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Suffolk, England

I collect perfume bottles, cloisonne and books


Murano Glass scent bottle - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Oh wow! what a find, so pretty, so elegant. I must check this maker out, I've not seen one before. Many thanks for pointing the way. Ozmarty - great story, but imagine what the junk shop owner ...
  2. Thank you eyeb4beauty - I have posted a comment on your's.
  3. Fabulous decoration - is it Moser?
  4. I've just seen a bottle similar to your's for sale on eBay which I thought might interest you. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FABULOUS-MURANO-GLASS-VENINI-SCENT-BOTTLE-BLACK-GOLD-/380394725953?pt=UK_Co...
  5. Thank you RonM
  6. Thank you Hedgewalker
  7. Thank you for your nice comments. The purple and amber sounds an interesting colour combination. The amber bottle on eBay had a nasty chip in the rim so I don't suppose it went for much, if at all; ...
  8. Thank you Hedgewalker, that was both reassuring and informative. I'll be braver in future!
  9. I'm probably being absolutely stupid but is Uranium glass at all dangerous? I sometimes see Uranium glass perfume bottles for sale but have never bought one because I worry they might be radio-activ...
  10. I love the green ones and the cranberry - what a fabulous find!
  11. Lucky you!!
  12. I have one very like the second from right, although mine is more blue and green with very little clear glass - they are clearly still making them as I bought mine in Bath (England) last year. Your'...
  13. Sadly, who could ever forget this week?
  14. I don't know the national dress of Macedonia but these look very much like dress ornaments to me. The long ones could be bodice ornaments and the others jacket buttons? The pictures of the backs sh...
  15. LOL - I use toilet water all the time! I assume you're joking but just in case you're not, toilet water is just a light perfume, a smaller percentage of the scent - I think eau de cologne is only 5% ...
  16. Your middle photograph looks as though it might pump up and down, if so it is probably an atomisier and it might be worth taking it to an antique shop for their advice.
  17. What a find - and how wonderful to have such a fast and accurate response to your questions! The knowledge base of people in this forum never ceases to amaze me! As to removing old scent smells:...
  18. This absolutely lovely, I've never seen anything like it. It is also very witty.
  19. The more I look at your bottle the more I love it, it's gorgeous. And I'm sure I've seen that shape before so I had a quick check through my perfume bottle books and see that the shape and stopper ar...
  20. You were very lucky to find this, it is really pretty; I particularly like the stopper. It isn't unusual to have deep green perfume bottles but I do understand your intuitive feeling that it might b...
  21. Hi Vetraio50 - the show I saw was called Antiques Master on British TV BBC2 - it's a programme where knowledgeable amateurs compete against each other in specialist then general categories, adjudicate...
  22. Why don't you take it to your local museum, it could be authentic?
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Antique Silver Gold Filigree Jewelry Decorative Pieces Thought it was a door knob as it was in a box with old door knobs until I took a second look. Its a perfume decantor. My first perfume bottle My Poole Freeform Charger Cool Vase SMALL POT What is this item? Art Deco Perfume Glass Bottle ? Baccarat(?) rose tiente perfume bottle Fine European Engraved Decanter From Germany  Sterling Overlay Perfume Bottle  Mexico Antique Perfume Bottle Guerlain MYSTERY bottle.  Opium Bottle 1823 A Perfume Bottle "Berylune" by Isanbel Paris


posted 11 years ago