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  1. Thanks wizkid, I look forward to hearing if it’s the same type of notebook. I know this is a pretty standard photo of him during his Red Sox days, so I wouldn’t be too surprised.
  2. Thank you MP. That makes sense. I knew it had something to do with Van Gogh, but I’ve never seen that particular painting. You can really see the difference. Van Gogh wins again. Ha.
  3. Amazing story. You found what many of us in here strive to find - a one of a kind historic treasure.
  4. Just awesome.
  5. Thanks guys. I went back to an older post of mine that was of 2 baseball tintypes to show you guys, but it looks like you already commented on those 6 months ago with a ton of information. Thanks ...
  6. What about the tintype makes you think it was from a Simon Wing camera? Because most gem tintypes were? Do you think it’s from the 1860s or 1870s? I know they were most popular in the 1860s, but after...
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. Newbie606, do you know anything else about the plaster statue we both have? I can't find a thing on the plater ones. Thanks.
  9. Thanks all.
  10. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/d/daybi01.shtml If you scroll down to "Batting" you can find his hitting record. Looks like he wasn't a great hitter (2 hits in 43 career at bats) for ...
  11. Thanks Keramikos! Thanks for the links - I've also checked these out also in doing research on Don Hatfield. A great modern-day impressionist artist. I've seen examples online that say it's from 19...
  12. I emailed Abbott Pattison's son to ask him if he believed this piece was authentic and if he could give me a time period. He runs a site with his father's artwork and biographical information. He said...
  13. Yep. I saw that old post. I think it's the post that actually got me started with Collectors Weekly because I was looking for info on Manuel Munoz Merida. Thanks Matisse!
  14. Filmnet. Please continue. Seems like something got cut off. Thanks!
  15. Thanks Newfld!
  16. Thanks Phil. I know nothing about soapstone other than what I've seen online with other foo dogs. Makes sense that this would be soapstone too. I appreciate it.
  17. Groovy, Mary H.
  18. Amazing piece
  19. Thanks, Alan. I appreciate it.
  20. That's very possible because the paint is really loaded on there and it's pretty rough as far as detail because of this, but there are definitely spots where you can see brush strokes. And you can se...
  21. It's about 9", so larger than an ash tray, but I did have that thought too because of the ridges on top.
  22. Thank you. I just wish it wasn't in such bad shape.
  23. Thank you. They were an unbelievable find a couple years ago.
  24. I have heard that. I swear this isn’t it. Haha.
  25. Seems the bolts are decorative. The legs are screwed in from the bottom and you can see space where the bolt would go into the wood. The size is about 31” wide by 12” deep by 19” tall. Smaller than wh...
  26. This could be Myrtle McAteer who won the U.S. open in 1900 or Marion Jones who won Wimbledon in 1900. The hair and the dress match pics of them playing tennis in their day. Crazy they had to play in d...
  27. Thanks! I'll check when I get home tonight and answer your questions and add the pic of the bottom of it. Appreciate the help.
  28. Oh, I didn't see your question. It might actually just be from 1900 like it says, but that does seem like a suspicious year. I'm not sure someone today would want to create something so oddly specific...
  29. That thing is amazing, whatever it is.
  30. Thank you Lizzy. That's some amazing information. I guess this is solved because I can't think of anything that could be more specific than this. Thanks so much.
  31. I hadn't seen these on eBay since I purchased this, until yesterday when I decided to look again. I saw two identical to mine in paper type and size and apparently they were pressed in the early 20th ...
  32. Looks like a huge gummy bear. The pineapple flavor that is yellowish clear/white. I love it.
  33. Thank you, Dave. I appreciate the info.
  34. Now, that's a Christmas postcard. Nice card.
  35. Toyrebel, Is it a toy (I'm asking because of your user name)? Do you know much about this since you said you remember them? Do you think it's actually from Germany? Thanks for any help.
  36. I own some similar items of Babe Ruth. The "companies" (probably a one to two person operation) that made these would cut images out of yearly baseball guides from Spalding, Reach and in this case, Wh...
  37. Mystery or not, that thing is awesome.
  38. Thanks Phil. It's more like a paper on canvass I think. As if the paper were glued to the canvas. Would be cool if it was directly on the canvas like in the technique you mentioned. Maybe it is and I'...
  39. Wow. This is unbelievable. Very important piece of baseball history.
  40. Yep. I've never seen it in person, but I've heard it's smaller than you would think. The repro that I have is even smaller. Thanks for your info.
  41. Thank you for the information. And, yes, I was thinking it's possible that this could have been for making the molds, but I'm not sure you'd mount that afterward. It does look identical to the one ...
  42. I think if the sprinkler were as rusty as the bird itself, it would look better. It does seem like kind of an afterthought, but kind of suits it at the same time.
  43. Thank you. That's helpful. Either way, I love this rusty bird.
  44. Looks like one sold on eBay on November 3rd for $100. Looks like the figurine is called Tollu. 3 others sold for a little less in September and October. Hope that helps. C. Alan Johnson figurines s...
  45. Pics are here: https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/254654-manuel-munoz-mrida-painting
  46. Has anyone here ever heard of Manuel Munoz Mérida painting in black, white and brown on board rather than canvas? It’s a large painting that is around 24”x38.” It is clearly the same signature and ...
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