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New Jersey, New York

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I really love Vintage and Antiques.....their made so much better, they were made to last. They have been treasured and loved for so long. We gotta keep the love goI really love Vintage and Antiques.....their made so much better, they were made to last. They have been treasured and loved for so long. We gotta keep the love going "All for the Love of Vintage" (Read more)


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Antique Fishing pole? - Fishingin Fishing
Scalloped Edge Milk Glass Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Felt & Cloth  doll painted face racquet in hand 1950s or older - Dollsin Dolls
The Last Supper 
Ultimate Ceia De Jesus 
Cake plate, Glass and silver - Kitchenin Kitchen
Need help in identifying this piece - Glasswarein Glassware
Pocket Watch, American Waltham 1904 Elgin Case - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Cake stand - Glasswarein Glassware
Two handled sugar bowl - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Tall Cakes you are the best!!!!
  2. Thank you so much Manikin!! !
  3. can anyone identify this piece of Art work?
  4. please note the piece of palm stuck in the pic does not belong someone just put the palm there and forgot to remove it....
  5. Thank you vetraio50 ! Good job :).
  6. Tallcakes you are amazing!!! Thank You!!!
  7. Thanks Tall Cakes!!
  8. Dave: ok click on the picture I just posted , and you should be able to see better..
  9. Yes it is 7 jewels, I was about to correct that lol, i had it mixed up with another pocket watch ( that I will list later) that I acquired the same day. So it is engraved the on both side except one ...
  10. Actually it's 17 Jewel and the case is engraved the same on both the front and back I understand it's in working condition. You say it's not work much lol , can you put a $amount on that. I know you...
  11. i'm seeing it for various different price's confusing....mine is in perfect condition and has the lid....if that help's
  12. How much is this anchor hocking worth.
  13. Actually Tallcakes, you were's harvest by Indiana Glass, 1974....thanks so much
  14. Thank you Tallcakes, I have posted 2 more pic's so you can see it better...let me know if this helps identifying
  15. Bellin68 we seem to have the same taste in Vintage lol
  16. very very cool!!
  17. Love love love teak !!!!! such a great wood, used a lot on boats for it's great ability to take weather and clean up beautifully!!
  18. Beautiful to use your grandma's vase, you'll think of her everytime you look at it...nice....That's part of the love of vintage, I think, it brings back so many memmories and warm feelings...
  19. I love Cameo's their so beautiful !
  20. mustangtony, thanx I addes a pic of the bottom of the bottle and added info...thanks
  21. Oh yeah, it has an owen's symbol but there are numbers too, I'll try and add a pic of the bottom and then see what you think...Thanks
  22. I do love crates, I don't know why but I do lol.....
  23. Real cute, I see things like this sell at auction and they get good money too !!!!
  24. Resist, it's coins too
  25. I have one in pink, I bought it myself new in Venice,Italy.....I would'nt sell it's so beautiful and a great memory of 1984 when I was there ..I'll try an post a pic of it
  26. So much fun!!! That what I call treasur hunting lol
  27. totally cool!!!!
  28. I love crystal decanters!! Their so elegant and add class to a room lol
  29. Jason lol!!!
  30. I just need to find somebody names Phil, that's want to buy it from me ROLF
  31. Love decanter's !!!
  32. See more


marbles found and not sure what kind they are they are old though Georgian Cut Steel Heart Bracelet circa 1800


posted 5 days ago
posted 1 year ago