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rome city indiana

i like anything old ,like to fish, always liked to take things apart to see how they work


  1. Years ago I bought a 1949 Ford deluxe as a parts car, it had the same spotlight, if you notice the bullet in the grill of a 49 it has the same design as do the dashboard knobs. Hope this helps you de...
  2. Hello Danni-m, you have a natural gas heater from the late 1800s early 1900s . These were used in different rooms of homes for heat. I use the later 40s and early 50s in my home. excellent heat source...
  3. Dont know who made them but you have some high dollar items in todays market.BEAUTIFUL.
  4. What you have is a mid to late 50s console radio cabinet. In the top 2 compartments on the left would have been a record player, on the right the radio with record storage below, the very bottom the s...
  5. Many Thanks to valentino,aghcollect,SEAN,cormoran for the love and Thank you racer and Jewels for the comments.-jeff. Those shades were almost to far gone when i brought then down from the attic. all ...
  6. Love Nam era artifacts
  7. Had that same toy when I was a kid.
  8. You dont see um like that anymore. Great Post.
  9. I used to run Walker glasspacks on my old cars.--really cool sign!
  10. Hey Moonbeam, check out my ashtray stand, almost matches your lamp.
  11. Your Welcome, and double thanks for your love on my items.
  12. Puts me in mind of Cheech +Chongs Next Movie where they borrow the neighbors T Bird.
  13. Thanks everyone for all the love, this will be a restoration project in the near future. I will post pictures when finished. Thanks again- Jeff.
  14. Nice piece of history
  15. I have some of those, now I know what they are, thanks foe the info.
  16. Still have my original G I Joe too. Remember going to K mart and seeing all neat assesories you could buy.
  17. Love old flatheads.
  18. Now thats when a bike was bike. GREAT JOB!
  19. Live Long And Prosper.
  20. Thats pretty cool, never seen one like that.
  21. THANK YA everyone for the loves and comments, that means alott.
  22. Love old neon
  23. Ever watch the movie American Graffiti
  24. An old casket handle perhaps?
  25. I seem to find quite a few 19s going through penny boxes from the bank and metal detecting.
  26. A fellow penny collector, love it!
  27. P.S. go on Google,type in antique gas heaters, then images .
  28. If you want to restore to working order, first remove the burner, wirebrush it and inspect it with a magnifier for cracks, find a rod of sometype and clean out all burner holes then blow out with an ...
  29. These are from the early 60s. I had a neighbor that worked at the auburn rubber co. He would bring home the factory rejects and give them to me. I had cars ,trains, trucks ,farm equipment .etc. Your t...
  30. My jaw dropped to the floor. THE BEST OF THE BEST in radios then and now. I can only imagine the beautiful sound that radio produces. AWESOME!
  31. nothing better than the sound of an old zenith
  32. Sounds familar, every time my wife and i go out in the boat
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TV cabinet bar not sure whirly what it is ?


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