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email directly: I'm a fleeting collector with no real attachment, aside from a few items in life. If you like something and are interestemail directly: I'm a fleeting collector with no real attachment, aside from a few items in life. If you like something and are interested in it, let me know. ....... Apparently I really like clocks. Who knew. (Read more)


  1. what is that called, that "finish" over the blue? It's beautiful
  2. Is anyone familiar with the signature?
  3. thanks aghcollect
  4. oh wow! this is so beautiful.
  5. Ahhh Ok, I can see that. The two 9s are different enough that the second wouldn't be. Perhaps.
  6. Is it 1959 with the last 9 backwards? Just to clarify
  7. I love the lines on this bike, such cool styling
  8. Very cool!
  9. I do admit there is quite a bit going on here. And I don't really think that this was a daily trade for the maker but I will say that a lot of time, effort and love went into it. I wish I knew a back ...
  10. Thank you blunderbuss2 and antiquerose
  11. Thank you aghcollect
  12. Love it! You and I share similar stories from our Grandfathers and their heroic fire chairs-- mine saved the one I have posted on here too, his brother threw it on a fire as they were cleaning out a n...
  13. Thanks for the love Jewels
  14. Ta very much aghcollect
  15. Thank you aghcollect and vetraio50!
  16. Thanks Richkimy 
  17. Thanks for the live Sean68 and Racer4four
  18. Thanks Jewels and CindB
  19. Thanks aghcollect, vetraio50 and sklo42!
  20. Whatever it is, I dig it.
  21. Oh wow! So so so beautiful, they look delicious.
  22. Oh wow! Jagsrock95 what a collection! Its neat to see more like it.... Very cool. yesterdaysglass, idcloisonne and sklo42 Thanks for the info. Glad I"m getting some consistent feedback and not findin...
  23. Thanks for the love racer4four, antiquerose, SEAN68, sklo42, vetraio50 and aghcollect. And yes, after looking at others I agree with both of you, probably Murano. So pretty.
  24. Very beautiful. Have you wound it? I'm curious what it sounds like. I bet it's adorable.
  25. I've seen similar vessels like this in the past and I want to say they were made of leather. There's my two cents. Interesting to say the least.
  26. Thanks for the input, I'll swap out a picture for a shot of the bottom, great insight. Thanks!
  27. I've got a vase that I found recently that is very similar and I'm curious to see if yours are the same as mine. I'll post it up in a minute here, check it out and let me know what you think...
  28. I must have been in a hurry to just get it in the house and out of the way the night I got it because I completely missed the mark on the back. It says Majestic Model 98-1800 Franklin Heater ...
  29. Fhrjr2 thanks for the tip, I'll try your cleaning method when I get it outside next. Thankfully I don't have a tractor to heat oil for.
  30. Ripley, that is what it was described to me as. I'll have alook at the two companies you listed. Thanks for the great info.
  31. After looking around more at Gilbert clocks and wandering into other makers I've seen it and others very similar on lots of clocks now. I may have to pull her apart and have a better look at the guts.
  32. Oh how beautiful!
  33. Thanks Kerry10456, I didn't think any of these were really old except for maybe the New Haven but now I'm not so sure on that one either.
  34. Oh. My. Geez. I'm laughing so hard right now. You might want to go back and see if anyone was throwing out some sanitizer or rash cream as well. Too funny.
  35. Riply206 me too! Thanks for the love everyone!
  36. Thanks Shawnicus! The the room sounds like something out of a Hitchcock movie when they are all running. I've learned to wind one (OK maybe 2) at a time to save my sanity. I look forward to seeing wha...
  37. Could you potentially slip pieces of paper or cards in between the metal sticks?
  38. Reminds me of a Hat Pin holder stand. I'm probably way off the mark.
  39. This is gorgeous!
  40. Cool LampLoverLady! I'd love to see it sometime if you get a chance to post a picture.
  41. These are great! Recently I happened to be in line behind some kids at a convenience store who were paying for candy and trying for a pack of cigarettes.... They had a stack of silver certificate One ...
  42. I agree with you on the marbles.... no chance of corrosion or binding. I've used marbles for other unconventional applications as well like floating my old carousel cd player on them to fix a skippin...
  43. OK Geez, my eyes are getting bad. I just realized I'm looking at different pieces not just one from several angles. Sorry, duh having a moment here.
  44. Hi, this is really beautiful and I've never seen anything like it before but I'm having trouble understanding where the geisha picture is located (from the first picture) on the body of the teapot.......
  45. Are we correct in thinking this is dyed bamboo cuttings?
  46. Blunderbuss2 the last picture shows a close up of oneach of the rollers inset on the underside of the seat part. They mate with the groove shown in the top of the base part.
  47. Beautiful
  48. Racer4four maybe, who knows how it ended up where it was. And naughty, you bet! :)
  49. HA! Wow. That is definitely something. I can see why it stuck in your mind.
  50. Wow! I love these. Years ago as I poor and struggling student of life I came across one of these carved cork scenes and it was massive! Probably 2 feet by 10 inches and 18 inches tall with many layers...
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