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i was just small child playing whit a hoover celebrity iv power matic in blue and then i moved up a few notch and gota first to me 4 gallons wet dry vac (had i was just small child playing whit a hoover celebrity iv power matic in blue and then i moved up a few notch and gota first to me 4 gallons wet dry vac (had it 10 years ) then a kenmore evo bagless pos first big canister vacuum also had a thank o f a stick vac eureka witch i added a hose to and my shop vacs 4 gallons then 5 then 6 then 10 and my current beast 16 gallon shop vac(whit optional electrolux electric hose and pn ) and many more that i probably forgot along the lines also my Compact electra C9 ,Electrolux model 86 metal thank canister and my lovely score on a yard sale Electrolux Discovery 2 upright and my aerus commercial grade electrolux floor pro polisher scrubber wax polish carpet shampoo machine i love older vacuum i fix em use em sell em buy em im a vacuum collector restore kinda guy and love odler cars to old tools ect ///current line up Compact c9 dead ,comapct c8 good tristar cxl 50 free electrolux zb 89 green 60$ hoover stick vac 0$ lux discovery 20$ shop vac 16 gallon (Read more)


  1. the proper bags have been ordered i put a tristar bag folded the edge to make a temporary bag for it just waiting on order of bags.
  2. It just keeps on ticking my Eelectrolux Olympia one 1401-b vacuum same goes for my upright discovery 2 and my Compact Eleectra C8 and Tristar CXL
  3. it works pretty good i gota say.
  4. man this takes me back to the old days my grand mother may she rip had the exact same one witch is why i have my own c8 compact now .
  5. Works like brand new all you h ear is the air in the hose and exhaust vent i just love it
  6. Yes because Tristar replace the Compact name in 1982 or 83 good machine i have a compact c8 and a Tristar CXL.
  7. :) still works good
  8. Did you get it to run n ow ??
  9. ask me question about my vacuum love to answer ty .
  10. I still have the body of my blue ompact 9 but the motor and some of the parts are shot... high millage so i got my yellow C8 . To replace and fully restore with the fulll tool set .
  11. My blue one was re painted by me . They did not make the blue 9 long as the red tirstar c ame out 2 years alter .MNy blue one was a custom job by ME
  12. Works amazing now a days i cant complain ty comment
  13. yes it has a atomic style
  14. what came from space i order the part on ebay ahha
  15. No i did not paintthe blue one yellow ... this is a seperate machine all together the c9 is done the c8 is her replacement as mention abovethe c9 is done . @AnythingObscure,
  16. Replace the power head works great , and adjusted the motor gasket in place works so much better .
  17. Thanks !!:) Her motor hada bad growling noise at wind down so i replace the motor entirely , hose, wands tools gold of course and rebuild the power head needs nothing now Plug and play ...
  18. No i did not paintthe blue one yellow ... this is a seperate machine all together the c9 is done the c8 is her replacement as mention abovethe c9 is done .
  19. still wokrs like a drea m
  20. Still working good no issues new fitler and bags runs like a top my cxl to
  21. hi i need the power head manual for the compact c8 ty
  22. Do you have it now ?
  23. nice a new hose and few odds end she ll be a s good as gold
  24. plenty of part on ebay for your machine email me .
  25. 1960s or so Electrolux Model G vacuum cloth woven hsoe automatic pop open shut off eature when bag is full a blower port cord rewind telescopic want and power head . The electrolux model ...
  26. tristar replace the compact name in 1982 with the red c80 cxl 2 speed red .
  27. The brown one is a Electrolux Olympia one 1401 B 1980 special olympic vacuum Blue white is diam jubilie vacuum late 70s early 80s the hsoe can be found on ebay i n vinyl will make e...
  28. The c1 c2 were a tan beige color and yes they do pop up on ebay sometimes .
  29. This is as far as im awayre the only 2 speed tristar ever made a rare bird .
  30. odd i havea cxl 50 anniversary and the top half is beige
  31. Yes there working amazing o n the bumper . Works great and looks good ty
  32. the tristar cxl red 2 speed vacuum
  33. This is my baby my new to me comapct elctra c8 after mr clean magic eraser was use to detail teh bumper .
  34. the blue c9 motor called it quit and wiries are toast to she hada good run 12-13 years of daily use .
  35. hahah maybe il think about it im stripping parts off of it to keep as spare for the c8 .
  36. Thanks the blue one is freshly repainted , the gold cxl is freee 0 $ but the pn cost 180 but hey
  37. Over all im pretty happy to how it came out . I use it 365 daysa year so it shaw it shares of bump on wall and furniture .I had touch up all overr her body so now its all uniform and has a textur...
  38. upon closer inspection it is in fact a zb 30
  39. is that a eelctrolux XXX ????
  40. ahahah but i will say i enjoy both my Compact ,Tristar an Eelectrolux Canister vacuums .All 3 run like new but i just wish tristar compact hada bag check liht .Altho they dotn need it per there...
  41. I will say your absolutely right if only Electrolux could of made a mteck motor fit in the 89 or at leasta more agressive brushroll would of been nice .But i must say asa dayli use my 89 ...
  42. Electrolux ZB89 gree, Tristar CXl 50 th anniversary edition and my old faithfull Compact Eelectra C9 all work good .
  43. Well my electrolux zb 89 has good suction whit a vinyl hose i find it for 60 $ . My Tristar cxl and Compact are thanks tho aka the big guns stronger air flow but for dayli use i use all3 ...
  44. i have 2 of em so nice .
  45. i have my compact electra interstate model c9 since 2012 its my daily driver its a beast i love it .
  46. do you have a big shop vac too ?
  47. i added the power nozzle from an electrolux cansiter vac and wired it externally to a yellow extension cord the plan is to operate the power nozzle from the vacuum switch both come on at the s...
  48. They are a few on sale on ebay right now .Deepseas72
  49. Compact electra c6 vacuum 1950s early 60s compact tristar vacuum whit cycloninc action i have the c9 model a real beauty .
  50. Do ua still have this blue compact c9?I have one my self. Work horse for sure for parts or ebay or ez vacuum.
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