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I'm a bit of a hoarder who likes old and interesting items. I really like art glass and stem ware, can't resist being drawn to a nice piece of glass at car bootys, hI'm a bit of a hoarder who likes old and interesting items. I really like art glass and stem ware, can't resist being drawn to a nice piece of glass at car bootys, house sales, auctions etc. (Read more)


  1. Brilliant Vynil33rpm.
  2. Would they have done this? It's possible. I'm sure it's probably Paillard now but would be good to find another with the same mark. I'm still looking. Thanks again.
  3. Hi keramikos and dav2no1, Thank you, I was able to read through it using this link. Unfortunately I didn't see it either. Will keep trying and if I happen to find one with the same mark I'll let every...
  4. Hello everyone, thanks for all the replies. I couldn't open the attached link but the symbol of the cross, ring and horn all match that of Paillard. Just doesn't say Paillard or swiss made. I've taken...
  5. Hello Keramikos, Thanks so much for the links sent. Unfortunately the hotel were selling all the original features off, they didn't want anything remaining and currently down to the bare bones. I have...
  6. Hello dav2no1, I really appreciate you sending the link. I'll look through it all tonight and hopefully find it. Thanks again.
  7. Many thanks for replying TallCakes, much appreciated. I've had a look but can't find anything similar? I'll keep trying but thanks again.
  8. Thanks flashlarue, the mark on the base isn't carved, the mark is a metal insert. Does this help?
  9. Thanks very much for this info, just goes to show how much I know about these things. Regards Alex
  10. Hi, think it may be Rihimaki (Tamara Aladin) of Finland, recognise the green, I think. Good luck, Alex
  11. Thanks Savoychina but have come across this bowl before during my researching. Unfortunately there is nothing obvious on my cat to indicate that it was made by the same person. Thanks for your contrib...
  12. Hello Ellisbee and thank you for your contribution. I am a little unsure about this as the signature does not look like Friesz and another signed piece I sourced online has a signature unlike the one ...
  13. Thanks Vetraio, will try some more research using your suggestions. Regards Alex
  14. Thanks Susan, think you are spot on with Salviati. Hadn't heard of filligrano but had heard of adventurine so learned something else, cheers.
  15. Thanks Cindy. It is unusual but very handsome. I forgot to mention that it stands an impressive (approx) 14". Can't wait until someone who knows their Cubist movement gets in touch with some provenanc...
  16. I agree Obscurities in that they cannot be attributed to Sklo union. They have a very nice almost vaseline feel and look. I must admit that I had them down for the 1930's but again, unsure who manufac...
  17. Hello Susan, thankyou for your input. I have since found out that they are indeed not Loetz . The mark to underside is still not identified though. I have doubts about the two manufacturers mentioned ...
  18. Hello Hethalee, This looks very much like cloissone (chinese) enamel and wirework detail. Hope this helps Regards Alex
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Charles Lotton Vase Antique Clichy Paperweight


Estate sale find Loetz Silberiris vase designed by Arno Richter for the retailer Bakalowits. Prod.Number 85/4012