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I have a real passion for antique and collectible jewelry most of all I love to help others source wonderful pieces of fine antique and collectible costume jewelry tI have a real passion for antique and collectible jewelry most of all I love to help others source wonderful pieces of fine antique and collectible costume jewelry through my website Ever so often on my travels I find pieces that are so much fun I am in no hurry to sell them and add them to my collection for a while. I would like to share these pieces here with other likeminded collectors I hope you enjoy looking and please feel free to contact me. (Read more)


  1. Hi Andy, Lucky you!! What great family history you must have : ) Drop me a line at and we can have a chat. Regards, Kitty
  2. Hi!! Glad you like it, thanks for taking a look!! Kitty
  3. I love the print, Study of Campaspe, definitely worth putting some effort into restoring, just need to try and arrest the foxing to stop it getting worse. A rare piece especially with the signature. ...
  4. This is beautiful!! I love Atterbury glass it looks in fabulous condition too : ) Kitty
  5. Glad to have met a kindred spirit ; ) Keep dropping by. Kitty
  6. Found in a dusty cabinet in a sleepy old English town. Couldn't believe my eyes it is so much more beautiful in real life than it looks in the photos, a real treasure ; )
  7. Life is a constant treasure hunt I just never give up everywhere and anywhere I am always on the look out for antique jewelry!! Some things I fall in love with and have to keep for ever, some pieces I...
  8. Yes it sure is ; ) Glad you like it!
  9. Hi Amber glad you like it : )
  10. Hi there, It has a date mark on it somewhere, I will check it out for you. Feel free to email me at if you want more info : ) Best Wishes!! Kitty
  11. Many thanks for your comments!! Best Wishes Kitty
  12. What a great piece of history!! Cosmetics have certainly come a long way since then : )
  13. Just a quick hunt on google brought up this site that sells some early Staffordshire religious figures, like the following which is of a similar style dating from c1850 :
  14. Hi, I love the angels on this piece. It has the look of an early piece of English Staffordshire pottery from around 1800. There were many makers who fell under the 'Staffordshire' region and the major...
  15. I would say so : ) The english lavalieres I have tend to be marked just with the gold standard and the makers marks initials. Just one other thing if the stones are a ruby pink colour they could be pi...
  16. Hi, It is a pretty lavaliere!! I have some pieces very similar to this in my shop. I would say it is around 1900 to 1910 a bit hard to pinpoint an exact date unless it is hallmarked but all the lava...
  17. The expression reminds me of my favourite 'Day and Night' Cameo, so peaceful and serene. Wonderful!!
  18. Thank you for the good idea : ) I will try that and let you know how I get on it is such a super piece it would be great to know who the maker is. Thanks for your help!! Best wishes. Kitty
  19. What a super piece of genuine antique Saphiret glass!! This is just the kind of antique costume jewelry I love to find too : ) I will list some of my interesting costume pieces so I do hope you w...
  20. I am glad you like it!! It does look wonderful when worn with on a simple elegant chain around the neck. I have lots of lovely Victorian and Edwardian lavalieres I will try and put some more on coll...
  21. Thanks Cameolover!! I am glad you like it it really is one of my absolute favourite cameo designs. I will take a look at your collection too : ) Best wishes!! Kitty
  22. Hi Again, you have such gorgeous jewels. I was inspired by you to post some of my things now so hope you will take a look : ) Just one thing the fact that there were the loops on the back of the brooc...
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SIGNED -  J. W. GODWARD PRINT Atterbury Victorian Milk Glass Glove Box - Dove in Hand vintage leichner stage make-up Pottery Crucifix, Font & Angels ... ??? Lovely round Vic. rose gold pendant Shell cameo:  Peace Angel Genuine Antique Czech Saphiret Glass Brooch Edwardian white gold or silver diamond brooch




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