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Aussie Surf Record. - Recordsin Records
 4 Generations of Men-G.GF.-GF.-Father-Brother. - Photographsin Photographs
My Brothers 1971 XY FORD FALCON GTHO PHASE III. - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Blues Vinyl (1960's/70's)-5. - Recordsin Records
Blues Vinyl (1960's/70's)-4. - Recordsin Records
Blues Vinyl (1960's/70's)-3. - Recordsin Records
Blues Vinyl (1960's/70's)-2. - Recordsin Records
Blues Vinyl (1960's/70's). - Recordsin Records
Blues Vinyl & Audio. - Recordsin Records
In Awe of the Australian Mountain Ash. - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Ms.CrystalShip,Cheers and Thanks-Right on all counts as You are.If You ever get to see the Movie it is as You have Descrided-Back to Basics and Respect...Cheers from Peter.
  2. jscott0363,In average + condition they are getting harder to track down and the price has gone up a bit...Great record though...This Link is this record...Cheers
  3. Agreed RichmondLori Hammer Style...Better Times for 2021...Cheers to All.
  4. Thanks and Cheers Ms.CrystalShip.
  5. Ms.CrystalShip,100% Crank it Up....
  6. Indeed,What a group..Shame about the 'Blind Owl'...He was on the verge of becoming one of Greatest...and He Plays on this record,Cheers.
  7. Cheers Mate,Love My Blues,Jazz And Mainstream...If I average it out at 1970 I've been playing these for 50 years (I wonder where that went)..!!
  8. Agreed Watchsearcher and saves Me wearing Aluminium Caps...Cheers.
  9. Cheers Ms.CrystalShip,Truly Amazing...regards Peter.
  10. Howdy racer4four,The darker Hickory are recycled and the lighter Blue Gum are Machined Hardwood ...Cheers.
  11. Cheers Mate.
  12. Fantastic Kenmart.
  13. dav2no1,could be-suppose even Aliens need a drink.!!??
  14. Thankyou to All...I now declare Case Closed...Again Thanks from Peter.
  15. Further that is some Classy Solid Riveting...Cheers.
  16. No idea but I would take it Home...Cheers.
  17. Iptools,They are Footprint...Cheers.
  18. Thankyou MsCrystalship from My entire Family...Cheers.
  19. Cheers dav2no1.
  20. Cheers and Thanks Watchsearcher and Yes it is Shameful.
  21. Proof that You Have To Win Sometimes...Enjoy.
  22. Very Beautiful...
  23. You might be right Blunderbuss2.....
  24. Howdy Lou,Without knowing exactly I would agree it belongs to a ,block and tackle Hoist...Cheers.
  25. Cheers and Thanks racer4four...Regards Peter.
  26. Great description Lou,a happy retirement home!!!...Cheers Pete.
  27. Howdy Lou,on the bodies I will use a fine wood sandpaper followed by 500 grit wet/dry with an orbital sander...Corners,handles and wooden tongue manually sanded to suit...1 coat of Linseed oil well ...
  28. Cheers Watchsearcher,I hope You get much satisfaction as You go along...all the gear I restore comes to Me as 'rust buckets' and sometimes it can be very monotonous,at others Meticulous but in the end...
  29. Good move and well done THOMAS.
  30. Howdy Lou,The Hooks bare wieght is 50Kg's or 110lb...It came with 2 cheek plates that incorporated the safety lever so the complete unit was probably about 70Kg's or 150 lb...It's working life over I ...
  31. That is rather sad...
  32. Agreed,the next Pic is of the Japanese burying Chinese Prisoners Alive...Geez....It's Insanity and Despicable,yet Deliberate..Words fail Me.
  33. Cheers Mate.
  34. Would be Mind Boggling Mate.
  35. AnythingObscure, Wherever You are hope Your well....It goes like this There was the Inhouse Japanese (only) 'Victor' Company....Then there was JVC the export side...Very often the top models were not ...
  36. Vynil33rpm,Took Your advice and Hammered for 40 Friggin' years...what can I say.
  37. Vynil33rpm you are sorta right because I can't turn everything on,the sound system has a direct line to our local cop shop....Interestingly as I was building up the system the good Wife said when she ...
  38. Yes,I believe it was an Aussie only trial/experimenal release...Cheers.
  39. Great gear,Warm and Inviting...Vintage rap around sound...
  40. Cheers and Thanks Tim.
  41. Cheers Vynil33rpm.
  42. Thanks 'AnythingObscure'.As You have suggested most would simply walk past the Ductwork.All the components in the Pics were Designed-Computated-Drafted-Knocked up and Installed by Me.My minds eye had ...
  43. Thanks to all...fortapache, "There is always another to collect"...billretirecoll, always great to checkout what other Tradies have stashed away.Regards to You and Yours in these difficult Times...Che...
  44. Indeed and Thanks vetraio50
  45. Thanks Watchsearcher,I put a lot of Time into Saving Vintage Tools from Landfill and it certainly has become A Passion of Mine....Cheers.
  46. Love it..
  47. Thanks to All...Peter.
  48. truthordare,Like You I was able to catch some of B.B.'s concerts in Melbourne Aust. Simply Fantastic...Cheers.
  49. Howdy Lou,Spot on...I would further add 4th from the left although generally defined as a Cobblers Hammer in Sheet Metal Work they are defined and used as a Flanging Hammer-I have many times Cold Flan...
  50. Hard Yards and a Life Time stuck between here and nowhere...
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somebody got her first bath this afternoon...