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Clemons, NY

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A layoff was my excuse to pursue a dream of becoming an antique dealer. It's a scary and exciting time. My daughter has given me two beautiful grandchildren, my soA layoff was my excuse to pursue a dream of becoming an antique dealer. It's a scary and exciting time. My daughter has given me two beautiful grandchildren, my son is in college studying fine art, and a partner that loves the same things as I do. I am a very lucky woman. (Read more)


  1. I once heard that you could figure on $20 a gallon, though I think those days are gone. We have quite a few, and I still see them here and there for $200 to $300 without "pocks" or cracks. That's he...
  2. I'm guessing English transferware ironstone? turn of the century?
  3. Thank you all so much!! You all make it so much more fun to collect stuff!
  4. I was thinking maybe "the North Wind" but dragon.... I like that! Thanks
  5. Love the sentiment.....I'm starting to feel exactly the same way
  6. I'd love to see a close up of just one leaf. Your work is just gorgeous!!!
  7. I really love how much you can learn on this site! Thank you!
  8. Wow, thank you so much. Is there any way of telling between it being Kemple or Wheaton? Thanks again!!!
  9. I believe I discovered this may be a bed smoother.....
  10. I love chromolithographs, and have started to collect them. I've seen them go for as much as $125 to $150, and would be surprised if they aren't worth more! Nice find!
  11. I'll have to see if that fits....I have lots of oil lamps. Thanks for the suggestions. I will rewire the 50's lamp. I just took it apart to be able to clean it. I LOVE lamps. It's probably my fav...
  12. Thanks Tamara. I thought they were too small for a torchiere, but it would help if I posted the size. There were 10 of them in the lamp. They stand about 3-3/4 inches high, top opening 1-3...
  13. Just a guess, but maybe there was a piece of artwork on the easel, and the light illuminated it.
  14. I'd like to see some additional pics!
  15. I love old lamps, and The Miller Lamp Co was in Meriden, CT. My "uncle" used to work there. Meriden also was home to Bradley & Hubbard...another great lamp company. I love your karma theory. Kin...
  16. We have one similar to this, but with a brown band. It was sold to us a funnel. I don't think that holder went with it originally. It seems like the handles are in the way.....but that's my guess....
  17. Hi Thriftfan.. I couldn't have said it better! I do exactly the same thing.
  18. I have to ask him again who he bought them from, but a antique dealer friend bought them back when Florenza went out of business. He never did anything with them until he sold them to me. Yes most o...
  19. I think this is a beautiful purse, and love the work that went into it. I believe it is cross stitch and not needle point though.
  20. US Pat. 2034129 - Filed Nov 1, 1935 M. BOUCHER BROOCH ASSEMBLAGE Filed Nov. 1, 1935 2034129 aq3. I3a iGd INVENTOR ree Patented Mar. 17, 1936 2034129 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2034129.
  21. No, I say reupholster and enjoy.....chairs were meant to be sat in!
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