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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I help others sell vintage tools on the Internet


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  1. The jaws are parallel. They are also very light and, the metal is thin.
  2. I myself am an ex-Catholic school student, your nuns were a lot kinder that mine.
  3. You guys are better than GOOGLE, thank you. Steve
  4. Thank you gentlemen.
  5. You guys are amazing, thank you so much for your help. Steve
  6. Slackjack: Thank you for that advice, I never knew of Google Images, I am grateful for your help. Steve
  7. Slackjack: I'm not saying you are wrong, but I thought that cedar shingle hammers had more of a tomahawk looking head and were larger?
  8. Yep that is it, neither one of these show the item opened. Perhaps it is not supposed to open, but it sure looks like it should.
  9. Thank you guys, your the best.
  10. Thanks guys for the help.
  11. Thank you guys, you always have the right answer.
  12. Thank you guys.
  13. Thank you, again for your help.
  14. Yes, when you look closely it does appear to be trimmed. Whoever did it, did a good job.
  15. I have seen most of the links you guys have mentioned. Regard the comment from Motoolz, he might have hit on something. When I look at the ends, one does not look like the other. Why would anyone do s...
  16. Jack, Thank you for your time. You helped me a great deal. Steve
  17. Another mystery solved, thank you.
  18. Thank you guys, you are the best.
  19. Will Do, Thanks.
  20. fhrjr2: I'm an old retired dude. Since I retired in 2001 I have a hobby (too small to be a business) I sell items for clients on Ebay. I've been selling tools for this one guy for over 5 years. I do a...
  21. fhrjr2: I think as usual you are right on. Most of the shucking tools I've seen have somewhat of a pointer front.
  22. I guess where I get cornfused is some place where I've read about Butcher, a number of so called experts said Butcher never made planes. But from my previous experience with your comments you have alw...
  23. If your right, this Hallaway fella might be the maker of this plane, you think?
  24. Butcher made the iron. The plane was made by someone else, who, I don't know, if I could make out the first letter in the marking, I'd know. I've been wrong before, but I can not find where Butcher ma...
  25. Their is a Scottish plane maker named Holloway, you are right about Great Britain I think.
  26. You da man, thanks again.
  27. Thanks. A mallet, it is flat on the bottom, how would one use it? Would you just hold it in your hand and instead of swinging it, you just go straight down? I thought the item you called a cone shaped...
  28. Thanks guys, you'er the very best.
  29. Once again the gang at Collectors Weekly, are as right as rain, thanks.
  30. Would you use it if you were a welder?
  31. That's what the nuns used to tell me.
  32. You guys are great. I never would have guessed it was a kitchen tool. Thanks
  33. Congcu: You are the man, thank you so much. I've learned a great deal from the guys who post information on this site. No fake news here. Steve
  34. I agree.
  35. Three Cheers for the Irish, thank you my friend. Steve
  36. Not spring loaded, yes they open and close depending on which way you crank. You might be right about the sex toy, it could look this way after a great deal of use.
  37. Yes, sir re Bob!
  38. Yep, I'm a city kid. You guys are really good. Thanks
  39. Are you sure? I've seem numerous molding planes, never saw one like this.
  40. Never considered that, it's 12" long. and has the forward and reverse lock on it.
  41. Motoolz: Thanks for your reply, but looking through Google, I was unable to find a "skive", that looked like this one.
  42. I believe that these were made as crate or box openers…back when wooden shipping crates had lids that were nailed in place (that needed to be pried open) Emily L. Ruby Curator Senator John Heinz Hi...
  43. Roy, thank you. You are the man.
  44. Yes, the it does rotate.
  45. fhrjr2, thank you for answering my question, you'er the man.
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