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Vaseline Compote or Candy Dish with Crimped Edge - Glasswarein Glassware
Carnival Glass Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Carnival Glass Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Super Small Vase  - Potteryin Pottery
Ruby and Gold Creamer - Glasswarein Glassware
Small Glass Pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware
Glass Cruet - Glasswarein Glassware
Large Glass Cruet - Glasswarein Glassware
Glass Creamer - Glasswarein Glassware
Glass Water Pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. This is a great post with great information!
  2. Thanks, it is vaseline glass and does glow nicely under UV. My UV light is on the fritz otherwise I would upload it glowing! I would love for it to be EAPG or that era, my wife lets me keep alot m...
  3. I think the fenton have more white opalescence to them as well. usually has a good selection of pictures of the different pieces made by each. Fenton
  4. I have some fenton pieces too but they are packed away. From what I remember the fenton hobs are more spikey.
  5. Not sure, it would be a lot of sugar. I packed it away yesterday, otherwise I would ping it.
  6. Yea they were too quirky to pass up when I saw them. I usually will buy things that are odd or unique or different to avoid that non-buyers remorse later. Its the stuff hoarders are made of...haha.
  7. That is exactly what this is! It all makes sense now.
  8. A gallon of ice cream and all of the toppings can fit in this thing. That would be one helluva sundae!
  9. That one is outstanding! I have one that my be Murano with one little goldfish in it. I pick these up mostly for my wife to put on her plant stand so the light shines through them. The mass produce...
  10. I keep bringing more home and we swap out what we have displayed and pack it away. Then every now and again we go through it all and purge some by voting on it. We each vote 10 points and if an item...
  11. That is exactly what it is, just found a matching picture as A.H. Heisey & Co. Peerless. Thanks!
  12. Looks like the artist was Roger Vines.
  13. Thanks! That makes sense, the bottom definitely says MSH ASH.
  14. I love glass and pottery. My wife thinks I have a problem, which I do, I do not have enough!
  15. I do too. When I first picked it up, I almost put it back because I thought the glaze was too good to be true.
  16. The auction was in Richmond VA, so that makes sense.
  17. Thanks, I really like this pattern.
  18. Thanks for the ID TallCakes!
  19. Yea, I may need to pick up more pieces of this pattern.
  20. Its a great piece. I love the shape and pattern.
  21. Thanks, I will check out the group.
  22. I know, and it drives me nuts trying to figure it out.
  23. I agree, its an outstanding piece.
  24. Thanks for the ID!
  25. Thanks guys, and as always, thanks for that ID Tallcakes!
  26. This one does have a faint glow to it. Went back to my dads books looking for any insights but they didn't really help with this piece. They list the originals and reproductions as marked and unmark...
  27. Thanks, that's what I thought, This has no markings on it at all but it feels like its an older piece. Not sure how to tell otherwise with no markings.
  28. Thanks for the ID! And yea you are right manganese in the glass, had a temporary mental glitch! HAHA.
  29. Cant be 100% positive but I have seen others like this attributed to Hazel Atlas as Colonial Block. But it would not surprise me if it was Hocking.
  30. Thanks, definitely looks similar to Ottoman Style bowls made in Turkey.
  31. I don't either, when it comes to glass, I buy what I like and then sort it out later. I do like being able to identify and differentiate though. Some people that come to my place get a unexpected le...
  32. Awesome! Thanks for the info!
  33. I knew it wasn't Ribbon but honestly I didn't spend much time looking. Looking up information on the painting I posted yesterday is taking up the majority of my time. Thanks Tallcakes, now I wan...
  34. You are probably right. I still haven't spent much time looking, trying to research a painting I got yesterday, but your points make sense. Still I have very few red glass pieces and when I finally ...
  35. I looks like it has a crystalline glaze. You might join this group on Facebook to help identify the maker.
  36. Wow thank you for the ID! I have been actively looking and trying to figure out who the artist was because I love the piece and would love to have more. Its great that its collectible but that just ...
  37. Most definitely.
  38. Thanks Tallcakes for the ID!
  39. Thanks Paul!
  40. AKA Medallion Sunburst from 1896. Thanks Paul for the ID. I will have to check out the book when it comes out..
  41. AKA Ladder to the Stars, produced in 1903. Thanks for the ID Paul!
  42. Thanks, I have a compote somewhere that I Laced Edge. Today I learned that Laced Edge has like 3 different patterns.
  43. This is Bay Keramik form 541-17.
  44. Thanks, as a general rule I will pick up items with horses or dolphins. That way I keep the fiance happy with all the other stuff I bring home.
  45. Thanks Deano, I love that the pattern carries through to the bottom instead the same ole same ole.
  46. Thanks for the tip! The quality of this piece does not scream Murano to me so I am thinking more Chinese.
  47. Of all of the ones I have seen the foliage has been a bright green whereas this one as more of a mute green, also some other colors that are there on other examples are not present on this one. But s...
  48. I did not realize that was a thing. Regardless, I love the form and the painting on this thing.
  49. So I had to go take a look at this more closely. The dirt is sand like that is very stuck in the crevices. The handles are applied so the fact that there is so much in the crevices near the handles ...
  50. The artist is Janicotte. There were many prints of this done. I am looking for an edition that has the same handwriting in the title.
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