  47. Thanks for the comment Dave. No reason to delete, it makes sense by itself!
  48. Thanks for the loves mike and agh!
  49. Neat form. Those don't look like hand cut dovetails. I'd guess late 19th/early 20th century. I haven't seen one like it. What are the measurements?
  50. I recently found out this pattern is called Klyro. I found another piece and was researching it. I'll get a pic up.
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