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  1. MP….you nailed it. I can’t thank you enough for this information. The maker and the label are exact same. I looked for a while but gave up. Thanks again
  2. The drawers are plain. I had thought something along those lines. Thanks for your input. I have never seen anything like it.
  3. I love trunks. From what I have read or been told: the older trunks are the camelback or hump back trunks. The more pronounced the hump the older it is. These were made to shed water. As time went on ...
  4. I would agree with all of what fort said plus there is ghosting of an STP sticker. If I had to guess 1962 per the “62” writing on the side.
  5. I actually had one of these as a child. Thanks for posting.
  6. These are super cool. I have never seen this set. The Marx play set hay day was a few years before my time. My uncle had several sets. My favorite was the blue and the grey along with this cool bull f...
  7. My first 45 record was The Doors - Touch Me My first album was The Rolling Stones - Get Your Ya Ya’s Out. Kinda dates me. I enjoy your post. Thanks
  8. I found it Barbara Eigen pottery from the 1990s
  9. Thank you for posting. I love seeing these relics of my childhood.
  10. Wow…..I got the news from your post. Great items. I saw them on the afterburner tour too. It was great. I saw them again like 10-15 years ago in Las Vegas (not nearly as good) I have ticket to a conce...
  11. I like the seat. Great find!,, Any idea of its age?
  12. I’ll have to say I enjoy your post. I know lots of your music, like seeing glimpses of your collections, and the thought provoking post! Thanks
  13. I love that you found the potter. I like signed studio pottery but have difficulty matching the makers marks. I am going to post a studio piece with a mark with the hopes someone can identify it.
  14. I did a quick search and found no mention of this game. What I can tell you is the graphics are way cool. Nice find!
  15. Agreed…I think it is MS
  16. Thanks you two! I never cease to be amazed at the knowledge of this community. Tall cakes, you did nail it. Anything Obsure, after thinking of your suggestion I am going to make a pendant light for m...
  17. I found one of these 50 years ago in South Carolina. The local museum told us it was a “nutting stone”. I still have mine. Cool find.. thanks for sharing.
  18. Thanks fort….I will try researching in that direction.
  19. Thank you for the information Valentino97. I am always hoping to expand my knowledge.
  20. my.kunst….you are the best. That is exactly what it is. I had never seen a daruma doll much less even knew they existed. Thank you so much for solving this mystery. It amazes me how knowledgeable and...
  21. Awesome collection. I especially like the mushroom lamp.
  22. Thanks for your help. I was guessing chamber pot but you are right...slope jar. It is nice to get help from folks in this community. Your the best!!!
  23. Thank you both so much. I would not have guessed McCoy. I hoped I would get help solving this mystery. Folks on this site are the BEST ????
  24. Actually it’s signed by the artist “Gayle”.
  25. All three of you that commented have been super helpful. Thank you so much. I was stumped on this one. :)
  26. Probably the nicest, most complete interior I have ever seen. If I had to guess I would say 1890s. The bigger the hump the older the trunk
  27. Hi Gillian, I’m always up for learning more about pieces. What do you think of it being Birdseye maple?
  28. Thanks for the welcome Thomas. I love old interesting things!
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