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Palm Springs, California

Love so many things... estate sales, garage sales, and vintage... I'm afflicted and hope to never be cured!!


  1. I love it and have one also... tons and tons of slides and accessories! If you would like a few slides let me know!
  2. Thank you for your interest and time helping me! I am stumped and have been researching this for quite some time. Grandma was reported to have a piece from the Ming Dynasty but I have doubts this is i...
  3. Asian... oh my misspelling... where are my glasses!
  4. Surfdub66 I am selling on ebay right now.... for a very good reason... to be able to spend more time with my full bloodied siblings I found after 50 years! I sure HOPE someone buys it so I can! 4 bro...
  5. I dont know? So strange
  6. I don't know surfdub66 I have heard rumors in the family of Ming Dynasty.... what do you think?
  7. It sure looks like it to me.... right down to the legs with brass.... hhhhhmmmm?
  8. Ahhhhh ha..... nowwe may know about this embroidary framed village i have with crochet flowers... and i cant sew at all.... phooey... may have to learn!,
  9. racer4four... I have found some quilting [squares] and fabric unfinished and she made some embroidery pieces... I didn't know any of this until I opened the boxes... To me she was the most loving G...
  10. Thank you olofz.... the name is Schwab...
  11. I believe Kosta Boda now perhaps?
  12. I LOVE THIS.... Its different.... and Coca-cola!!! Whoop Whoop!!
  13. Beyondbelief I love this piece... I have to agree with stefdesign.... I do not KNOW ANYTHING about sewing or needlepoint etc... HOWEVER, the way the way the girl is dressed... screams late 1940's MA...
  14. I think it may be the Pelican of Piety? Perhaps? Come see the family Crest on my page... looks like the animal on top! Love this button!
  15. Also I learned that Zagreb was and still is a leather tooling and handcrafting area to this day! What a beautiful lost art form!! I also love your design with circles... I love how Mid-Century Modern...
  16. Thank you Racer4four!!!
  17. Thank you everyone for the comments... My grandparents were Czech and Bohemian...
  18. Vetraio50 need lots of help with the next item... Madonna and baby... faceless.... looks like an Academy Award Statue!!! Posting in just a minute
  19. Ohhhh Antiquerose thank you for looking at all my things and helping me... Would you possibly spread the word on my next post? I am truly stumped... Its a statue that kind of looks like the Academy A...
  20. It seems to be.... stitched on... with the thread the Zagreb and 1926 was made with! Vetraio50... and btw... thank you for helping me with everything!!
  21. Awwww.... thank you inky...
  22. It appears to be beads and some glass vetrio50
  23. OMG!!!!! vetraio50 I have something like this also however it says 1926 Zagreb on it with some markings... I will post it in a couple of minutes... this is Arts and Crafts Era for sure!!!
  24. Antiquerose which by the way was my Grandmothers name AND my middle name AND my granddaughters... I think your RIGHT I have found a very similar one.... Thank you!
  25. Im feeling Murano again.... hhhhhmmmmmmm.?
  26. Could you come check out a heavy vase that sat on my fathers dresser for over 50 years... it too is very heavy 5 lbs... im stumped
  27. I love them too... but yikes too long.... lol
  28. I posted the photos of the base if it helps? I'm stumped!
  29. Ooooops you said 1950's.... sorry blonde moment....
  30. I love collecting these kinds of Coke items.... I have a few metal signs, chalkboard menu one... but this is a true treasure from the 1940's? or maybe early 50's? and because it was your Fathers... p...
  31. vetriaio50 and racer4four... 2 more photos hope this helps... very heavy!! approx 5 lbs!!
  32. Love these guys... i have quite a few... another one of my passions... Toys I REFUSE to grow up and you cant make me... your not the boss of me... nanner naner... lol Sorry slipped and tripped back in...
  33. Thank you racer4four... Does your family race? My sons raced Motocross.... hence the MX in my name!
  34. I will take a photo of the base but it looks like it was cut all one big piece... I know its over 50 years old as it sat on my fathers dresser my whole life!
  35. Beautiful!!!
  36. Love this piece... GORGEOUS! Maybe you can help me with an item I have that is similar? I will post in a few minutes! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!
  37. Yes the feet... I'm sorry... 4 generations played with it... worn from love!
  38. Awesome!!! Love it... I laughed also... uhhhh hum"true" cough cough.... haha
  39. I have one too... in a wooden frame... but mine looks like a German Cottage in the background! I have been wondering how old it is? Hhhhmmmmm
  40. I have a fondness for these too! Can't say why? I have never 'ridden' one in a barn! I think I started buying them to hold up things in my trees.... but I just love the look of them... have to pos...
  41. fhrjr2... yes that is correct! If not longer... I don't know how long the wife had them before that unopened! I had no idea tools were so collectable!!
  42. Awww love it!!! We are kindred Grandmother gifting twins then!!!
  43. YOUR RIGHT.... I do hope they don't become afflicted with this horrible insatiable appetite for collecting!!! Haha One in a family is enough!!
  44. My favorite... Galle'.... Very nice collection!
  45. Awww Thank you....kyratango.... I am happy your impatient to see more.... my kids eyes glaze over with boredom when I start showing them pieces and telling them the History! HOORAY I have found my c...
  46. I just bought one at a garage sale for $3... my husband tightened screws and gave it a bit of love... works like a champ... it sure can move the air! Wow... I am now hooked on the fan!! Beautiful!...
  47. I love it... I have a Galle'!! I would say it is possible! So much fun researching it all!
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