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Gainesville, VA

Love to collect Fenton, Old toys, vintage radios, and Model Trains, RCA Victrola's; and I cannot wait until "Everything Old is New Again!!!"


  1. Superb collection! Love it!
  2. TallCakes, I am so excited. I have never seen a lamp like this. I really believe it is from late 1880's. I love the Victorian-era glass and lamps. Nothing like them today.
  3. PhilDMorris; Thank You for taking the time and giving me the extensive information. TallCakes: You solved my mystery! I found an L.G.Wright sugar bowl with the exact pattern. Thank You!
  4. Thanks for any help
  5. Thank you all for the information :-)
  6. The total length is 9.5" and the blade is about 6" leaving the handle at 3.5" really quite small. I cannot fit anymore pics. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi, It is beautiful ~ Could be Japan or Scheurich_Keramik… Check out link below ~ Good Luck
  8. Beautiful piece ~ never saw anything like it ...
  9. Exquisite... Love it!
  10. Very Cool and you have the "Box" which makes it extra special :-)
  11. Exquisite taste !!!
  12. Love it... Now all you need a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200 BB-Gun next to it. They just don't make toys like that anymore... Good Job!
  13. Thank you for your input.
  14. Superb job ~ Looks great!
  15. Thank you TallCakes. You are so right. I never heard of this type of class. That is totally a Piasa Bird piece. Thanks again and take care. Marilyn
  16. Love it!
  17. thank you!
  18. Thank you. I am not a pottery expert. I did use the wrong term. they listed it as rendered reticulation. Does that ring a bell?
  19. Thank you foseatme, wish I had the set :)
  20. Thank you Radiokid94, The speaker works but the radiola needs "Work". I cannot believe how heavy these items are. They just don't make anything like this anymore. Good luck with yours :-)
  21. You did a wonderful job. I love anything art-deco ~ it's always in vogue :-)
  22. Thanks Emma. I think the Loetz Tango is the closest anyone has come to it. There is still the embedded figure I cannot find anywhere.
  23. Happy Easter Trey to you and your beautiful family ~
  24. Very Elegant' and what a wonder gift ~
  25. Thank you Onedtent for the advice. I have no clue and no boat to use with it :)
  26. Beautiful piece!!!
  27. Now that's a great "Blast from the Toy Past!!!"
  28. It is in Beautiful shape ~ 1906... oh if that vase could talk :)
  29. WOW!!! Thank you both for all the information. My Dad had it for years but he thought it was an American revolutionary medal because of the date. He never pursued it further. The picture is a stoc...
  30. ...and with the original boxes :-)
  31. Can you say "Desi Arnez" Ahhh what great memories :-)
  32. Outstanding and beautiful color. Probably acid-etched satin glass used in Victorian era. The cross-stitch in the figure's design may make it German. Good Luck!
  33. Thank you Thomas :)
  34. This is OUTSTANDING!!! Love it!
  35. Now that is a great find!!!
  36. So Cool!!!
  37. Beautiful!!! I have a similar one on my feed: It is called the Betty Rose Lamp purchased from Carl Forslund i...
  38. My mom had a very similar watch. The square face and that style was popular in the 1940's. On EBay their value is all over the place and seems to depend on running condition and type of gold, jewels...
  39. Brings back the old Universal Monster days ~ LOVE IT!!!
  40. Found it to be Vintage Halloween Noisemaker ~ Pumpkin Jack O' Lantern Face Rattle * Made in Germany between 1910 - 1920's . It is amazing it's lasted this long. Thank you for the nice comments :)
  41. LOL!!! Me too :)
  42. Truly Amazing piece !!! Never saw one like it~ Good Job!!!
  43. Great sign Trey and precious young lady. God Bless all those affected...
  44. I Love it!!! What beautiful colors. . .
  45. Thank you for your input. It's certainly an interesting piece and HUGE!!!
  46. BEAUTIFUL!!! Rare Shade of Blue. What date do you think? 30's 40's???
  47. I know that is Carnival Glass. Very collectible and beautiful!!!
  48. Love your collections!!!
  49. Absolutely Fabulous finds!!!
  50. These are wonderful!!!
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