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Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand

I live in beautiful Aotearoa (New Zealand) I collect Art Deco and I have a passion for Art Deco glass mainly European. I have been told “Collector” is another nameI live in beautiful Aotearoa (New Zealand) I collect Art Deco and I have a passion for Art Deco glass mainly European. I have been told “Collector” is another name for hoarder. Ok let people talk! (Read more)


  1. BHIFOS. Thank you. It is S/S Chester, about 1883?
  2. Kivatinitz thank you
  3. Hi kwqd I am thinking guilt over speller. The candle holders do screw on. Thank you I may look at India for a maker.
  4. Kavatinitz hi. Yes it is heavy. Could be bronze? I will look at WMF. Thank you.
  5. TallCakes, thank you.
  6. Yougottahavestuff thank you but I don’t think it is not a light shade, rim is not round and beautifully made (to show), it is to heavy for a light shade.
  7. dav2not thank you.
  8. Thank you PhilDMorris. Yes could be. They are a puzzle to me
  9. Hi Folks. I have just added x2 more photos of the growing collection 1 year after posting the original post. Orange Davidson cloud glass is rare and hard to find.
  10. Thanks vetraio50 yes I will keep them. I like them
  11. Thanks Phil
  12. Cheers vetraio50. How do you clean it? silver polish is not so good?
  13. Hi vetraio50 Thank you. Yes I am thinking post WWI. Art Deco?
  14. The pattern of the ladies is on both sides of each piece.
  15. Stunning table. I love it.
  16. Great lamp!
  17. Hi Kwqd. Thank you for your response. Verlys / Hersey glass I will have a look now. Both pieces are not signed.
  18. Thank you TallCakes. Yes it looks to be Walther Schone 1933
  19. Thanks Phil. They are rare and hard to find here.
  20. Great taste Phil, love the pic’s
  21. Thanks for the info and the photo PhilDMorris, the room looks Fab!
  22. Hi welzebub. Thank you for your comments. I like her too. she is in good condition for her age. I will follow your advice and get a smaller bulb, and someone who has a small hand to change the lightb...
  23. Hi PhilD Morris cheers for the info, I have tried to follow the "Frankl Figural lamps" lead but cannot find her. I have only seen a single one close to her, not same (upside down on a pillow/Chair). ...
  24. Thank you PhilDMorris. I did not know these makers. Good idea about the dimmer, I will look into it, cheers. (The lamp is hardly turned on, and not for any length of time).
  25. Hi Newfld thank you, yes she is Fab!, I have her history of past oner’s ( original owner from new, then another for short time, then me) the owners stories are great. Now I would like more info on wh...
  26. Thank you PhilDMorris yes it is…..
  27. PS It looks old as bottom has ware to it.
  28. Thank you Tallcakes: Also great website link, I will explore more. I have never seen it before. Kiwimade
  29. Thank you all. It does look like Norway silver. How would you clean the scratches of it? they are faint but all over. What period you think?
  30. Hmmmm glassiegirl you have a few good points about "one Glasshouse", and the inkwell shape. I think this needs to be looked at further ... but where would one start? I don't live in Europe?
  31. Hi truthordare Thank you for your reply. I will say it is a Welz/ Kralik glass, Lol. I am thinking more towards Welz glass though. Thank you for sharing your knowlwdge. Kiwimade
  32. Thank you glassiegirl .i did not know about the asking price thing. Okay let's drop that, what I want to know is.... we're are these now. I live in New Zealand and have just found these. Where do y...
  33. Thank you all for your comments I am unable to thank individually at time of posting. They look to be Welz, Thank you, Truth or Dare or anyone, Do you know a value for these as a pair. This is just fo...
  34. Thank you Wow22 looking now.
  35. Thanks Newfld, Thank you kwqd for your help. I am not sure if Verlys either I am just hoping someone knows. I have seen a few Verlys plates also but none like this. And the colour is this 1930 ?
  36. Hi there I think they are great. Do you still have them and want to sell them email me if you do
  37. See more


French Empire Gueridon Table C 1806 to 1810 by Bernard Molitor Verlys by Heisy for Holophane Glass bowls?! Walther & Sohne Atlas bowl. SIGNED RARE SHERMAN BUTTERFLY BRACELET, 3 SHADES OF BLUE INCLUDING MONTANA BLUE 1988 Home In Regina Extraordinary Chrome Plated Airplane Lamp, Circa 1930 Great art deco lamp of glass paste, marbled, around 1930 Early Century Czech Glass Trio by Kralik, Cranberry graduated color, flower glass footings, Rigaree, Spiraloptisch Frosted Glass Grasshopper Vase Diving flapper radio lamp Pair of deco table lamps...


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