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California Boonies

An old retired lady.


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Need ID Help Please For Japanese? Pitcher With Square Asian Imprinted Square Mark - Asianin Asian
Signature ID Help Needed For  Pottery Vase - Potteryin Pottery
ID Help Needed Please For Chinese or Japanese Cherry Blossom Signed Dish Tea Set - Asianin Asian
ID Help Needed Please For Signed 11" Fuschia Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Need signature ID help please for pastel colored 8" ruffled ceramic bowl. - Potteryin Pottery
ID Help Needed for Unique Pink Glass Vase In 20" Metal Frame  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Need ID Help For Blue & White Vase with Flower Design - Potteryin Pottery
ID Help Please For 8" Embossed Amber Glass Gold Center Plate With Kabuki? Faces Masks & Japanese Writing - Asianin Asian
13" Porcelain? Pitcher With Sea Serpent Or Dragon Handle Enamel Gold Design & Seashell Theme - Potteryin Pottery
12" Cobalt Blue Cylinder Vase With Tree Scenery Signed Daum Cross Of Lorraine Mark - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thank you Racer. Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you racer. Do you have any guesses on initials for me?
  3. Thank you! I wasn't sure and almost turned it like you are saying. Thx for help.
  4. Thank you for help. Any idea about age or maker of this plate? It has Chinese writing on it and a phrase on lower edge. I am going to post new photo of writing now.
  5. Well thank you so much for help.
  6. I am wondering about the a in Daum.
  7. Oh my, I was wondering if it was. How can you tell please?
  8. I don't know why the signature photo didn't post the first time but here is signature.
  9. Thank you!! Had no idea.
  10. That's me!!! That's is the listing I purchased. I saw that last night again with 5 or 6 photos of it. Sorry. Thank you so much for your help. Still need your help! LOL
  11. Thank you for your help. I thought the language was more European but will try to look for Korean possibilities. Thank you for help!
  12. I think it is J todd also but have searched and searched but find nothing. I love it is so unusual. Thank you for help. If you find a match plz let me know.
  13. So beautiful! I love the pattern and color!
  14. This is Viz Glass.
  15. Someone helped me. These are by Wheeler a potter in Oregon I believe.
  16. Thank you very much for help.
  17. Does anyone have information on pottery artist named Cristoph?
  18. I found a match on Worthpoint as Cristoph.
  19. Thank you so much for the links. I purchase items I know nothing about but I guess that is how you learn huh? I have so many posts I need help with LOL!! Thx again.
  20. Please help me with this LOL!! I am being ignored LOL!
  21. Thank you. I think it is wonderful but opinions differ. I always look forward to opinions.
  22. I think I am doing the same. I am buying beaded and sequin gowns. The gaudier the better!! LOL!!
  23. Oh, how sweet.. That's exactly how I feel.
  24. BTW Bill - thank you very much for taking the time and finding and sending me the link. Very nice of you and thoughtful.
  25. I have THE WORST luck in receiving destroyed beautiful pottery and glass in mail, whether it be USPS, Fedex etc. It is utterly devastating. I am going to keep this as it was not alot of money. I wi...
  26. Thank you for help and thoughts. I am now going to get my readers and magnifying glass and inspect it again. Where are such things usually signed. The bottom? The rim? Anyplace in particular?
  27. I call it a coffee pot because I see similar pieces auctioned off online and that is what they call them. What would you call it? I have had my heart broken too many times receiving gorgeous glass a...
  28. Leave my vase alone!
  29. Are you sure?
  30. Funny!! My x-rated vase.
  31. Thank you for opinion.
  32. How can you tell this is from Mali just from a photo? I am going to go ahead and list it for sale. You have been very helpful. Thank you.
  33. How do you know this? You are very well informed but I am going to have to look all these words up to figure out about this. You are not sloppy. Do you have any idea what my drum is worth? Can it ...
  34. Have you seen The Man From Snowy River?
  35. It is good stuff? I know nothing about this so I appreciate your help. I don't understand djun or tama. Are you saying this is from Mali or Ghana? I am going to list it to sell and don't know where ...
  36. Any other ideas? What is your honest opinion on this? Studio or commercial or??
  37. Yes, that will be fine. I am new here so don't know how to email you. You have quite a collection.
  38. Thank you. I am up late again trying to identify some more vases and pottery. Do you have any good suggestions for helpful sites?
  39. I am desperate for help on this.
  40. I saw this post and would love to know website you mentioned about entering 3 contiguous letters and get suggestions please.
  41. Well thank you. I think I was up until 1 a.m. trying to identify pottery and glass. I have plenty more posted here I need help with LOL.
  42. Oh my, you are so right with the medallions, color etc. I have never seen it before that I recall. There's is white ceramic and mine in stoneware though. Thank you so much for your help.
  43. Thank you for ideas Bill. It looks like Leslie N to me also. I posted a vase yesterday if you want to give me your thoughts on it.
  44. Identified this. This is a Stromberg Sweden vase signed GL/PH Strombergshyttan and is dated and numbered. The GL stands for Gun Lindblaid and the PH stands for Paul Hoff. Mystery solved.
  45. Thank you for suggestion.
  46. Thank you for information. New information for me.
  47. This was identified as 1960-1980 Murano with a striated design.
  48. I found a match on Worthpoint almost identical to mine but no reference to age, artist or country of origin.
  49. Yes, you are correct. Thank you and will do a little search along those lines.
  50. Beautiful!
  51. See more


Bridging WWI & WWII


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